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Is Domain Hunter Gatherer Worth it? 
Pencilneck Spills the Beans in this Domain Hunter Gatherer Review

Each day of the year, the Internet sees anywhere from hundreds to thousands of individual domains expire. They then get put back into the available pool of potentially new domains. Even though previous owners let these domains expire, a great deal of them were actually well-tended to, although the majority did not receive any love or affection.

In truth, many expired domains names were put to use in particular ways that carry a kind of negative karma for the next owner, especially if ranking in the SERPs is something the next guy wants to do with an expired domain. So, if you're thinking about utilizing expired domains, you need to be able to sift through them and find the best ones.

A lot of aspiring domain owners just snag a name from one of the multitudes of registrars out there, and then make the assumption that their domain is brand new (particularly, those wet behind the ears). In truth, these seemingly new domains often carry baggage along with them, and if you wind up with one of these duds, you will encounter negative forces controlling your search engine placement before you even crack open your wallet. That is the core reason why you must do your homework if you are shopping for a domain that you hope to rank high in the search engine listings.

The bright side is that this effect is a two-way street. While many expired domains might have a negative history that suppresses their search engine ranking potential, you can also find web properties that have positive karma attached to them, with good backlinks already pointed toward them. If you search smart, you can acquire these assets that are already on the trustworthy side of the search engines.

If you like to (or would like to) build or buy web properties with the intention of making a living off of them or through them, then I encourage you to keep reading. There is a very useful expired domain crawler you should learn about. It is called Domain Hunter Gatherer, and you can use it to find and buy the good karma expired domain names quickly and at new registration level pricing.

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If you are not already familiar with the power and worth that expired domains provide you, then take note, because I am going to help you see just how powerful this product is and what it can do to alter your money-making efforts.

Blog Networks: Both Private And Personal

Whether you run one website or a hundred, you know that search engine optimization, or SEO campaigns, are what you need to do in order to enhance your rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines. Better positions for relevant keywords and phrases means more traffic, and hopefully, your website converts that traffic into more sales. On the other hand, SEO campaigns involve the need for lots of domains from where you can put backlinks, advertising, blog posts, and other requisite elements.

Identifying good web properties is easy, but, finding them is the challenge. It helps to have utilities like Register Compass, Majestic, and Moz, but they will cost you a pretty penny every month, and then there are the seemingly endless hours lost just sifting through all the garbage that you can not use. Domain Hunter Gatherer can spare you an unbelievable amount of time doing all these mundane and monotonous tasks. When you pick this up, you will discover just how quickly and easily you can find a multitude of domains just waiting to serve you well.

This powerhouse product has convinced me that it is a must-have for anyone like me that likes converting cheap expired domain names into money makers, and I average about ten bucks per address when I buy them! So, this is probably the right moment to get into the nuts and bolts of why Domain Hunter Gatherer is such a useful weapon in the arsenal of anyone looking for expired domains to flip or build.

Reliability, Simplicity, And Budget-Friendly

I'd be lying if I said that there weren't other similar tools already on the market. However, this one stands out from all of them because it is a single and complete solution to your needs. Domain Hunter Gatherer lets you create massive lists of domains either already expired or about to, and then all you have to do is set the filters to the metrics you desire then inspect the backlink profiles of the results and then pocket the diamonds.

This software is going to free up entire days from your schedule because it does the work for you regarding locating, studying, and then listing domains by the individual parameters that you set for it. Not only will it save you time, but it will also save you money because it minimizes your acquisition expenses. It generates long lists of potential domains for you to explore, and since it gives you so many options, you get to skip over any of them you don't want just because their price is more than you want to pay. Find only ones within your budget! This particular aspect of the domain name mining is probably the most efficient resource of its kind out there.

Let's assume you're not 100% new at this, but you only have a rudimentary knowledge about older domains and expired web properties. You still can conceptualize just how powerful it is to mine these aged sites and salvage the diamonds in the rough. Domain Hunter Gatherer can be your tuff guy for hire who tracks down these massive lists of expiring and expired domains and recommends the specific targets to take notice of.

Domain Hunter Gatherer does not just scrape for exceptional expired domains to acquire, but also for opportunities to get them, as it opens your eyes to auction site deals that let you snag great domains with great prices, prior to their expiration. This product is going to prove itself a useful tool in your next SEO campaign, and you will notice a dramatic difference in how high your target web properties rank in the search engine results.

