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News and Opportunities for Cultural Nonprofits and Creative Businesses of Fairfield County, CT
April 15, 2016
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is a nonprofit service organization that supports its members through unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services. This newsletter is sent to all who request it - but we ask that, if you are not a member, you explore membership benefits and consider joining this community of  400 individuals and organizations. Sign up here
Quote of the Week
The arts make us human and are an extension of who we are and what we hope to be. A community cannot survive without a healthy arts environment.
U.S. Representative Alma Adams
Learn from REGI Grant Winners: Next Common Ground - April 20
❖ Last Gallery Tour: browngrotta arts, Wilton - May 4 
❖ Connecting With Schools: Education Summit - May 9
❖ ACE Awards Breakfast (Tickets Going Fast!) - May 19
WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Forest To Shore Gallery, Sidewalk Gallery, Ridgefield Independent Film Festival

News from Bijou Theatre & Kennedy Center, City Lights Gallery, CT Audubon Center at Fairfield, Housatonic Museum of Art & New Paradigm Theatre. 

❖ Four Minutes That Changed STEM to STEAM
❖ April 26 is Copyright Education Day
❖ Governor Proposes Eliminating ALL Arts Funding

❖ Terra Foundation: American Art Exhibitions - August 1
❖ J.M. Kaplan Publishing Project Grants
 - Sept. 1

❖ ProBono Partnership Webinar: Understanding Copyright Law - May 11
❖ CT League of History Organizations - June 6

❖ Greenwich International Film Festival: Screen Managers; Print Traffic Coordinator; Box Office Manager
❖ Westport Arts Center: Education Assistant

❖ Fairfield Museum: Visitor Services Manager
❖ Coastal Arts Guild: Marketing Intern

Deadlines and Dates to Remember
Regional Initiative Grant (REGI) awardees will discuss the road to their collaborative project success and we invite all those with collaborative project ideas to come share, discuss and refine in preparation for applying for the FY 2017 REGI (deadline July 29) or other grants. Find out more, sign up here and share your ideas next Weds. April 20 at the Visual Arts Studio of the Darien Arts Center, 6:30-8pm. Free.
Sign up for the 8th and last stop on our 2015-16 Progressive Gallery Tour, Wed. May 4, 6-8pm at browngrotta arts, known for their internationally famous once-a-year Art in the Barn shows in Wilton. Click here for details and to sign up. The tour brings members out to mix and mingle while exploring our different commercial galleries - from Greenwich to Bridgeport.

Interested in connecting more effectively with schools and their curriculum? What is the best route to contacting local schools? What have the most experienced cultural nonprofits learned from their work with schools? Find out more and sign up for our Connecting With Local Schools & Their Curriculum Education Summit at Fairfield Public Library Mon May 9, 10-12:30pm.
Tickets are selling fast for our first Arts & Cultural Empowerment Award Breakfast. Come celebrate the success of the Westport Artists’ Collective, Curtain Call, Bank of America, The Bruce Museum and Richard J. Wenning. Read more here. Buy seats and raffle tickets for May 19 Award Breakfast here.
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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS                             

A Creative Business Member
Owner: George Perham

Forest To Shore (FTS) Gallery is an art gallery and tattoo studio, a bastion of creativity located in the heart of Stratford on the 2nd floor of 2415 Main Street. It was founded as a gallery in May 2011 by tattoo artist George Perham, who wanted to remove the stigmas attached to tattoo art. The gallery displays artwork by tattoo artists and others, in a serene environment. As the CT Post put it in an article celebrating the opening, "the gallery's six white walls showcase dozens of sculptures, paintings and photographs created by artists from across the country, including Perham and Bridgeport's Marcella Kuroski and Liz Squillace." Community is key to FTS, which  enjoys inspiring creativity as well as being inspired by its creative community. Join FTS  for its 5th Anniversary celebrations, the Gathering of the Five, Sat. June 4 at Short Beach, Stratford.  See the FTS website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

A Creative Business Member
Owner/Director: Bill Gramigna
Associate Director: Jennifer Hunter

The Sidewalk Gallery is a unique art gallery. It sits on a beautiful 50-foot curved wall, part of the premises of PressProof Studio, Inc., a graphic design studio at 18 South Main Street, at the corner of South Main & Havilland, in Norwalk, owned by William Gramigna. Although private receptions do take place inside the gallery when an exhibit is up, the gallery is designed to be viewed from the sidewalk. There are 11 windows for excellent visibility curving around the corner location. Lights go on every evening when the sun goes down and stay on until midnight, seven days a week. Nighttime viewing is most dramatic and gratifying. If there is interest in purchasing a piece, just email the address on the window:  The show that just ended was of Westport Artists Collective artist, Jahmane West. Opening April 17 is a show by Cultural Alliance member, Ellen Gordon: The Maven of Mixed Media. See the Sidewalk Gallery's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Director: Joanne Hudson

