Subject: EDN: Report on Dec. Meeting + SAVE THE DATES

Expertise To Go

1. Notes on December Meeting
Video Available

2. Listserv + Database Now Available

3. Save the Dates for Next Meetings

1. Notes (and resource materials) are now available on our December 16 meeting, in which Janet Lindstrom, Heather-Marie Montilla, Michael Moran, Maisa Tisdale, and Jane von Trapp spoke on different aspects of Fundraising. Click here to download the Notes. A video of the meeting can be sent on request: click here for the video.

If you also want the notes on the first meeting in this series, on Sept. 24, where Lou Ursone, Heather-Marie Montilla, Bonnie Wattles and Amy Allen spoke, click hereClick here for a video of that meeting.
2. A listserv for all member EDs to ask for assistance is now available - you will shortly receive a test message with instructions.

A GoogleSheets EXPERTISE document has been set up for you all to share. It lists those who have already volunteered their expertise, with contact information. You can re-organize it by Name, Expertise, or any other column. Please use it! If you want to be added to this database, contact me by clicking here. Here is a simplified listing of what we have in text format:
African American and Native American Culture: Maisa Tisdale
Audience Development: Angie Durrell, Allison Stockel
Board Development: Eileen Carpinella, Bonnie Wattles, Debra Randall
Board Education: Amy Allen, Michelle Hopson, Linda Wolk-Simon
Business Development: Charlie Gulotta
Event Management: Bob Kennedy
Event Planning: Michael Moore, Debra Randall
Financial Management/Planning: Michelle Hopson, Howard Lasser
Fundraisers: Janet Lindstrom
Fundraising (Annual Appeak): S. Jane von Trapp
Fundraising (Growing Small Donors to Large Donors): Heather-Marie Montilla
Fundraising (Municipal capital): Michael Moran
Fundraising (Grant writing): Maisa Tisdale
Marketing and Media Relations: Lou Ursone, Susan Gilgore,Charlie Gulotta
Membership Development: Beth Ulman
Operational Efficiency: Cynthia Armijo, Allison Stockel
Organizational Development: Valerie Leff
Placemaking: Michael Moore
Program Development: Susan Gold, Susan Gilgore, Allison Stockel
Programming: Susan Gilgore, Karen Ronald
Public Safety: Michael Moore
Strategic Planning: Cynthia Armijo, Michelle Hopson, Heather-Marie Montilla, Karen Ronald
Volunteer Management: Lou Ursone
Volunteer Recruitment: Beth Ulman
3. Save the Dates for our remaining EDN Meetings this year:

- Weds. March 16, 10am,  Fairfield Museum. Topic: Peer Advisor Network
- Weds. June 22, 10am, Housatonic Art Museum, Bridgeport. Topic: Volunteer Recruitment, Management, & Celebration
Gate Lodge at Mathews Park, 301 West Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850, United States
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