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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County
March 24, 2017
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❖ Cultivating Collectors - March 30
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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Anna Badini and Julie Headland

List of Current Artist Members


❖ Members in Group Events: Bridgeport Schools, Arts Count Day; The Avenue Gallery Artist Showcase; Schelfhaudt Gallery, BRAG & Friends; Elisa Contemporary Art at the 2017 Affordable Art Fair, New York; Westport Arts Center, Westport Artists Collective Pop-Up Show.
❖ Other news from Frances Ashforth, Nina Bentley, Elise Black, Amy Bock, Joseph Dermody, Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Roxanne Faber Savage, Susan Fehlinger, Adair Wilson Heitmann, Barbara Loss, Nadia Martinez, Sooo-z Mastropietro, Allyson Monson, Brec Morgan, Amy Oestreicher, Donna Osterby-Brien, Chris Perry, Cynthia Quintanal, Ruth Kalla Ungerer, and Elizabeth White.
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Members' Openings
Calendar of Members' Openings over the next 2 weeks - Download the Calendar

 Earthfest 2017, My Park City - April 7
❖ Easton Arts Center: Art in the Country - April 17
❖ Stamford Art Association: Vivian & Stanley Reed Marine Show - April 21-22
 Stamford Art Association/Art at the Ferguson, Art in the Environment - April 26 
❖ Harrison Public Library, NY: Art in the Library During 2018 - May 19
❖ Silvermine Arts Center: Art of the Northeast - May 27

❖ Unlocking Europe's Festival Circuit with Kurt Perschke
❖ Creative Capital Webinars: Applying for Writing Grants; Creating A Marketing Strategy

❖ Bruce Museum: Director of Marketing and Communications
❖ Aldrich Museum: Education Programs Assistant
❖ Fairfield Museum: Part-Time, Seasonal, Associate Educator/Site Supervisor
❖ Philip Johnson Glass House: Visitor Center/Design Store Associate

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The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County launches its Cultivating Collectors series with Silvermine Arts Center Thurs. March 30 with a panel of regional gallery directors discussing The State of the Union: a review of the business of art collecting and art sales locally and nationally with a panel of local gallerists: Fernando Luis Alvarez, Eric Ben-Kiki, Fred Giampietro, and Amy Simon will discuss with moderator Martha Lewis, artist, radio host and curator-in-residence at New Haven's Institute Library, the challenges and benefits of working locally versus in New York, nationally and internationally. This is the first in a series of events recognizing the need to develop and cultivate art collectors in our area, and designed to help further establish the credibility of Fairfield County as a strong arts and cultural community where art is created, discussed, enjoyed, bought and sold. Register here.
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Anna Badini first started painting when she came from Italy as a teenager: first as a way of representing figuratively the things she had left behind then, gradually, to represent what she was discovering and experiencing in the United States. After practicing as a psychotherapist for many years, she says that the call of the unconscious pulled her back to painting which has become the center of her passionate, professional and personal involvement. Anna has taken classes at Silvermine School of Art for a number of years, mentored by David Dunlop. She paints in both representational and abstract styles using oil paintings on canvas, anodized aluminum, and wood. As of late, her approach to painting has become simpler, basic, and rather minimalistic. Anna says her approach to painting is not necessarily a realistic representation for its own sake, but to suggest an idea, a quality, a state, or to express a mood, a memory or an emotion. She writes that she focuses more closely on certain basic aspects of nature and beauty: light, color, and form become the subject, speaking to both her own emotions and those of the viewer, thus creating a more immediate reaction to often unnamable perceptions. Given her training, she finds the boundaries of psychology and art overlap significantly, feed, augment and enrich one another in an exciting process leading to revelation. She writes: "I may begin with an intention but the painting may take on a life of its own that I am compelled to follow with spontaneous gestures, innovative marks, unanticipated color, until something that is it emerges as a new creation with the capacity to communicate to, or affect the viewer." Anna has exhibited in most of the art centers in Fairfield County and is a member of the Loft Artists Association. See Anna's website here.