The first ever Ridgefield Independent Film Festival takes place in one month’s time: May 20-22, bringing the world of independent filmmaking to Ridgefield. Conceived and orchestrated by Joanne Hudson, playwright and theatre director who moved to Ridgefield from New York in 2009, and who, as she tells it, was so impressed by the history and quality of artistic activity and independent thinking in town that, after returning from another film festival, she was convinced Ridgefield could invent its own. Crediting Ridgefield Arts Council’s Alison Greeley with taking her at her word and connecting her with local institutions and can-doers, she quickly got commitments from The Ridgefield Library, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, The Ridgefield Playhouse and The Keeler Tavern Museum, now the founding partners of RIFF. The mission of RIFF is “to make the world a more compassionate place through the sharing of stories from around the globe through cinema, and to give comfort and aid to the hardworking filmmaker who shares this vision.” riff2016 will bring the best new films to be found, together with their makers, where possible, "for thoughtful screenings in curated venues to a sophisticated and discerning audience." RIFF will offer master classes in different aspects of film and filmmaking, as well as panel discussions and filmmaker events to unite filmmakers with their audience. Opening ceremonies will take place in Ballard Park with a free concert by the Ridgefield Youth Orchestra followed by a free outdoor all-ages screening of A Hard Days Night. Visit the RIFF website for tickets; see Twitter feed, Facebook, and Instagram pages.
YOUR NEWS                             
The BIJOU THEATRE and THE KENNEDY CENTER's Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative (MDAC) received an Office of the Arts' Regional Initiative Grant for their collaborative EARTHFEST project, which is happening Thursday April 21 around downtown Bridgeport. Starting at MDAC, moving on to McLevy Green, food trucks, and a reception with food and live music at the Bijou Theatre. Read about it here.
CITY LIGHTS has moved out of its 37 Markle Court space, and is temporarily situated a block away at 855 Main Street, Bridgeport, opposite People's United Bank (and along from the Barnum Museum). Details are now available on City Lights' 12th Anniversary-Moving Fundraiser, Tues. April 19, 5:30-8pm, to help them prepare for moving to permanent space at 1103 Main St. Come pitch in!
Congratulations to Nelson North, director of Connecticut Audubon Society CENTER AT FAIRFIELD, for his appointment as Executive Director of the entire Connecticut Audubon Society. Nelson has served as director of Fairfield operations since 2007. He will now oversee a staff of approximately 30, based in Fairfield, Milford, Glastonbury, and Pomfret, and will continue the organization's efforts to establish a center in the Old Lyme-Essex area.
HOUSATONIC MUSEUM OF ART's Robbin Zella and NEW PARADIGM THEATRE's Kristin Huffman collaborated in producing an Arts Breakout Session for the Bridgeport Youth Summit April 1 at Harbor Yard. More than 1,000 Bridgeport 13-25 year-olds gathered for leadership skill-building and school and career information. The arts session presented professional performance and design artists (Neil Fuentes, Rick ShaeferJane Davila, David Stone, Karl Heine) speaking about arts careers through their own journeys.
OTHER NEWS                             

Americans for the Arts, in its latest Artsblog, has a fascinating account of the legislative Four Minutes That Changed STEM to STEAM. Those attending Arts Advocacy Day in DC this year would have heard John Maeda, designer, technologist, and catalyst behind the national movement to transform STEM to STEAM and seen him together on the podium with Representative Suzanne Bonamici, chair of the Congressional STEAM Caucus. Why were they there? They were celebrating a very important amendment that allows new funding for arts education in our schools. The key moment was on November 19 when Rep. Bonamici (above) offered an amendment to the consideration of the final conference report to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESSA). Bonamici has brought forward the benefits of STEM to STEAM many times over the past few years. When she started, there wasn’t even a Congressional STEAM Caucus. Now with nearly 80 members and growing, the Caucus she co-founded can, for the first time, point to clear federal policy that supports and encourages STEAM. As Bonamici offered the amendment in this last round, Chairman Kline on the House side stated it is “important we increase participation in STEM programs” and support the amendment. On the Senate side, chairman Alexander took up "this helpful amendment," describing it as an “expression of the importance of relating arts to STEM academic programs, where states, teachers, and local school districts think that’s important.” He offered his support. He then turned to Sen. Murray who shared her view that “integrating arts and other disciplinary subjects is important” and shared her support. The Senate conferees passed it - and the amendment was adopted. It doesn't mandate anything but it allows funds to be used for "programs and activities that use music and the arts as tools to support student success through the promotion of constructive student engagement, problem solving, and conflict resolution.”  Click image above for video of the crucial four minutes. See article here.

