Subject: Support for the Arts Is Support for ALL

“We have so much to learn from one another.”

This quote from our recent UBUNTU Storytelling Concert, “Building Bridges of Understanding'' speaks to how CAFC helps our members stay informed by coming together.

Discussion, mutual learning, & shared experiences are at the heart of our network. The arts are a gateway for inclusion and civic discussion.

CAFC responds to today's need for deepening our understanding of equity as it pertains to diversity, inclusion, equity, and access through professional development experiences, Communities of Practice, and Signature Programming.

Building Bridges of Understanding at The Norwalk Art Space July 2022

How we helped our members Stay Informed in 2022…

Led Roundtable Discussions

  • "Sharing Experiences with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training with Board and Staff"

  • "Intentional Approaches: An Internal & External Look at DEI Marketing”

Created a Series of Workshops

  • Collective Action For Equity (CAFE): Sharing and deepening our collective understanding of diversity and responding collectively in our individual and organizational lives.

Hosted an Experiential Event

  • UBUNTU Storytelling Concert, “Building Bridges of Understanding” storytelling concert led by a group of experienced black, brown, and biracial performers who tell stories that open our collective hearts through empathic listening, to engage in respectful honest dialogue to be moved to change.

Together, we are stronger.

“Having voices from many allows for a more inclusive community.”

Your support helps us continue to encourage connections and provide resources that strengthen and unify our Arts and Cultural landscape.

CAFC works 'behind-the-scenes' to support our members and give them the boost they need to continue their amazing work. It's what we do for ALL of our members across our 15-town region in Fairfield County.

Support for the Arts is support for ALL.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us reach our $20,000 goal by December 31st. Please contribute to our Annual Appeal.

Thank you,

Cheryl R. Williams, President, Board of Directors

David Green, Executive Director

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