Subject: November 25th — Daily Devotional by Watchman Nee

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me. Matthew 11.29.

You find rest when you say to God, I will take up the yoke. What God is leading us into today is for us to be willing to take up His yoke in the small things of each day as well as in the big things in life. Some find it hard to labor with their fellow-workers; some sisters find it arduous to live with their in-laws; some employees find it difficult to work with their colleagues; and some students become weary of their relationship with teachers as well as with other students. These are yokes to bear. You are of course tired of them. You wish you could leave them or that they would leave you. Please understand, however, that this is the yoke which God has given you; this is the portion God has appointed to you. He wants you to submit to such a circumstance because it is the best for you.

The Lord My Portion by Watchman Nee

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