Subject: Save the Date: Sept 24; Nominate a Grantwriter; Send Your News

1. Save The Date: Thursday Sept 24, 10am - Next EDN Meeting
2. Nominate a Grantwriter: Help us build a Grantwriter Database
3. Send Us Your News: Send your news for this week's Newsletter
1. Save the Date:
Thurs Sept 24
Next EDN Meeting
Expertise To Go
Our Executive Directors Network for FY2016 will focus on the theme of Expertise To Go - and our first meeting will be held at the Wilton Historical Society on Thursday September 24 10am-11:30am. Details to come shortly.
2. Nominate a Grantwriter
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is proposing to create a list of nominated and endorsed grant writers for organizations to consult when they are preparing grant proposals. If you have worked successfully with a grant writer and are willing to share some information, please go here and complete the simple survey for the community.

3. Send Us 
Your News
Awards? Grants Received? New Leadership? New Staff? New Program? These and other news items you should be sharing with your peers across the County. As you know, one of the best ways to do this is to submit them to our Organizations Newsletter. E-mail your news TODAY! to:  Remember: 
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