Julie Headland is a Weston-based painter and printmaker. Her paintings range from her signature portraits to her distinctive narrative works. Born in 1958 in Newport, Rhode Island she did her undergraduate work at George Washington University where she studied pre-law. At the same time she was preparing for a life in the law she began to take art classes at the then Corcoran College of Art. These classes in drawing, painting and printmaking became the beginning of her career as an artist and the end of her career in law. When printmaking, she works with Chris Shore, a Master Printer at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut. When painting she works in her studio on the grounds of her antique farmhouse in Weston, where she lives with her husband and four children.  Julie writes that her work is intentionally influenced by art history. She sees herself standing in a line with artists that came before her and imagines her works are a back-and-forth conversation with those artists and their works. She comments that her conceptual narratives are "hieroglyphic epigrams that combine cultural clues to explore an individual, a place, a concept or even a culture. Often, there is a suggestion that a piece has continuity with the past, present and future. These epigrams are paradoxical narratives of life."  See Julie's website, Facebook page, YouTube video, Pinterest page.

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YOUR NEWS                             
Elise Black, Kate Eisemann, Adair Heitmann, Sooo-z Mastropietro, Brec Morgan, Donna Osterby-Brien, and Janet Zamparo were the seven of our members of the 85 who took part in ARTS COUNT DAY in the Bridgeport Schools. They each gave one hour on March 22 in a 5th-grade classroom and all have amazing stories of the wonderful reception and feedback from students and teachers.
Elise Black, Jan Dilenschneider, Katherine Evans, Julie Headland, Bruce Horan, Elisa Keogh, Katya Lebrija, Sergey Stepanenko, and Cynthia Whalen all have work in The Avenue Gallery Artist Showcase (173 Main Street, Norwalk) through April 9.
Lesley Koenig, Barbara Loss, Jay Misencik, Judy Noel, Donna Osterby-Brien, Bronislava Slagle, Lee Walther and Bruce Williams all have work, in the BRAG and Friends Show, celebrating the work of members (and friends) of the Black Rock Art Guild (BRAG). The exhibition, at the University of Bridgeport's Schelfhaudt Gallery, in the Arnold Bernhard Center, 84 Iranistan Avenue, through April 4, opens with a reception, Wed. March 29, 5-7pm.
Roxanne Faber Savage and Allyson Monson will both be represented by CAFC member Elisa Contemporary Art at the 2017 Spring Affordable Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St, NYC. Elisa has Booth 1.53. See her Art Fair website page. Elisa has complimentary day passes available: click here for promotion code.
Among the 150 artists in the Westport Artists Collective invited to show at the Pop-Up Show opening April 6, 6-8pm at the Westport Arts Center are CAFC members: Nina Bentley, Sue Benton, Amy Bock, Michael Brennecke, Lucienne Buckner, Bevi Bullwinkel, Miggs Burroughs, Trace Burroughs, Joy Bush, Eric Chiang, Carlos Davila, Jeanine Esposito, Katherine Evans, Susan Fehlinger, Scott Glaser, Mary Harold, Mary Ellen Hendricks, Yuko Ike, Jana Ireijo, Karen Kalkstein, Amy Kaplan, Karen Kent, Elisa Keogh, Niki Ketchman, Michael Kozlowski, Phyllis Lee, Jane Lubin, Sooo-z Mastropietro, Toby Michaels, Duvian Montoya, Dayan Moore, Nancy Moore, Cynthia Mullins, Susan Murray, Dale Najarian, Judy Noel, Donna Osterby-Brien, Marjorie Poe, Diane Pollack, Lynn Carlson Popat, Barbara Ringer, Norman Siegel, Lisa Silberman, Bronislava Slagle, Malu Tan, Karen Vogel, Lee Walther, Jahmane West, and Tammy Winser.
Frances Ashforth has an important solo show at the New Canaan Library, opening Thurs. March 30, 6-8pm. WATER + WORDS is an exhibition of prints and thoughts pertaining to water that will also debut Frances' hand printed folio, WATER + WORDS, a collaborative two-year long project printed at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking. For more info on the folio go here.  At right, Water Study 50 (2016, 30x30", unique water base monotype). 
Nina Bentley's entry into the Westport Artists' Collective Pop-Up Show at the Westport Arts Center, is her assemblage sculpture Thank You For Your Service. Nina also has her REWRITTEN! Typewriter Art, vintage typewriters she has transformed to comment on social issues, on view through May 9 in the Riverwalk Display Case at Westport Library.
Amy Bock's new mixed media painting Egyptian Necklace (2017, 30x30", mixed media on panel, at right) was inspired by an Egyptian necklace she saw online. Amy writes in her Newsletter: "The rich colors and combination of jewels and metal were exquisite. I love to utilize new palettes gleaned from things that spark my visual appetite. A psychic once told me that in a past life I was a jeweler in the time of Cleopatra, that seems right to me somehow!"  You can see this work at the Westport Artists Collective's Pop-Up Art Show, April 6-8th at Westport Arts Center. 
Elise Black has her GARDEN NYMPHS  series included in The Avenue Gallery Artist Showcase. This set is a collection of three images that are photographic pieces of classical sculptures embellished with glass, rhinestones and "other sparkly elements." At right Garden Nymph I (2016, 40x30", photograph, limited edition, detail). Click to see complete set. Also, Elise took part in ARTS COUNT DAY: "I had the pleasure of visiting a 5th grade class at the Bristol School. It was a great experience....the kids were very attentive and excited about my art and asked lots of questions. talked about how as a child I collected everyday objects that were discarded by others because I saw the potental intrinsic beauty in them and then later found a way to incorporate unconventional and discarded objects into my work
