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Expertise To Go
Weds. Dec. 16. 10am
Darien Library
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Our Executive Directors Network meetings for 2015-2016 are focusing on the theme of Expertise To Golocating the expertise within our own ranks and discussing how best to share it. 

At our first meeting, Sept. 24, Lou Ursone, Curtain Call; Heather Marie-Montilla, Pequot Library; Bonnie Wattles, Franklin Street Works; and Amy Allen, Darien Art Center, spoke on Marketing and Media Relations, Strategic Planning, Board Development and Board Education.

See 3-page meeting notes here. Request video of meeting here.
Our second meeting will be held at the Darien Library, 1441 Post Rd, Darien, on Weds. Dec., 16, 10am-11:30am. Please RSVP here

This quarter's topic: FUNDRAISING. Five of your colleagues will talk succinctly about an aspect of fundraising in which they have developed sufficient expertise to be willing to share on an ongoing basis. Speakers include: 

Janet Lindstrom, New Canaan Historical Society
 - Fundraisers
Heather-Marie Montilla, Pequot Library, Southport
 - Turning Small Donors into Large Donors
Michael Moran, Palace Theatre, Stamford
 - Raising Capital Funds from Municipalities
Maisa Tisdale, Mary and Eliza Freeman Center for History and Community
  Grantwriting; and 
Jane von Trapp, Bartlett Arboretum
 The Annual Appeal.
We are calling for those EDs in our membership who also have expertise they feel confident about and would be willing to share with colleagues. At the first meeting, most EDs agreed that a database and listserv were the best instruments for declaring and sharing expertise and allowing EDs to ask questions of one another.  The 
current expertise list is as follows:

African American and Native American Culture: Maisa Tisdale
Board Development: Eileen Carpinella, Bonnie Wattles, Debra Randall
Board Education: Amy Allen, Linda Wolk-Simon
Business Development: Charlie Gulotta
Event Management: Bob Kennedy
Event Planning: Debra Randall
Financial Management/Planning: Howard Lasser
Fundraisers: Janet Lindstrom
Fundraising (Annual Appeak): S. Jane von Trapp
Fundraising (Growing Small Donors to Large Donors): Heather-Marie Montilla
Fundraising (Municipal capital): Michael Moran
Fundraising (Grant writing): Maisa Tisdale
Marketing and Media Relations: Lou Ursone, Susan Gilgore,Charlie Gulotta
Operational Efficiency: Cynthia Armijo
Program Development: Susan Gold, Susan Gilgore
Strategic Planning: Heather-Marie Montilla, Cynthia Armijo

If you would like to add yourself to a list of those with certain expertise, just click below and send me an email (or email me separately).
Board Education
Board Development
Strategic Planning
Related to this theme, we are separately compiling a list (a simple database) of trusted, professional grant writers who member organizations can contact for any grant projects they have in mind. Each grant writer will need to be nominated and then endorsed by two other organizations that have used them. We have a simple survey developed to allow you to simply nominate one or more grant writers who you have used and who you would stand behind. Please help us build this resource by clicking here.
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Thank you.
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