Subject: Please Respond: Would you participate in a "Sales Index" + Call for Your News - by Thurs. August 17

Thurs Aug. 17, Noon
+ Sales Index Idea
Artists Sales Index
We at the Cultural Alliance want to share an idea with you, and seek your interest in implementing a simple Sales Listing, or Index, of members' art sales in our bi-weekly Artists Newsletters.

This can be seen as a parallel activity to our continuing Cultivating Collectors series, in which we are trying to focus attention on the high quality and density of visual art within our Fairfield County community, and encourage collectors (and potential collectors) to buy here rather than feel they need to go to New York. "Invest in where you live!"

Several of you report sales to us informally; but I noted how excited I was to be next to a sale taking place of the work of one of our members at an exhibition on Saturday and wanted to let others know.

We would simply list: name of artist, name of piece sold, price paid, and (optional) name of buyer, and town where they live. We would ask that you check with the buyer to see whether they would like to be named or prefer anonymity.

The goal would be to build a cumulative index from each weekly listing.

Let me know your thoughts by replying to this email:

YES - what a great idea: I'll send you news of my sales

☐ NO - I have the following concerns and would prefer not to take part: 

Thank you,
David Green
Deadline:  Thurs Aug. 17, Noon
To be included, any contribution MUST have:
- an image; information about the image [title, date, size (hxw)] + 
2 or 3 sentences about your performance, exhibition, residency, award, or other news.  Reply here
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