Congratulations to Joseph Dermody who won his first furniture award at the 2017 NYC Architectural Digest Design Show on Piers 92 and 94 in New York, March 16-19. Joseph won 'Best Decorative Accessory' award for his bicycle bench, from the International Furniture and Design Association. See more pictures here.
Carol Nipomnich Dixon has a solo show of her paintings and embroidered collages at the Byram-Shubert Branch of the Greenwich Library, opening with a reception Saturday April 8, 3pm, and running through April 29. Carol is calling the show Branching Out and explains that it has several meanings: "The first represents how I like to experiment with new ideas and techniques, pushing the boundaries of my art. I might move from a small sketch to a larger version in a circular format using mixed media and then create an even larger version in oils. Then again, the composition of my work often springs from the center, moving out toward the edges. More literally, some of the art is inspired by tree branches in different seasons, featuring spring blossoms or autumnal leaves." At right her April Boughs and Blossoms, (2016, oil on canvas, 36x36").
Roxanne Faber Savage is represented by Elisa Contemporary Art (ECA) at the 2017 Spring Affordable Art Fair (125 W 18th St, NYC). On a wall of beach scenes, Roxanne will be showing some of her Beach Ball monoprints, including Wonderball Blue (2011, 22.5 x18", solarplate intaglio monoprint, at right). Roxanne will be leading an art workshop for kids, ages 12 and under, on Sunday, April 2, 11:30-12:30pm, with a focus on "When I Grow Up - Self Portrait." She will also be present for a "meet-and-greet" session, Sunday, April 2, 1pmComplimentary day pass here.
Susan Fehlinger has two pieces in the BRAG and Friends Show, at the University of Bridgeport's Schelfhaudt Gallery, opening Wed. March 29, 5-7pm. At right a detail of No Wake (oil on canvas, 30x40”), loosely based on a photograph of the Gowanas Canal in Brooklyn. She is also showing in the WAC Pop-Up Show, April 6.
Adair Wilson Heitmann having fun at right with 5th graders during Arts Count Day in the Bridgeport Public Schools (click for larger image). Adair presented at the Blackham School, "sharing how art enriches lives, discussing creating fine art, exhibiting, and selling your art, and life as an artist and graphic designer. I showed two original videos and two slideshows about the artist life to the attentive and articulate students, showing them my work as a professional fine artist, graphic designer, and communications director."  Brava!
Barbara Loss has two photographs in the BRAG and Friends show at the Schelfhaudt GallerySanta Clara Street, Cuba, and People's Embrace of Barnum, (2016, 16x20" print, detail at right). This image is included in Barbara's photo book, Bridgeport, Beauty and Blight, presented at the Bridgeport Art Trail, 2016.
Nadia Martinez' solo show, Connection is part of a three-in-one show Containment, Connection & Contemplation, curated by Maurizio Pellegrin, and held in a spectacular former photography studio loft in TriBeCa (121 Varick St, 7th floor). Three international artists using different media explore the relationship between nature and humankind in a dialogue with the viewer that evoke an ambiance between poetry and structure, machinery and subtlety. At right Nadia's Sintiendo el Ritmo (2013, 2017, plastic connectors, site specific installation). The show runs March 22-April 10, with a reception, Tues. April 46-8pm. See Press Release.
Sooo-z Mastropietro "had a great time at Geraldine Johnson School on ARTS COUNT DAY and even met Bernie Williams! My 5th grade class endured a speedy powerpoint presentation of my art life story in images and then we went on to do our first initial in tubes, - Knitiot Savant style. They were so receptive and eager to try something new and it's not surprising since Bridgeport has a few specialty high schools that honor students can apply to."
Sooo-z Mastropietro's entry in the Westport Artists Collective's Pop-Up Art Show, April 6-8th at Westport Arts Center is Monochromania #161362TCX-16-1463TPG (2016, 25x25"), "a melange of fixed-dyed and hand-dyed red hues ranging from dark brick to washed melon radiate across a landscape of upright tubes. There is a yin and yang quality of heights and values receding and projecting, consequently leaving a pleasant unresolved energy.
Allyson Monson is represented by Elisa Contemporary Art (ECA) at the 2017 Spring Affordable Art Fair (125 W 18th St, NYC). Among the work Allyson is showing is It Says it Right Here (2015, 40"x27", archival ink jet paper, face mounted to 1/4” plexiglass; detail at right, click for complete) taken in Barcelona, Spain. The Show is at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York City. Visit the ECA Booth 1.53. March 30-April 2. Artwork in the Fair is priced from $50 to $10,000. Special: Free General Admission Tickets here.  Allyson will be featured at a meet-and-greet Fri. March 31, 2pm at Booth 1.53.