It is just about that time again to say "Happy World IP Day!" Why April 26? It's the day that the WIPO Convention came into force in 1970. The purpose of World IP Day is to increase the understanding of IP among the general public beyond copyright, patent and trademark lawyers. More specifically, WIPO sees World IP Day as an occasion "to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity." This year, the World IP Day theme is Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined. Organizations around the world are seizing the opportunity to educate others about IP and the people and processes involved in creating IP. You too could join in and host a film festival, organize a concert, or exhibit inventions of local inventors. WIPO makes several suggestions of activities:
• mount an exhibition displaying how consumers benefit from IP
• organize a workshop to educate specific users such as artists, musicians and inventors about how IP rights benefit them
• promote IP through social media
• run a photo contest to manifest creativity and the working of copyright in practice
• create and distribute World IP Day publicity materials such as posters, brochures, etc for specific audiences. As the U.S. Register for Copyright, Maria Pallante, puts it: copyright is a life skill: "When you graduate from high school or college, you should know how to read a map, you should know how to use GPS, you should know a little bit about copyright. If you are somebody who is going to be in a field where you will encounter copyrighted materials all the time, you should know more. If you’re going to be an artist or musician and you’re getting a red-hot degree in the performing arts, you should know a lot. And I don’t think that’s quite the case — I don’t think it’s been built into the curricula." What are you doing April 26th to celebrate the role of IP in museums and other cultural institutions?

That is not a typo. In his latest budget proposal, Governor Malloy put on the table the elimination of all arts funding - both to the Office of the Arts and for all line items: a saving of $16 million. "Eliminates funding for an annual competitive grant program for arts/culture/tourism related grants. Funds for these competitive grant accounts are derived from direct line-item grant accounts from DECD, DOL, and other agencies. Those direct line-item accounts are eliminated under the Governor's February budget and the Governor's revised April budget proposal." Needless to say, arts leaders are conferring with 
legislators. Stay tuned for recommended action steps. See report from CT Community Nonprofit Alliance

In recognition of the importance of experiencing original works of art, the Terra Foundation for American Art supports exhibitions that enlarge the understanding and appreciation of historical American art made between 1500 and 1980. To be eligible, exhibitions that take place only in the United States but outside Chicago must present historical American art in an international context and reach a scholarly audience. The foundation has a particular interest in exhibitions that add an international dimension to the study or presentation of historical American art. "International dimensions" vary by project, but must include a venue outside the U.S.; a focused thesis that makes a significant contribution to scholarship on historical American art in an international context; and an international curatorial team. Grant funding also is available for exhibitions that include objects from the Terra Foundation's collection of American art. Letters of Inquiry for the Spring 2017 funding cycle must be received no later than August 1, 2016. 
See the Terra Foundation website for complete program guidelines and information on previously awarded grants.


Through its Furthermore program, the J.M. Kaplan Fund supports nonfiction book publishing about art, architecture, and design; cultural history, the city, and related public issues; and conservation and preservation. The program seeks work that appeals to an informed general audience; demonstrates evidence of high standards in editing, design, and production; and promises a reasonable shelf life. Individual grants ranging from $1,500 to approximately $15,000 may be used to support writing, research, editing, design, indexing, photography, illustration, and/or printing and binding. Book projects to which a university press, nonprofit, or trade publisher is already committed and for which there is a feasible distribution plan are usually preferred. Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) organization. Trade publishers and public agencies may apply for grants in partnership with an eligible fiscal sponsor. See the Furthermore website for complete application guidelines, an FAQ, and program information.

MAY 11 

ProBono Partnership is offering a $20, 1-hour webinar May 11, 12pm-1pm on Copyright Law. This is Perfect! Can We Use It? Understanding Copyright Law and Fair/Educational Use. The speaker is Stamford-based IP lawyer, Terrence J. McAllister, Esq., who will introduce you to federal copyright laws – what are they and what do they protect? What is “fair use”? When and how can a nonprofit organization use copyrighted work for educational purposes? How can an organization obtain permission to use copyrighted materials? If your nonprofit use images, articles, video, or educational materials from other sources you should know when you must have permission to use such works, and when you are covered by the fair use exemption. The webinar will explain how copyright laws protect both creators and users of original works and you will learn how your organization can use copyrighted works correctly. Register here (closes May 9). Webinar information will be emailed to the email address provided during registration on or before May 11. The registration fee is nonrefundable. Please do not hit back or refresh during the registration process. Please contact Kate Marchese at (973) 240-6955 before resubmitting a registration if you receive an error message.

