Subject: Save the Date: Sept 24; Nominate a Grantwriter; Send Your News

Expertise To Go
Our Executive Directors Network meetings for 2015-2016 will focus on the theme of Expertise To Go - and our first meeting will be held at the Wilton Historical Society on Thursday September 24 10am-11:30am. 
We all know how stretched EDs are and how, although you may have great expertise in one area, you are often looking for advice for how to do things a little better in other areas - especially when you do not have specialized staff.

As there is so much expertise in our region, we thought it appropriate to try to identify it and make it more available. Partly as a response to an awareness that half our nonprofit members are without staff and rely on talented and committed board members, this year’s series of EDN meetings will be devoted to surfacing the expertise and experience among us - and asking those with expertise in certain areas, and who are willing and able to share it, to offer it to the membership.

Our first meeting Thursday Sept 24 (10am at Wilton Historical Society) will feature a panel of EDs who will briefly discuss their own expertise (gathered from experience in the field) and how they came to it - with two or three key guides they employ to do what they do so well. We plan to open this meeting also to those functional board members from our membership without professional staff.

Currently the line-up is:
Amy Allen (Darien Arts Center): Board Education (Improving the Board You Have)
Heather-Marie Montilla (Pequot Library): Strategic Planning
Lou Ursone (Curtain Call): Marketing & Media Relations
Bonnie Wattles (Franklin Street Works): Board Development

Fundraising is such a large topic (and one on which we are developing a separate series of workshops) that we may devote a future meeting to those who have expertise in various aspects of fundraising.

So, to clarify, the meeting will not be ABOUT each of these topics - but about identifying the expertise in each of these areas and how we go about sharing it.

We are calling for those EDs in our membership who also have expertise they feel confident about and would be willing to be available for other EDs and the “functional board staff.” At the meeting we will discuss structures or programs we can devise that can capture and help share expertise: listserv, a roster, a database, a “Speakers Bureau” - we’re open to suggestions.

If you would like to add yourself to a list of those with certain expertise, just click below and send me an email (email me separately).

Related to this theme, we are separately compiling a list (a simple database) of trusted, professional grant writers who member organizations can contact for any grant projects they have in mind. Each grant writers will need to be nominated and then endorsed by two other organizations that have used them. We have a simple survey developed to allow you to simply nominate one or more grant writers who you have used and who you would stand behind. Please help us build this resource by clicking here:

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