Brec Morgan..."spent the morning with Mr Turner's 5th grade class at Wilbur Cross School in Bridgeport. I volunteered for Art Counts Day and passed around my sketchbooks and talked about journal-drawing and my trip around the world. They were a bright and energetic crew full of questions. And Mr. Turner has done a lot of traveling himself and is very knowledgeable. Lucky kids. Fun."
Amy Oestreicher is offering a discount for those wishing to see her remarkable, award-winning, one-woman show Gutless and Grateful at its next performance at the Metropolitan Room jazz cabaret room at 34 W 22 St, New York, this Sunday, March 26 at 7 PM. Order tickets here and add AMY as the discount code to receive a 10% discount. 
Donna Osterby-Brien was juried in to Inspirations, the current show at Rowayton Arts Center. Her painting, Go East Young Woman (2015, 24 x 32,” detail at right) will be on display until March 26th. The work is part of her series of paintings using fluid acrylics in a watercolor technique. An interior designer, Donna enjoys arranging objects from her collections with the intent of juxtaposing patterns against one another.
Donna Osterby-Brien  is included in the BRAG & Friends show at the Schelfhaudt Gallery, opening March 29, 6-8pm. Donna will be displaying her detailed collages which engage the viewer in images of fancy and reality. As she comments, "I am addicted to color, pattern and detail; obsessed with stuff.” At right Forest (2015, collage on canvas, 36x32"; detail of one of six panels).  
Chris Perry's interview with Connecticut Post's Joel Lang, Ridgefield’s Chris Perry a master of book art can now be seen here. Read about Chris's transformation from running a successful carpentry business into an almost overnight sensation as a book artist: "In short order, Perry has established himself as a book artist, exhibited nationally and been embraced by the local arts community. Besides the Silvermine Guild, he’s active in the Ridgefield Guild for Artists and is an exhibiting member of the Rowayton Arts Center...." At right Chris' 148 Ripples - Reef.
Cynthia Quintanal is organizing Crystal Bowls in the Cave, an "evening of tranquil bliss," Sunday March 26, 4:30pm at Salt of the Earth’s Himalayan salt cave on anti-gravity chairs. The spa is at 787 Main St, South Woodbury and Cynthia and Rick Quintanal will create and perform using the surround sound provided by the "acoustics" of salt crystals in the cave, together with the arrangement of instrumental (crystal bowls, drums and gong) harmony and balance. Experience the healing properties of sound frequencies while listening to the beautiful music of this amazing talented couple.
Ruth Kalla Ungerer's Ephemeral Me (lithograph on paper, 14x10", detail at right, click for complete image), created on stone at the Center for Contemporary Printing, was selected by juror Andrew Raftery as one of the 67 works from 700 entries for the 2017 Wheaton Biennial: Printmaking Reimagined. Of this work, Ruth wrote: "The image suggests the sense that one can have of just how fragile life can be and the hope that at any given time one can feel the essence of being within our larger world." Ruth also had Ladies of the Night and Femme Voluptueux juried into the Appetite for Art Show at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library, North Salem, NY.
Elizabeth White has a site-specific installation at Flushing Town Hall (137-35 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, N.Y.). Migration is composed of nearly 100 life-cast cement and concrete leaves on the grounds. An opening reception will be held Friday, March 31, 6-8pm, and the installation can be seen through April 30. Click here for a short video of Elizabeth speaking about her work at the press conference at Flushing Town Hall.
Compiled List of Artist Member Openings & Events
Click button to right to download Fairfield County events to your ICAL or Google Calendar
Sun. March 26: Cynthia Quintanal, Crystal Bowls in the CaveSalt of the Earth’s Himalayan salt cave, 787 Main St, South Woodbury. 4:30pm.
Sun. March 26: Amy Oestreicher. Gutless and Grateful at Metropolitan Room, 34 W 22 St. Performance 7pm. Use discount code AMY for 10% discount here. 
Wed. March 29: BRAG and Friends. Schelfhaudt Gallery, Arnold Bernhard Center, 84 Iranistan Avenue, Bridgeport. Opening Reception, 5-7pm (Lesley Koenig, Barbara Loss, Jay Misencik, Judy Noel, Donna Osterby-Brien, Bronislava Slagle, Lee Walther and Bruce Williams).
Thur. March 30: Frances Ashforth WATER + WORDS. New Canaan Library. Opening Reception, 6-8pm.
March 30-April 2: Elisa Contemporary Art Booth 1.53 at 2017 Spring Affordable Art Fair125 W 18th St, NYC (Allyson Monson, Roxanne Faber-Savage)
Fri. March 31: Allyson Monson, Elisa Contemporary Art, Booth 1.53, Affordable Art Fair. Meet and Greet, 2pm.
Fri. March 31: Elizabeth White, Migration installation. Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, N.Y. Opening Reception, 6-8pm
Sat. April 1: Barbara Dierolf, Ice Dyeing Workshop, The NEST Arts Factory.
Sun. April 2: Roxanne Faber-Savage, Elisa Contemporary Art, Booth 1.53, Affordable Art Fair. Kids Workshops, When I Grow Up-Self Portrait, 11:30am-12:30pm; Meet and Greet, 1pm.
Tues. April 4: Nadia Martinez, Connection. 121 Varick St, 7th floor, NYC. Opening Reception, 6-8pm
Thurs. April 6: Westport Artists Collective Pop-Up Show, Westport Arts Center. Opening Reception, 6-8pm. (Nina Bentley, Amy Bock, Soooz Mastropietro
Sat. April 8: Carol Nipomnich Dixon, Branching Out. Byram-Shubert Library, Greenwich. Opening Reception, 3-5pm
Links in blue indicate events listed on
Check for listings of all events by our members!
CALLS FOR ENTRIES                             

