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News and Opportunities for Cultural Nonprofits and Creative Businesses of Fairfield County, CT
August 28, 2015
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is a nonprofit service organization that supports its members by providing unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services. This newsletter is sent to all who request it - but we ask that, if you are not a member, you explore membership benefits and consider joining this community of more than 300 individuals and organizations. Sign up here
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❖ Nominate a Grantswriter for New Database
❖ Announcing The FCBuzz Offspring: Post Your Arts Education Events

❖ Member Round-Up: The Aldrich Museum, The Bruce Museum, Center for Contemporary Printmaking, The Klein, and Weir Farm National Historic Site

❖ Mapping Cultural Assets - In Stories 
❖ New Tax Laws for Nonprofits

❖ NEA How Art Works - Oct. 20
❖ Impact Fairfield County $100,000 grants - December 1

Meditations on Relevance (and Losing It)
❖ Westport Library: Produce a Program on Public Access TV - Sept. 1
❖ FCCF Workshops: Board Chair Essentials (Sept. 9); Board Chair Roundtable (Oct. 14)
❖ CT Nonprofits Workshops: Nonprofit Governance - Sept. 10; Oct. 8

❖ Westport Country Playhouse: House/Event Manager
❖ Shore Line Trolley Museum: Director

❖ Downtown Cabaret: Stage Manager
Downtown Cabaret: Marketing Manager

Deadlines and Dates to Remember
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is proposing to create a list of nominated and endorsed grant writers for member organizations to consult when they are preparing grant proposals. If you have worked successfully with a grant writer and are willing to share some information, please complete this simple survey for the community. 
Early in the school year, the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County will release the first issue of The FCBuzz OffSpring - a newsletter designed to support and promote the arts & culture educational programs of our membership in Fairfield County. This new outreach tool will be specifically targeted to kids and families, along with those interested in arts & culture education. Members: Your part is to make sure your kids- and family-oriented classes, workshops, programs, and special events are posted to as early in the season as possible. Not a Member? Sign up here to take advantage of this new opportunity to spread the word about your own arts & culture educational opportunities. Questions? Call Jennifer at 203-256-2329, or email here
YOUR NEWS                             
The ALDRICH CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM is a partner with The BRUCE MUSEUM in the first collaborative exhibit organized by the Fairfield/ Westchester Museum Alliance—a group of seven arts institutions across those two counties. While the Bruce took on PRIDE, the Aldrich has a characteristically creative and imaginative take on SLOTH. The Aldrich’s multi-channel video project (catch it before it closes September 19), takes you on an armchair journey to the other six exhibitions – you see seven exhibitions in one place! Check out Susan Hodara’s New York Times article about the show
The BRUCE MUSEUM adds three new faces to its staff next month. Images clockwise from bottom left: Mia G. Laufer, the 2015-2016 Zvi Grunberg Resident Fellow, a doctoral candidate in Art History at Washington University, St. Louis, will be working with curatorial and education departments; Laura Stricker, Manager of Youth & Family Programs, who, with an M.A. in Museum and Galleries in Education from the University of London’s Institute of Education, was formerly Early Years Coordinator at the Museum of London; and Kate Dzikiewicz, Paul Griswold Howes Fellow, currently serving as an Educational Experience Developer at the Smithsonian Institution.
The CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY PRINTMAKING (CCP) continues its 20th Anniversary with a Steamroller Printmaking Festival in conjunction with Stepping Stones Museum for Children’s Worldwide Day of Play in Mathews Park. Limited edition large-scale relief prints (as large as 4’ x 8’) will be printed in the Center’s parking lot as the steamroller serves as printing press to roll over the carved boards. All are welcome to watch: Saturday, September 19, from 10am to 4pm. Other hands-on activities are scheduled at CCP and around Stepping Stones Museum. The steamroller is provided by Norwalk-based Di Iorio Brothers Excavation, and Speedball donated Arnhem paper for the event. 
THE KLEIN welcomes two new employees: MAUREEN HAMILL is the new Director of Education, overseeing the Klein’s innovative after-school program, ASK (After School at the Klein), now entering its third year. Maureen is a professional singer, founder of Hamill Productions, a theatrical producing company, and an instructor at the Barnum School in Bridgeport. She is also currently President of the Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation. FRED SAILOR is the new Director of Operations, handling stage operations, client relations and rentals. Beginning his career at the Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, working as a professional stagehand and theater manager, he subsequently served as executive director of the Center for the Performing Arts at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. He has also been the vice-president of development and public relations for Easter Seals Connecticut. 
WEIR FARM National Historic Site, the only National Park Dedicated to American Painting, invites you to prepare for next year's centennial celebration of the creation of the National Park Service by participating in Find Your Park. You can start by following this fun list of 99 Ways to Find Your Park. "Weir Farm is a great place to try #9 – walk through the doorway of an historic home, #23 – try something new, #31 – make art in a park, #53 – Improve your health with a park Rx, and many more. Visitors can share their park experiences by posting on social media with the hashtag #FindYourPark. Weir Farm Superintendent Linda Cook says “Weir Farm offers something so completely unique, so totally inspiring, that I invite you to start your #FindYourPark journey right here in Connecticut.” Weir Farm National Historic Site was established in 1990 "to preserve and share the famously inspiring light, color, and landscape that has inspired artists since 1882. Last year, more than 34,000 park visitors enjoyed the park, adding $2.6 million to the local economy and supporting 23 area jobs."
OTHER NEWS                             

