Subject: Our Annual Appeal for Your Support

December 26, 2017
Dear Friends:

We know that a community that is rich in creativity attracts a talented and creative workforce, which in turn attracts business. And we also know that arts and culture in a community are major economic players, improving the success of neighboring small businesses, contributing to the job market and to the tax revenue generated for state and local government.

That’s why the services that the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County provides are so meaningful to our members. Our growing constituency of more than 570 members including 270 artists, 240 arts and cultural organizations, and dozens of creative businesses depend on us to provide services that help them grow and thrive including:

Promotion and Marketing:
  • EBuzz newsletter
  • Social media
  • Media partnerships
Professional Development and Networking:
  • Executive Directors Network & Marketing Roundtable
  • Professional Newsletters
  • Workshops and Information Sessions
  • Monitor the arts and cultural landscape for issues that affect the sector
  • Inform constituents about critical calls to action
  • Organize conferences (i.e., The Future of Cultural Funding and the Economic Impact of Arts & Culture)
For more information on all the above, see our Program Overview, 2018.

We continue to work with businesses and organizations from other sectors, demonstrating the vital role that the arts and culture play in our everyday lives, and are currently working on a 2-day Creative Placemaking conference for January 2018. Please refer to the attached document for a more detailed explanation of the conference, and our program overview for all our programs.

We need your support to help us continue to serve the cultural community and insure access to high quality programming throughout our region. Your gift will help us achieve our goals – including the completion of a new integrated website to enable members and the public to access information in an improved, efficient and contemporary way. 

Will you consider a gift – of any amount – to help us provide essential benefits to our members? You may donate online:, or send a check to our office: 301 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850.

Please give generously; your help means so much.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Angela Whitford
Executive Director

Gate Lodge at Mathews Park, 301 West Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850, United States
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