Subject: Gifts That Keep Giving

What a Year to Celebrate!

Each year, the Daniel E. Offutt III Arts & Culture Empowerment (ACE) Awards celebrates Fairfield County changemakers -- individuals, organizations, and businesses who impact our communities in extraordinary ways.

Our 2022 ACE Awards Breakfast in June celebrated the spirit of resilience in the face of challenging times. We welcomed the return of gatherings, exhibitions, and events after a long hiatus. This pause helped us to appreciate, more than ever, how much the arts contribute to community life and well-being.

Cheryl Williams, CAFC Board President, shared this sentiment in her opening remarks:

“Each of today's awardees have made a significant impact on the vibrancy of our cultural community. The pandemic caused members of the Cultural Alliance to draw closer together, realizing how much they depended upon, and learned from, each other."

Sixth Annual ACE Awards at Norwalk Shore & Country Club

Stronger Together.

The ACE Awards Breakfast event this year was our largest ever, bringing many people across our communities together.

“What was most inspiring was to see the mix of artists, cultural nonprofits, legislators, business leaders and many others gathered together for the same purpose - celebrating the awardees and the power of the arts and culture to sustain and uplift the community in good times and challenging times.”

                                                                 Executive Director, David Green

When you give to the Arts, the Arts give back.

A vital part of every community, Arts & Culture contribute to the quality of our daily lives and to our economic and social well-being.

One of the main themes of the breakfast was how legislators and state officials came to realize the economic importance of arts, culture and tourism to the state’s economy. Resilience was the theme of the day, remarked Liz Shapiro, Director CT Office of the Arts:

“The arts have been at the heart of our survival over the last 2 years - we know that. We know it in our hearts, we know it in our heads, by looking at statistics and by talking to people: ‘What was really important?’ - creating and participating in the arts.”

2022 ACE Award Winners

Your support helps us stay true to our mission — strengthening creative community life by providing artists, creative businesses and cultural organizations with marketing, networking, professional development, and advocacy services.

ACE Citizen Awardee, Bill Felton, Chairman of the MoCA Westport Board shared why he gives to the arts:

“Life’s pleasures are measured in many different ways, but I assure you giving to local organizations will not only be greatly appreciated by them, but it will be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.”

Your gifts of support keep giving, so please consider making a tax-deductible donation before the year ends.

Warm regards,

Cheryl R. Williams, President, Board of Directors

David Green, Executive Director

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