Artist & Craftsman Supply is sponsoring this year’s EARTHFEST exhibition to open April 20 at Read’s Artspace. This year’s theme is My Park City and there is an open call for works in all visual art mediums that portray a "nature scene" inspired by the beauty found within Bridgeport. This is a juried exhibition with gift certifcate prizes from Artist & Craftsman Supply of $100, $75 and $50. Entry fee is $10 per accepted work. To enter, email jpegs of your work to: together with contact information. Deadline: April 7.

Easton Arts Council seeks artist and sculptor entries for a regional Open Juried Fine Art Show Art in the Country to be shown at the Easton Public Library, May 10-June 10, 2017. Entry Fee - nonrefundable Maximum: two entries. EAC members: $25 for the first entry, $5 for the second entry; Non-members: $30/first entry, $10/second ($25/$5 for Easton Arts Council members). $100, $75 and $50 prizes. Juror/Judge Peter Konsterlie, artist/curator Schelfhaudt Gallery, University Bridgeport. Submit SASE with photo, slide, or CD to PO Box 142, Easton, CT 06612; or send 300ppi jpeg to Full prospectus and entry form here. Call 203-261-0175 with any questions. Deadline April 17
Joyce Greenfield, Glory of Power, Winner of 17th Vivian and Stanley Reed Marine Show, 2016

APRIL 21-22

The Stamford Art Association (SAA) announces a call for entries for the 18th Annual Vivian and Stanley Reed Marine Show to be held April 28-May 25 at the Stamford Art Association Townhouse Gallery, 39 Franklin St., Stamford. This juried show, with cash prizes is named to honor
Vivian & Stanley Reed, two of the original members of SAA who were "avid sailors." Theme is any subject depicting the sea or seashore. Submission is by actual artwork only. Entry for SAA members $15 for first piece, $10 each additional piece/ nonmembers $25 first piece, $20 each additional piece. Wall work must be framed and wired for hanging or it will not be accepted. Accepted artists will be listed on the SAA website by April 24. See website for other submission requirements. Receiving: Fri/Sat April 21, 22, 12-3pm.

