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The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is pleased to announce the return of the ARTISTS TALK series of video-recordings of member artists' talks in group and juried shows. 

The 24 videos recorded so far form an archive of member artists discussing their work on our YouTube channel - an asset for the artists and a showcase for the richness of the visual arts in Fairfield County. 

Announcing TWO ARTIST TALK Events:
Sat. Nov. 24, 5:15pm
Gallery at Westport Country Playhouse
Ann Chernow & Miggs Burroughs

Please join us at the opening reception for Amazing Grace, a joint exhibition by Ann Chernow and Miggs Burroughs of 48 images and stories about real and imagined people from life's shadows. These two artists have known each other for decades but this is the first time they have shown together. How does their work in the show relate to the work of their colleague's and to their own life-long artistic production? We will record each artist's 5-minute talk and take questions from the audience for another five.
Ann Chernow is known for her images that evoke female cinematic figures from the 1930s and 1940s, totally reinvented to address the human condition in her own vocabulary. She has created a body of work that is recognized as unique: moments of suspended reality based on aspects of American film. In most of her work, Chernow avoids specificity, choosing instead to portray universal situations inspired by movies but reinterpreted to transcend stereotypes. Chernow works extensively in the mediums of oil, pencil, lithography and etching. Chernow co stars in a current film by Manny Kirchheimer: Art Is....The Permanent Revolution, and in Doug Tirola's WAC production of 13 Women. A documentary, A Moment In Time, is being filmed by Martin West about Chernow's life and work.
Miggs Burroughs has been creating art and graphic design since 1972, and at age 26, was the youngest person ever to design a Commemorative U.S. Postage Stamp. He was then commissioned to illustrate several covers for TIME Magazine, one of which is in the Smithsonian Institution, along with an Easter Egg he created for the Reagan White House. Miggs has designed hundreds of award-winning logos, websites and print material for commercial as well as for non-profit organizations. His acclaimed work with cutting-edge lenticular imagery has been exhibited in several one-man shows and is held in many private collections. A graduate of the Carnegie-Mellon University Drama Department, Miggs has taught graphic design at Fairfield University and UCONN Stamford. He is a founding member of the Artists Collective of Westport, and was the first Artist in Residence at the Westport Library. 
Tues. Nov. 27, 6:00pm
Center for Contemporary Printmaking
Mathews Park, Norwalk

Points of View: Selections from Wilson Avenue Loft Artists 

We follow Artists Talk #7 with an event at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking as it celebrates painters working at the Wilson Avenue Loft Artists studios, in Norwalk, who are also working with printmaking. 

The artists in the show who will be speaking are: Erin Dolan, Heide Follin, Lori Glavin, Nancy McTague-Stock, Farnosh Olamai, and Vicki French Smith.

Points of View reflects the diversity of this group, with several members who are very new to printmaking, as well as others who are more established in the genre. Come hear six artists talk about the experience of working in a different medium than usual. Refreshments at 6pm, Artists Talks commence 6:30pm. 
Erin Dolan's work often begins with patterns, textures, and colors found in nature. The physical and visual experience within nature becomes "sense memories" that are the starting point for the work she creates in the studio.  Her current work is inspired by the contrast and connection between the natural and urban expanse. On Tuesday, she will be discussing the "memory palace" concept in recalling landscape imagery when creating these monoprints in the studio of Taos, New Mexico.  
Heide Follin's paintings are infused with an inventive expression driven by her passion for vibrant color and love of the natural world. Her paintings evoke the joyful intimacy of natural objects and landscape interpreted in a variety of mediums with many techniques including spontaneous brush work, free-form drawing, lyrical Japanese brush strokes, scraping, scratching, dripping, precise areas for contrast, and even sanding. In her printmaking she is trying something different.
Lori Glavin’s work is inspired by the visual clatter of the mundane places she knows best. Her paintings are spontaneous and intuitive; She says she works without a plan and embraces the happy accident. With collage-like scraps of form and color she builds invented spaces where she reimagines, reinvents, and repairs. Like selective memories, Lori retells her story with embellishments and edits. 
Nancy McTague-Stock credits early exposure to environmental experiences as the impetus for her life long artistic focus. Her environmentally focused imagery centrally highlights the fragility of nature in an increasingly techno-centric world, through an amalgam of painting, printmaking and contemporary photographic media. Her work is observation-based, with a strong conceptual sensibility and superb craftsmanship.

Born in Tehran, and moving to the US in the 1980’s, as an artist, Farnosh Olamai has felt called to bring “opposites” together: the modern and the traditional, the natural and the man made, the east and the west. “Persion Fusian” she calls it: combining the cultures of East and West – the timeless elegance and beauty of her native Persia with the contemporary vitality of the United States.
Normally working in watercolor, oil and acrylic, striving for luminosity, color harmonies and rhythms in concert with a unified sensation of motion, Vicki French Smith is attracted to the motion and patterns of nature with its varied rhythms and self-replicating tempos.Painting seascapes and skies on metal and canvas gives me opportunities to create textures and interact with the variable moods of nature. 

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