Subject: Sharkawy & Sarhan: New Visual Identity

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Sharkawy & Sarhan: New Visual Identity
Sharkawy & Sarhan Our News
Issue 119, 13 April 2021
We are extremely excited to announce that we have been through a rebranding exercise and that we are launching our new visual identity and website.

Our world is constantly evolving, and no sector of the global economy is unaffected. As this transformation continues, businesses must adapt and embrace the continuing technological revolution. The ability to adapt quickly and efficiently allows businesses to stay ahead of the game.

As part of its process of continuous progress and development, Sharkawy & Sarhan is pleased to introduce a new visual identity. Reflecting our ability to provide simple, clear, professional guidance to our partners both locally and on the international stage, the new identity represents our commitment to progress and evolution along with our ability to transform our comprehensive knowledge and experience into straightforward and relevant advice.

In an increasingly complex corporate and regulatory environment, we offer our clients clarity, direction, and inspiration. Bold and dynamic, our new identity perfectly portrays everything that Sharkawy & Sarhan represents.

Learn more about our new visual identity and our website here: 

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