The Stamford Art Association announces a Call for Entries for its next Art at the Ferguson show, entitled Art in the Environment. The exhibition will be held May 18 - September 7, 2017 in the auditorium on the third floor of the Ferguson Library. This juried show is open to SAA members and non-members. All two dimensional media are welcome. Cash prizes will be awarded. A fee of $35 per accepted work is assessed. All artwork must be for sale. A commission of 25% on work sold will support SAA. Submit up to 3 jpeg digital images to: no later than Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Download prospectus here.

 MAY 19

Artists who are interested in exhibiting at the Harrison Public Library, 2 Bruce Avenue, Harrison, NY for approximately one month during 2018 are invited to submit samples of their artwork for review by a Juried Art Committee sponsored by the Harrison Council for the Arts. Eleven artists will be awarded one-person shows by our jury, with three alternate artists chosen as well, should unexpected circumstances prevent artists from exhibiting according to schedule. Group shows (2, 3 or 4 persons) will also be considered provided these artists register and submit work together. For group shows, all entrants must be chosen. If you are interested in competing for one of these shows, please bring samples to the Harrison Public Library, Halperin Building, 2 Bruce Avenue, Harrison, NY on Friday, May 19, 9:30am-4:30pm. Artists must pick up their samples on Sat. May 20, 12-4:30pm. Two-dimensional art only is eligible and samples must be in the form of 1. two different pieces of the actual art (preferably framed), 3. 12 copies of the artist’s work either in the form of 35mm slides or photos or prints (all different/representational of the artist’s work), and 3. a resume. The policy of the Harrison Public Library is to exhibit work by local artists, professional or amateur, that meets objective standards of excellence and artistic quality. The purpose of the program is to make available to the community artistic experiences that will enhance its appreciation and understanding of various art forms and to give recognition to local artists whose talent and work are of such quality as to warrant the respect of their fellow artists and the general public. For more information, click here.

MAY 27

Silvermine Arts Center announces a call for entries for its 67th Annual Art of the Northeast, a competition/exhibition highlighting the diversity of work that is currently being made in the Northeast by emerging and established artists. The Silvermine Galleries are recognized as one of New England’s most respected showcases for established and emerging artists. This year the exhibition will be a tightly curated show, the number of works included will depend on scale. The juror, David Kiehl, Nancy and Fred Poses Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, will have at his discretion the ability to select a suite of three to five works by an individual artist. The Best in Show Prize is a solo exhibition at Silvermine Arts Center with a $3,000 stipend for show-related expenses. To be considered for the Best in Show Prize, artists are required to enter a minimum of three works. The juror has, at his discretion, an additional $4,000+ in cash awards. Eligibility: Open to all artists, 17 years of age and older, residing in CT, DE, MA, MD (D.C.), ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI & VT. Original artwork in any media will be accepted. Giclée reproductions of original works will not be accepted. Eligible artwork must have been completed after January 1, 2015, and fall within the restrictions listed within the prospectus. Entry fee is a flat $40 for up to 10 entries. Semi-finalists will be selected and notified on Friday, June 9, via email. A list will also be posted on the SAC website. Semi finalists will be asked to ship or bring actual work to SAC on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25, from 10 am to 5 pm. The curator will make final selections and curate the show based on actual work. Artist is responsible for all shipping costs. Final exhibitors will be notified by e-mail on Tuesday, June 27. A final list of accepted artists will then be posted on the SAC Website. To enter, complete the Art of the Northeast entry form on Slideroom here.
And Remember...
March 31: New Canaan Art in the Windows Submission Deadline
See other deadlines below in Opportunities Calendar
Resources Run by WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation) this is a registry of opportunities, as well as an application management system. Registration required.
ArtSake: Archive of Calls for Artists, run by the Massachusetts Arts Council "the art world's first and most accessed resource of its kind"
The Calls for Artists (can be indexed by state and deadline)
Scoop.It: Public Art RFPs and RFQs
NYFA Opportunities: Calls, Residencies and other opportunities. Can be indexed by date, location and type
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                             