NewsWorks, the online home of WHYY in the Philadelphia region, reported recently on a wonderful model for cultural asset mapping in Chester, PA. Recently, it reports, four actors performed excerpts from a performance piece based on interviews with residents who were asked about cultural experiences they had in the city. Those experiences were then pinpointed on a map. "Instead of just creating a two-dimensional map based on research and surveys, we used storytelling and theater as a way to capture the data to go on the map," said one of the actors, Lamaar Todd."Stories are data with soul," added one of his colleagues. Both the play and the map are the results of an 18-month project, Chester Made, to find out what Chester has to offer culturally. They came out of an extensive engagement process, whereby local actors were trained to interview their neighbors. The interviews revealed that arts-related discoveries, revelations, and epiphanies were happening all over the city. "This is stuff that needs to be at the heart of revitalizing Chester, but not enough people know that it's happening," said Lisa Jo Epstein, the director of the theater company Just Act. Chester is a city in trouble. Much of the downtown is boarded up, and it is often listed as one of America's most dangerous cities. The Cultural Assets Map is meant to tell a different story to both outsiders and city's own residents. Laurie Zierer, director of the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, a partner in the project, commented "There is arts and culture in the fabric of this community. But it has to come from the ground up to see what's important and what people value." The Cultural Assets Map includes a downtown art gallery, a video production company, a couple of small performance spaces, and a bronze sculpture foundry. But it also includes a juice bar and a doughnut shop! In 2012, Chester's City Council established a city plan that called for development of the city's cultural sector. But, without a firm idea of what that sector is, the city has not been able to act on that promise.
"You have to start with something to gain momentum," said Paul Fritz, an architect and consultant with Chester's city planning department. "This was a good way to inventory Chester's assets as far as arts and culture goes, to leverage future grant funds or future art projects."  More...  Thanks to Animating Democracy for this story.


From Americans for the Arts: A number of important changes have been made to the tax laws regarding tax returns filed by Nonprofit Organizations: Federal Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax; Department of Labor Form 5500, Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan; and FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR). The changes to due dates and extensions are the result of years of advocacy by the AICPA and state CPA societies (see article cited below). New due dates are effective for tax years beginning after December 31, 2015.
The new due dates, or extension dates, are as follows:
• Federal Form 990 can now be extended for six months, instead of filing three month extensions twice. This change makes it so that the extensions are filed only once for both Form 990 and Form 990-T.
Department of Labor Form 5500 has a maximum extension of 3 ½ months. Previously for calendar year plans, the Form 5500 was extended to October 15th, but can now be extended to November 15th, which lines up with the deadline for the Form 990.
The due date for FinCEN 114 is changed to April 15. Only first time taxpayers will be allowed a six month extension; no other extensions will be granted for this filing.
Partnership returns will be due within 2 ½ months after the close of their tax year.
C-Corporations will be due the within 4 ½ months after the close of their tax year. For C-Corps with fiscal years ending on June 30, the new due dates will not apply until tax years beginning after Dec. 31, 2025.


The NEA's Office of Research & Analysis makes awards to support research that investigates the value and/or impact of the arts, either as individual components of the U.S. arts ecology or as they interact with each other and/or with other domains of American life. By providing financial support to deserving projects, the NEA anticipates that this program will spur growth in the number of people experienced in and knowledgeable about arts-related research in the U.S. In 2012, the NEA published its five-year research agenda, How Art Works, that offered a framework for studying research topics critical to a broader public understanding of the arts' value and/or impact for individuals and communities. The How Art Works system map (see below) presents several different research areas,  including the system's core components of Arts Participation and Arts Creation; the system's inputs (Arts Infrastructure and Education & Training); and the system's main outcomes, e.g., cognitive or emotional benefits to individuals, or civic or economic benefits to communities. Up to 20 grants, based on the availability of funding will be awarded in the range of $10,000 to $30,000. The NEA requires grantees to submit a final research paper for posting to the NEA website here. In addition, the NEA encourages applicants to consider carefully their distribution plans for both technical and non-technical audiences, as those plans will factor into the review criteria. More...

