Subject: August 7th — Daily Devotional by Watchman Nee

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Always bearing about in the body the dying of Jesus, that the life also of Jesus may be manifested in our body. 2 Corinthians 4.10.

Since we are channels of life, we must not be blocked by anything lest, like water that is clogged in its channel, the life of God cannot pass through us. The work of the cross is to open us up—to rid us of all that belongs to Adam and the natural order so that others may receive the life of the Holy Spirit. By being filled with the Holy Spirit, our spirit is able to bear the cross of Christ continuously. And once filled with the Holy Spirit and possessing the life of the cross, we will then be used by God’s Spirit to have issued from us that life of the cross to the people around us. We will spontaneously diffuse life in our conversation and our talk—whether private or public—so as to enrich those with whom we have contact.

This daily devotional comes from the book 
The Lord My Portion by Watchman Nee.
The Lord My Portion by Watchman Nee