Creative Capital has featured visual artist Kurt 
Perschke on a recent webinar on the subject of "Unlocking Europe" as an alternate to career possibilities in the U.S. What he has discovered, through a career that has taken him from Chicago to South Korea (and to dozens of other international locals across the globe), is that artists in performance, street theater, dance, temporary public art, projection, audio and immersive installation all have potentially untapped markets for their work in Europe. He says most people don’t really understand what the European festival environment and ecosystem is. "These are not music festivals. This is not Lollapalooza. These are annual, integrated art festivals that run from three days to two weeks or three months that have both ticketed and free work going up. Some work will last a day, some work will last for months, but across the board it tends to be very open-sourced, audience based and impactful. It combines street theater or temporary public art, but also includes installation based work. It’s a really broad spectrum and the mediums are all over the map, but what’s consistent is that the work all has a relationship to audience in a live way."  If you are interested in learning more about the European festival circuit, Kurt Perschke has collected some key insights on his page How to Work Abroad as an Artist.

March 30, 7-8:30pm
Applying for Grants & Residencies: Strategies for Writers
Led by editor Ethan Nosowsky, this 90-minute webinar covers all aspects of the grant and residency process for writers, including researching appropriate programs, putting together a competitive application, and making the most of both award and rejection letters. Said Nosowsky: "I’ve been editing books for almost twenty years, and  it’s important to realize that writing a strong application is a learned skill, and in my Creative Capital webinar, I explain what it is that prize committees and residency panels are looking for, and I offer tips that will help you put your best foot forward." Register. $25.

April 20, 7-8:30pm
Creating a Marketing Strategy
Led by artist Dread Scott, this 90-minute webinar covers all aspects of marketing your work, including defining your goals; developing effective tools, tactics, and messaging; and identifying, engaging, and building your audience and support community. The webinar also provides an overview of several effective case studies of artists who have used both traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies in support of their work. Register. $25.

The Bruce Museum seeks a Director of Marketing & Communications, who will supervise a Manager of Digital Media and a part-time Assistant to Marketing and Public Relations, in addition to interns and volunteers as needed. Responsibilities include: Develop/implement strategic and dynamic marketing plans for all exhibitions/ programs/events; Write clear briefs to design marketing materials for print/digital advertising & promotions; Oversee planning/implementation of social media campaigns and other AV projects, together with Manager of Digital Media and in accordance with overall marketing plans; Conduct marketing research and compile comprehensive related analytics; Provide strong leadership in conveying Museum’s identity/mission to its diverse constituency and the general public with a focus on audience growth; Foster existing relationships with media contacts at the local, regional, national and international levels; Write press releases, organize press conferences, produce media kit; Track/maintain all media content placements /contacts; Serve as the public face of the Museum at Museum-related events, both in-house and throughout the community; Support integration/use of new CRM system; Develop/oversee use of institutional style guide for new visual identity in conjunction with lead designer; Work with Membership Department to revamp Membership program for the future; Negotiate contracts with vendors and distributors for effective marketing campaigns and long-standing partnerships; Work closely with colleagues and volunteer leadership to develop and convey the Museum’s identity/mission.
For full description, qualifications and application procedure, click here.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum seeks an Education Programs Assistant (Assistant) to support the Programs and Education Department in developing and delivering innovative, enriching, and creative strategies for engagement with Pre-K through 12 students and educators, college and university students and educators, and teens. Expanding outreach to these audiences is a critical role for the Assistant. In addition, the Assistant will provide as-needed help with family and adult audience development and programs, and will have the opportunity to generate ideas and content in the programs listed below, as well as across the department. The Assistant will lead gallery tours and programs for students and teachers; will support the efforts to develop exhibition-based tools and resources for teacher and student learning; identify and communicate with teen audiences; and research and support college and university relationships and partnerships. The Assistant will manage The Studio, the Museum’s multi-purpose program and art-making space, including but not limited to developing innovative hands-on projects for visitors of all ages, overseeing materials inventory, and coordinating use of The Studio with colleagues. Resume, writing sample, and 2 professional references should be sent to with the subject line Education Programs Assistant. For full job description, click here.

