Subject: October 19th — Daily Devotional by Watchman Nee

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Much more shall they that receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one, even Jesus Christ. Romans 5.17. 

Actually we may “reign in life” now, even though the full realization does await the future. Today we may indeed rule over all things by exercising the authority which our Lord has given to us. We should be kings today who rule over all the evil spirits by stopping their works. If Satan will eventually be bound during the millennial kingdom, we can certainly use “the powers of the age to come” (Heb. 6.5) now to confine his activities. We may also use today the weapon of prayer to control our circumstances. Whether it is a national, family, church or personal affair, we may govern it by prayer.  

This daily devotional comes from the book 
The Lord My Portion by Watchman Nee.
The Lord My Portion by Watchman Nee