Time to start thinking big. Impact Fairfield County has announced it will accept applications for one or two grants of $100,000 each. Applications can be submitted in one of four Focus Areas: Education, Health, Culture, and the Environment. Impact Fairfield County will award 1-2 grant requests of $100,000 each, determined by a final vote May 11, 2016. Funds will be available for significant projects or programs that reach under-served populations and highlight unmet needs in our area. Under Culture, eligible projects or programs are those "that develop greater cultural and artistic opportunities, and improve participation in the arts or arts education in our communities." Applications should propose a new project or program or the expansion of a proven program that will have a lasting impact on the community. To apply click here. Organizations that apply for this grant must operate in Fairfield County. The projects or programs must be new, the expansion of an existing program, or a new or expanded collaboration, and must serve residents of and expend funds fully in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Applying for a grant starts with a Letter of Inquiry. Organizations may only submit one application and must choose within which Focus Area to apply. Letters of Inquiry will only be accepted online beginning November 2nd and will be due December 1, 2015.

Nina Simon, Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History and author of The Participatory Museum has been running an interesting series on the Museum2.0 blog on Meditations on Relevance. So far these have featured an Overview of what we might mean by making museums relevant; a discussion of Content v. Form, Who Decides What's Relevant? (designing programs for specific communities); and lastly the Guest Comic - Crista Alejandre, a Seattle-based illustrator specializing in illustrated presentations on art, museums, and the non-profit sector. See a full-size version of the comic here. You can comment by signing-in here. 
Rich Turcsany, Public Access Coordinator for Cablevision, will present a program on How to Produce and Air your Program on Public Access TV Tues., Sept. 1, from 1 to 2:30 pm in the Westport Library’s McManus Room. The program is free and open to the public. Points covered will include: Overview of all three public access channels (88, 78, and 79—public, educational and government) and types of programming found on them; How to become certified to become a public access user; Basic policies and procedures for getting a program aired on public access channels; Examples of public access programs produced over the years; How to submit a program that you have produced on your own. Turcsany, a graduate of Emerson College, has 26 years in cable TV.

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence Training at Fairfield County's Community Foundation is offering two workshops to "take your board from good to great."

Sept. 9, 4:30-7:00pm: 
Facilitator: Debra Hertz
Back by popular demand! When you are a strong board chair, you have a more effective board. This w
orkshop will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to be a more effective board chair. Participants will:
gain confidence and feel more comfortable in their role as board chair; get the tools needed to navigate your relationship with the executive director and other board members; understand ways to effectively use an executive committee; feel confident leading effective board meetings; learn how to create and monitor board goals.

Oct. 14, 8-10am: 
Board Chair Roundtable. Free
Board chairs learn from each other and network during facilitated quarterly meetings. "Participating has definitely improved my performance as chair because it equipped me with the tools/knowledge needed to do a good job," said one participant.

CT Nonprofits is partnering with the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, Blackstone Library and Guilford Savings Bank to deliver two free workshops for nonprofits:

Nonprofit Governance - Strengthening the Foundation of Your Board
Thursday, September 10 8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Blackstone Library, 758 Main St, Branford
"Every Board of Directors is made up of well-intentioned volunteers....but how do we get the most out of our Boards? How do we ensure that foundational agreements that guide behavior between and among board members are clearly articulated? This workshop provide tools and practical strategies to guide Board member behavior and support Board members in their roles." 

Nonprofit Governance - Strengthening the Relationships Across Your Board
Thursday, October 8, 8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Blackstone Library, 758 Main St, Branford
"Emotional intelligence, or EI, is the capacity to recognize and effectively manage emotions in ourselves and with others. This workshop will help Board members to understand how Emotional Intelligence is vital to being an effective and high-performing member of a Board of Directors. EI increases our ability to make good decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change. In this workshop, we will define emotional intelligence, learn how to develop our own emotional intelligence, and how to accurately pick up on emotions in other people, thereby gaining a better understanding of their behaviors. Strengthening your EI skills will make you a better Board member!" 
Call 860-525-5080 ext. 1014 or email to register.