The Fairfield Museum and History Center seeks a part-time, seasonal Associate Educator/Site Supervisor. In early summer of 2017 new hands-on exhibitions will open in three historic buildings – the Victorian Cottage, Victorian Barn (1888) and Sun Tavern (c.1780) – on the Museum Commons, behind the Fairfield Museum on Fairfield’s Town Green. The Associate Educator / Site Supervisor will oversee public access and use of those properties, including site maintenance, opening/closing exhibitions, and teaching educational activities for adults, children and families. The public hours will be Friday – Sunday from 10am – 2pm from June 3 – September 3, 2017. The Educator/Supervisor will work primarily in the Victorian Cottage and as needed in the Sun Tavern. He/she will greet visitors, provide orientation about the exhibits and demonstrate activities to engage audiences. He/she will oversee the roster of public programs in place for summer 2017 which includes Storytime led by volunteers, hands-on activities, and demonstrations by guest artists. He/she will supervise and lead meetings for Junior Docents/high school volunteers in the Sun Tavern and Cottage, and oversee the overall volunteer schedule. The Educator will evaluate visitors through observation and collecting surveys from visitors, reporting back to the Director of Education. This individual will also be responsible for ensuring the safety of visitors, maintaining classroom materials, and opening/closing procedures for the Victorian Cottage and Sun Tavern. The Associate Educator will represent the Fairfield Museum to the general public, promoting the exhibitions, facilitating learning activities, and supporting the Fairfield Museum’s mission to make history personal and meaningful. For a full description, please click hereThe position will begin on June 1. Please submit a cover letter, resume and three references by Friday, May 5, 2017 to Christine Jewell, Director of Education, Fairfield Museum, 370 Beach Road, Fairfield, CT 06824 or email to No phone calls please. EOE.

The Philip Johnson Glass House seeks a Visitor Center/Design Store Associate. Reporting directly to the Manager of the Store, interacting closely with the Business Manager and the Manager of Interpretation & Education. This post is responsible for providing initial orientation and excellent client service for all visitors before and after tours, programs, and events and is required to provide interpretation and understanding of design objects in the carefully curated Design Store. Processing retail sales and completing ticket transactions in person and on the phone in a courteous and professional manner. Candidate must demonstrate a collaborative, positive, supportive spirit, while working with all staff members to provide a seamless, warm, welcoming experience for all visitors that exceeds expectations. Other duties include: daily opening and closing of register and Visitor Center; maintenance of visual displays, ensure all supplies and inventory is well stocked keeping store neat and orderly at all times. Some lifting is required for restocking; communicating with Design Store manager when products are running low; provide assistance during special events and exhibitions. Part-time, seasonal position between 16-32 hours weekly. Requires availability Thurs-Mon from mid/late April through early December, including weekends, holidays, and some evenings. Ideal candidate will have: a degree in an arts related field, i.e. art history, architecture, design, museum studies; outstanding verbal communication skills and ability to work in a fast paced environment with flexibility and poise; xperience with computers and POS systems; experience working in a professional retail or museum environment; and must possess a valid driver's license. Send resume and cover letter to
Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available
Aldrich Museum: Teaching Artists
Greenwich Arts Council: Executive Director
Pequot Library: Director of Development
Sacred Heart University, Graphic Design Adjunct
Saugatuck Digital Arts Workshop, Fairfield: Digital Arts Education Coordinator
Yale New Haven Hospital: (Writer) Artist-in-Residence
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OPPORTUNITIES CALENDAR                             
March 29: Eyebeam Residency: Technology & Trust Application Deadline
March 30: Cultivating Collectors Panel: "State of the Union", Silvermine, 6-8pm
March 20: Creative Capital Webinar: Strategies for Writers Applying for Grants. $25
March 31: New Canaan Art in the Windows Submission Deadline

April c1: USArtists International: Deadline for Tours July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018.
April c7: Footsteps of Peace Essay Contest Submission Deadline
April c7: Bridgeport Earthfest 2017, My Park City. Submission Deadline
April 15: Deadline for applying to participate in Maker Faire Westport 2017
April 16: Rochester Contemporary Art Center's 6x6x2017  - Entries Due
April 17: Easton Arts Council: Art in the Country: Submission Deadline
April 20: Creative Capital Webinar: Creating a Marketing Strategy. 7pm. $25
April 21-22: Stamford Art Association: Vivian & Stanley Reed Marine Show Receiving
April 22: Figment NYC 2017 Submission Deadline
April 26: Stamford Art Association/Art at the Ferguson: Art in the Environment Deadline

May c5: Essex Summer Arts Festival Application Deadline
May 12: Oxford Food and Arts Fest (June 11) Application Deadline
May 17: CT Office of the Arts: Artist Fellowship Application Deadline
May 19: Harrison Public Library, NY: 2018 Library Shows: Submission 9:30am-4:30pm
May 27: Silvermine Arts Center: Art of the Northeast: Submission Deadline

June 15: Coastal Arts Guild Artists and Artisans At the Beach Application Deadline
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