The Connecticut League of History Organizations (CLHO) announces its annual conference: June 6, in Meriden. Hands-On...What's New... What's Next? Exploring Our Collections  will focus on the how, the why and the what that history organizations endeavor to "collect, preserve and interpret" in the 21 century. The Annual CLHO conference attracts more than 150 museum professionals, board members and volunteers, representing the over 400 history museums, historical societies, historic sites, historic house museums, libraries and archives in Connecticut. This full-day conference offers an Exhibitor and Vendor Hall, the Award of Merit Luncheon and Awards presentation, and opportunities for net-working with people just like you! Moderated by nationally known museum leader Laura Roberts, a panel of distinguished guests will explore the question, "What does it mean to be a curator in today's world?" Panelists are Stephanie Plunkett (Norman Rockwell Museum), Christopher A. Norris (Yale Peabody Museum), Warren Perry, (CCSU) and Greg Colati (University of Connecticut). Register here, $60 ($50 for CLHO members) by May 16. Registration includes breakfast, served lunch, and afternoon coffee.


The Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) has several openings: Three Screen Managers, who, under the supervision of the Venue Manager and Festival Producer, will each oversee one of the screens at the Greenwich Bow Tie Theater during the 2016 festival; a Print Traffic Coordinator who, under the supervision of the Director of Programming and Associate Programmer, will manage print traffic for GIFF, developing relationships with external print traffic coordinators, securing on-time receipt of Festival films and videos, and arranging for timely shipping of prints and videos; and a Box Office Manager (a paid position for May 12-June 16), who, under the supervision of the Festival Producer and COO, will manage the box office and oversee/execute ticketing and accreditation. The Box Office will be open May 14 - June 12, in downtown Greenwich, CT. The festival will take place June 9-12. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Ginger Stickel, Chief Operating Officer at

The Westport Arts Center seeks an Education Assistant who reports to the Director of Education, and works to develop curriculum for the Westport Arts Center's Youth Education programs. The assistant would be responsible for designing lesson plans that emphasize process over product, breakaway from traditional classroom experiences, and invite students to innovate with high quality arts materials. The ideal candidate for this position will have: experience teaching children of all ages with a particular emphasis on ages 2-12; the ability to manage a classroom independently with up to 15 children at a time; extensive Fine Arts knowledge and experience with the ability to generate lesson plans that emphasize major cultural touchstones and technical skills; understanding of different art media including painting, drawing and clay skills as well as the ability to explain these media and their related techniques in age appropriate terms; excellent time management skills and the ability to work independently in a fast paced office environment while meeting deadlines promptly; an innovative teaching philosophy that looks to expand learning beyond a traditional classroom and offer programming that is of the highest quality.
For full description and application details, click here.

The Fairfield Museum in Fairfield, CT, seeks an experienced, full-time Visitor Services Manager to assist visitors, answer phones, manage the Museum Shop, supervise facilities rentals and manage other administrative duties. Experience with scheduling, social media marketing and retail management, as well as a highly organized and outgoing personality are essential. Click here for a full position description. Competitive salary and benefits package. Mail or email letter of interest and resume by May 1st to: VM Search, Fairfield Museum, 370 Beach Road, Fairfield, CT 06824 or 


At the Coastal Arts Guild of CT, we support, promote and advocate for artists, writers, musicians and patrons of the arts in the Fairfield and New Haven Coastal regions.
As a spring-summer intern in Marketing, you will receive broad nonprofit marketing experience, contributing to CAGCT’s marketing efforts, attracting new members, assisting with arts events, writing arts-related content, working on social media, and with arts education efforts. The marketing director and board members mentor and support the Intern. This is an unpaid, resume- and portfolio-building position (10-15 hours/week) in the Stratford, CT area. Internships last between 12 and 14 weeks. Attendance to First Tuesday of the month meetings is mandatory. Interns may re-apply for multiple years. Details here. Email resume and letter, with subject “INTERNSHIP,” here.

Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available

Arts Council of Greater New Haven: P/T Development Director.
Connecticut State Library: Traveling Archivists
Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, Development Director
Fairfield County Chorale: Executive Director
Greenwich International Film Festival; Festival ProducerMarketing; Graphic Design; and Programming Interns
Hartbeat Ensemble, Hartford: Managing Director
Ives Concert Park, Danbury: Bookkeeper
Norwalk Intl Cultural Exchange Festival: Intern
Wesleyan University: The Interim Associate Director for Programs
Westport Country Playhouse: Database Administrator and Facilities Manager.
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