The Westport Country Playhouse seeks a dedicated, efficient and conscientious House/Event Manager to spearhead a positive patron experience for all Playhouse attendees. The House/Event Manager serves as the face of the Playhouse and will be responsible for ensuring all performances are properly staffed with ushers and concessions workers and will serve as House Manager for all performances. In addition, the House/Event Manager will serve as chief point of contact for all rental inquires, will work with Playhouse staff to determine and arrange set up needs for these events and serve as Event Manager for said rentals. Qualified candidates should possess a positive attitude, strong work ethic and a sense of humor. Experience with patron services, particularly in the performing arts, is preferred. The position offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience, excellent benefits, and collegial and supportive work environment. To apply, please submit cover letter and resumé to: House/Event Manager Search,

The Shore Line Trolley Museum located in East Haven Ct has an opening for a Full Time Director, salary range $40,000 to $55,000 per year. The museum is located on 54 acres of land and includes 11 buildings, 2 miles of track and approximately 100 trolley cars. Membership exceeds 1100 from all parts of the world annual visitors exceed 25,000. This position is a full time, 40 hours a week and serves as the face of the museum to its members and visitors. Work includes but not limited to: handling correspondence (mail, email, and phone), maintaining web site, development committee, crafting and managing grants, ordering supplies, working with community foundations to list a few items. Complete job description is available upon request. Contact: Wayne Sandford General Manager, SLTM 17 River St. East Haven CT 06512 or

Downtown Cabaret Theatre (DCT) is seeking a seasonal part-time Stage Manager Immediately through end of May. Work schedule includes evenings, weekends, and some daytimes. Candidate must have stage management experience in professional or educational theatre. Duties include but not limited to stage managing five professional children’s productions including organizing and running all rehearsals and performances, communicating with cast, crew and designers, maintaining all production paperwork and prompt script, and writing and distributing daily rehearsal and performance reports. Candidate must be highly organized, possess excellent communication skills, and be able to work quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Local applicants only. Salary $250/wk, no benefits. DCT is a professional non-profit theatre in Bridgeport CT. Email cover letter and resume to Phill Hill, Production Manager. Cut and paste to the subject line of your email Stage Manager to insure your application is correctly filtered.

Downtown Cabaret Theatre (DCT) is seeking a Seasonal Full-Time General Theatre Technician Immediately through end of May. Work schedule includes evenings and weekends. Candidate must have technical experience in electrics, carpentry, and sound. Duties include but not limited to maintaining rep light plot with conventional and intelligent lights, assisting in scenic build and transport, loading shows in and out, and crew for concerts and musicals. Candidate must be highly motivated, possess excellent communication skills, and be able to work quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment. Local applicants only. Salary $400/wk, no benefits. DCT is a professional non-profit theatre in Bridgeport, CT. Email cover letter and resume to Phill Hill, Production Manager. Cut and paste to the subject line of your email General Technician to insure your application is correctly filtered.

Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum: Senior Press Officer

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Sept. c1: CT Humanities Quick Grant Deadline (upto $1500)
Sept. c1:
Westport Library: How to Produce and Air your Program on Public Access TV
Sept. 10: ProBono Webinar: What's in a Name? $20
Sept. 10: CT Nonprofits Workshop: Strengthening the Foundation of Your Board. 8am
Sept. 13-19: National Arts in Education Week: Celebrate & Advocate
Sept. 15: NEH Deadline for Dialogues on The Experience of War Grant Program
Sept. 16-19: American Association for State and Local History annual conference
Sept. 21: NEA Our Town Application Deadline
Sept. 30: Application deadline for Target Field Trip Grants

Oct. c1: Letter of Inquiry Deadline for Grammy Preservation or Research Grants
Oct. c1: CT Humanities Quick Grant Deadline (upto $1500)
c1: CT Humanities Public Presentation Grants ($1,500 - $9,999)
c1: CT Humanities Public Presentation Planning Grants (under $10,000)
c8: Fairfield County Advocacy Day (Trumbull Marriott) $55
Oct. c8: CT Nonprofits Workshop: Strengthening the Relationships Across Your Board. 8am
Oct. c9: Craft Research Fund
Oct. 14: FCCF Workshop: Board Chair Roundtable, 8:00am
Oct. 15: Shubert Foundation Grant Deadline for Dance, Arts-Related & Education Support
Oct. 20: NEA Art Works Application Deadline
Nov. c1: CT Humanities Quick Grant Deadline (upto $1500)
Nov. c2: Impact Fairfield County: Letter of Inquiry Submission Opens
Nov. 4-7: Museum Computer Network Conference (Minneapolis)
Dec. c1: CT Humanities Quick Grant Deadline (upto $1500)
c1: Shubert Foundation Grant Deadline for Theatre Operating Support
Dec. c2: Impact Fairfield County: Letter of Inquiry Submission Closes
Dec. c3: Nonprofit Legislative Forum: Greater Norwalk
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