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Kevane Grant Thornton

Is Your Phone and Wifi Killing You?
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This is to you and HealthRestore subscribers,trainees, affiliates and all who are currently on the Healthrestore Ptogramme Or Have done the programme in the past
I have not sent a news letter for a while please s forgive me for that! it has been an extremely busy over the lat 12 months!

Have been meaning to send this newsletter for a while now, but today I took time out to write on a very important matter and share a few important updates with regards to HealthRestore operations.

We are in the age of Exponential Cancers. I am seeing this nearly every day now, people presenting with various types of Cancers, tumour or Pre canerous states.

It is obvious to all that Cancer is on the rampage and almost everybody knows someone who has been affected.

Kevane Grant Thornton
After conducting several thousand consultations and advanced diagnostic sans over the last 15 years, I ahve developed a very deep insight into the foundations, health profile and causes of Cancers. without over simplyfiling the matter There are 13 main areas of health that go out of balance before someone gets Cancer.

3 of the most important are:
1. Prolonged constipation/ slow transit time of food through the digestive tract.

2. Severe deficiency of Vitamins . Minerals and otherv trace elenents. Especially Vitamin C, Iron, Selenium,B. Vitamins, Iodine and Vitamin D.

When these run low you run into trouble

3. High exposure to radiation from Mobile phone use, Cordless phone base stations and routers.

Kevane Grant Thornton
An sassesment of these factors quickly tells me someones Cancer risk status and ability to reciver and overcome any current pre Cancer, (undiagnosed or early stage) status. This takes a few minutes.

I want to focus on No. 3 beacuse that is where most people are getting into some serious trouble today.

On consulation I find that radiation exposure and the resultant radiation toxicity is linked to:
Mobile phones on at night in the bedroom (crazy thing to do)! Cordless phone in the bedroom or living area Mobile phone in the pocket (Bladder, Prostate and testicular troubles, DON'T DO THIS!)

Many of the world’s leading neurosurgeons are very concerned about the alarming rise in Brain Cancer.

Major source of radiation though is sitting in from of a router at home or office.

Highest source of Cancer promoting radiation is having a router in the bedroom, or in the room next to the bedroom. I am also seeing problems where the bedroom is situated above the router location.

Kevane Grant Thornton
Those of you who know me a bit know that I have not had a mobile phone for over 8 years years, Threw away corless phones 20+ years ago and that I do not use WiFi.

I keep myself and my family free from Cancer causing radiation by using Ethernet to acesss the internent. You can do this for less than £30! It is tragic that young chidren now have Tablets and IPads which I have tested to have the radiation output of 6 mobile phones.

To conteract this widespead problem HealthRestore now offers :

radaiation risk assesment (satandard with consultation)
Home Premises assesment
self assesments equipment hire
Ethernet adaptor setup - for WiFi free environment


for more info

Pls note I have not got to Smart Meters.. that will be in another newsletter.

To take action I recomend this excellent educational resource:

Get your radiation Protection Resource Here

It is a fully comprehensive report that gives the all the research, facts, information, and clear steps you can take to minimise your radiation exposure, the No 1 health threat facing humanity now.

Consultation Changes:

you may not be aware that there are different types of consultations now available with HealthRestore.

Free Phone consultation

This 10 minutes by phone and enables me to assess the best way forward

Phone and questionaire.

This is cheaper than a face to face consultation and includes products to be sent out. Only recomemded for certain types of health issues.

Remote Scan

Using Zyto Scan Tecnnology we have been scannng clients anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home for some time mow. This works best with distance and mobility issues.

Finally, if you have completed The HealthRestore Programme. and would like to maintain your updated health status or feel yourself slipping back and want to rewind call to discuss a Maintenence Programme

Look out for another update shortly.
To Your Total Health!

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