Subject: Raw Food Revelations


Seasons Greetings -- Trust you are well rested and restored!

announcing a new product resource I have just completed.  It is called Raw Food Revelations.


It is a series of  conversations based on 12 weeks of interviews!


In the series i discuss some practical  aspects and  deeper aspects  of Raw food and why it is very important today more than any other time, as a means of attaining health excellence and every other health benefit you can think of.


I outline various levels of cellular  damage that occurs based on a cooked foods diet.


I list the worst cooked foods and the best raw foods


I was interviewed by my protege  Anita Mackenzie founder of Raw Soul Food The largest online resource for African and Caribbean Raw food info and support .


I must admit, don't how Anita manged to get all the interviews done - but she was very serious about the project, and we did it, I am happy to say.


There is a lot of information, unique insights, some challenging revelations.  Hopefully the impact is thought provoking and life changing.   


I just realised that next year marks 16 years of eating a 100% Raw Food Diet


So With Sophia and  Euphemia and Joseph that is nearly 50 Years of  Raw food diet between us....

And not 1 day off sick




 Get the audio to understand how this is possible


You can download the Audio here:




but I warn you, you may not look at your food the same way again







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