Subject: Free eBooks with Pre-orders

Early eBook versions are free with each pre-order.
While these two books are being printed we are offering a free eBook version for each pre-order. Once the physical books arrive (in about a month) we will also ship those pre-orders out first. When you place your order, add a note letting us know if you prefer your eBook on Google Play or iBooks. 
Moses, the Servant of God
A look at the life of Moses, a faithful and true servant of God.

1—The First Forty Years
2—The Second Forty Years
3—The Last Forty Years
4—Faith and Faithfulness
Abiding in God
Insights into the practice of Abiding from the Psalms of Moses and John 15, the masterpiece chapter on abiding.

1—Psalm 90
2—Psalm 91
3—John 15
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