Domain Hunter Gatherer makes it possible to create your very own private network of high-quality aged domains, and it won't take long to establish either.

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Simple To Use With Fantastic Support

The necessary hardware requirements for running Domain Hunter Gatherer are rather low, so it makes this product accessible to a great many computer owners or operators. The minimum operating system requirements are Windows XP, Vista, or Server 2003. NET Framework of 4.0 or higher is also needed, as is a single gig or more of RAM. Your processor should be at least dual-core. Once you install it and look at your live-time hardware monitoring, you are not going to see it taxing your system or making anything else lag in performance.

Mac users are possibly set up for disappointment, however, as there is no specific Apple-compatible version. Using Parallels or a similar program might make it usable, though.

A Quick Review Of Useful DHG Features

Let me be clear: Domain Hunter Gatherer has more than one edge on its competitors, and its affordability is only the first one. Prior to my discovering DHG, I used a similar service that cost me several hundred dollars per month, and it only did a fraction of what I get out of DHG.

DHG's search possibilities are robust and practically arousing, as it is a rare tool that lets you look through multiple domain registrars and even auction houses to find expiring or expired domains that have positive search engine history already built into their history that you can exploit.

Once you have generated the potential list, the sorting options, and filter possibilities help you sift through the sea of domains and zoom in on the ones that meet your criteria. You can even save your search results and load them later for further analysis.

The metrics this expired domain miner takes into account are too extensive to go over here, but some of the important ones that it measures pretty accurately include the number of existing backlinks, social metrics, page authority, trust flow, and age.

Installation is a breeze, and you can even enable multithreading for faster operation if you're into that sort of advanced feature.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Hunts In Multiple Ways

Other products that scrape for expired domains typically use a single method for finding them. DHG goes farther, not once but twice, as it uses three distinct methods in its hunting for your next profitable domain.

Searching by keyword is my favorite. Type in a keyword, although I don't recommend using more than four, and instruct it to crawl up to four deep (four deep will run for days). If you're like me (and don't wait for it to finish fully), you'll wind up with several thousand options to filter through, many with notable age, a collection of existing backlinks, and sound authority built in. Analyzing only the specific domains that fall within your targeted parameters is a breeze.

Crawling by domain is another option and a unique one. You can have DHG crawl any individual website or group of websites that you tell it to. This option enables you to find expired domains that already have backlinks from authoritative sites, and when I say authoritative, I'm talking about web properties like BBC and Wikipedia!

The third option is a reverse crawl that does a crawl for expired domains. I've had such good luck with the first two options that I've never personally applied this option yet.

Start Finding Quality Expired Domain Names to Call Your Own

A Few Final Thoughts

Domain Hunter Gatherer doesn't just save you time and find you good-quality affordable expired domains. It can also crawl around for properties that are specifically Web 2.0, which means that you can just pick up and no cost. Yes, that's right, you can choose expired Web 2.0 sub-domains that you like and register them for free. These can also come with existing backlinks, a good history, and authority. How can you beat a quality pre-owned web 2.0 for free?

If you are looking to make as much money and grow your business as much as you can, I recommend picking up the Pro Version of Domain Hunter Gatherer. If on the other hand your budget is especially tight, and you're just looking to move up, consider the free or premium versions to save money, since future upgrades are always possible after your income stream has grown.

Whatever you think you might do, Do It Fast. The sooner you capture these money-making domains and start using them, the sooner they can make you that bread! Even if you still have doubts after reading this Domain Hunter Gatherer review and watching the Domain Hunter Gatherer demonstration video, just know that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Although to be honest, I don't think it'll take half that long for you to recognize the potential benefits of using this product. But, if you don't, you can always ask them to return your money, and you can trust that they will.

Even if you are planning to use this just once to find a few domains you like, I strongly advise you keep the subscription. As you develop your personal network of clean, trustworthy domains, your money sites will benefit from these links you build. They will start gaining trust and authority and even climb up the search engine results pages and start making you more money.

It is smart to reinvest some of that income back into growing your private blog network and to obtaining, even more, high authority expired domains as there is no shortage. And Domain Hunter Gatherer makes finding them easy!

But, You need to take action today and right now. As this is the best price point you will ever be able to pick up this domain mining tool. Jim Epton will likely have cover to his expenses and raise the membership fee as more people get wise to expired domain mining.

So, do yourself a favor and Buy It Right Now.
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