Subject: You Can Help Ensure There is Plenty of Arts & Culture in the New Year!

“Thank you so much Cultural Alliance folks for all of your great support! I feel that I have joined a supportive arts community.”
- Kat Evans, artist

“Membership in the Cultural Alliance gives all organizations, especially smaller ones, a voice on important legislative issues. It also provides a peer to peer network that we can turn to to discuss common challenges and best practices!” 
- Lou Ursone, Curtain Call
We need your help for arts and culture to grow. 
Please donate here.

With the generous support of people like you, this year we were able to: 
  • Promote more than 4,000 of our members' events
  • Convene more than 600 arts and culture professionals at 20 different peer networking events and informational workshops
  • Advocate on behalf of our 320+ members with local, state and national legislators
Please donate to our annual fund this year to help us achieve even more.

You are a committed supporter of arts and culture… perhaps even more than you realize. Any time you attend an event with friends or talk about a great book you’ve read, you’re helping. If you go to a child’s play or take her to a music lesson, you’re nurturing a love of arts and culture. If you hear a lecture at your local library or look at art in a gallery, you’re supporting the arts.
  • That lecture you attended? The library's marketing director learned how to increase visibility on social media thanks to our Marketing Roundtable
  • The gallery you visited? You learned about it because promoted it in our EBuzz Newsletter.
  • The children's concert you saw? It was a collaboration between  two organizations that met at our Executive Directors Network.
  • The public art program on Main Street? It was funded by a local foundation the artist learned about in our Professional Newsletter.
Your contribution to us helps raise the tide to lift all of arts and culture. Because of your help, we’re supporting the arts.

When you experience something that inspires you, talk about it. Keep the conversation going and share your passion for arts and culture, because your voice and your support are what keep arts and culture alive in Fairfield County.

Thank you.


Cindy Vaccaro, President
Angela Whitford, Executive Director

P.S. Don’t forget that your contribution to the Cultural Alliance helps the other organizations you support save money in promotion and professional development, and will lead to better practices for all.

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