Subject: Discover Heal Member - More Information

Hello and I am glad you joined  the Family.
You have come across a new Revolution of people working to
help others. You have signed up as a  F R E E member. You can
get access to more trainings and the ability to earn commissions.
This just started October 3, 2019. So you are on the Ground Floor.
There is a 24 hour discount for signing up and going "All IN".
That is (3) Items:
1)  Heal VIP Content  (99.97/month) Discounted to (49.97/mth) for 24 hours)
2)  Big Profile Profits (199.00 one time) Discounted to (99.00 for 24 hours)
3)  IAM Challenge (397.00 one time) Discounted to (194.00 for 24 hours)
This is the main Heal FaceBook Group:
Here is an example of what I received when I signed up.
You should have received an email like this one with your
Time Stamped User number it is 5 digits after the u=
You will need this and the email you used to sign up to
get into the FaceBook Groups.
As I said, this is NEW and we are all learning together.
I have joined forces with a Group that really helps others to  learn
how to make an income online. I have a great upline so let's learn
from them.
My Group has a FaceBook Group that you should join:
My Life Goal is to Make a Difference in the World.
To Your Success and Happiness!
Jenny Wright
Personal Email:
PS:  If you go all in, you will learn to do a FaceBook Profile for
yourself. I am still working on mine. Sorry for that.
Jenny Wright, 16113 OAK GROVE RD, 78610, Buda, United States
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