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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County
July 1, 2016
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❖ New Members: Herm Freeman, Daniel Lanzilotta and Barbara Ringer

❖ News from Frances Ashforth, Nina Bentley, Dennis Bradbury, Trace Burroughs, Joy Bush, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Jan Dilenschneider, Erin Dolan, Jeanine Esposito, Herm Freeman, Yuko Ike, Khalaf Jerry, Michael David Kozlowski, Scott Kuykendall, Daniel Lanzilotta, Sooo-z Mastropietro, Shanna Melton, Barbara Ringer, Roxanne Faber Savage, and Jahmane West.
Members' Openings
Calendar of Members' Openings over the next 3 weeks

❖ Createquity: Who Can Afford to be a Starving Artist?
❖ The Art Newspaper: Writing On It All

❖ Stamford Art Association: Far Away Places: July 8-9
❖ Greenwich Art Society: Powers of Observation - August 6-7
❖ Center for Contemporary Printmaking: MONOTHON 2016 - August 30
❖ American Repertory Theater (Cambridge): Gender Identity - Sept. 15

❖ Center for Contemporary Printmaking: Big Ink - July 25
❖ Beechwood Arts: SoundSCAPE Garden - July 25

❖ The Norwalk International Cultural Exchange (NICE) Festival
❖ The Klein

❖ Fairfield University: Art Museum Assistant
❖ Westport Country Playhouse: Technical Director

❖ Artspace New Haven: Executive Assistant
❖ Real Art Ways, Hartford: P/T Visual Arts Coordinator

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Deadlines and Dates to Remember

Born in Brooklyn, Herm Freeman graduated from Queens College (City University of New York) in 1969 and earned his M.F.A. in Painting from Indiana University in 1971. He studied painting with several major American artists, including Fairfield Porter, George McNeil, James Brooks, James McGarrell, and Richard Serra. He draws his landscape inspiration from the motifs of Soutine, Cezanne and Courbet and in the late 1980s, visited southern France with the express purpose of finding the actual locations of landscape paintings by Cézanne and Soutine. He wanted to stand in their "painting shoes" and view those incredible vistas for himself. "If I could," he says, "I'd like to live in those paintings." ?Since that first foray to France, Freeman has been searching for landscapes, “village-scapes” and cityscapes ever since. Among his favorite haunts is the Connecticut River Valley, and nowadays, the neighborhoods surrounding his Bridgeport studio provide him with cityscapes for his "quasi-geometric-cubist" imagery, even though he still borrows freely from more loosely brushed techniques he has often used in the past. A Westport resident since 1971, Freeman is represented by A Gallery @ Wares for Art, on Bleecker Street, New York City, and shows his paintings primarily in NYC and the Northeast. In 2000, he was awarded Best in Show at the Silvermine Art Center’s 51st Art of the Northeast. He taught art in Stamford schools for 40 years. Now, retired, he is working and painting at 305 Knowlton Studios. Herm feels strongly about landscape: that it is our actual connection to the world: “What I express about the landscape (in the color and the frenzy and the surface of these paintings) is not just about how the world might look, but the place where I want to be connected…In my landscape painting, I have found a subject pliable enough to withstand the joy, the frenzy and the variation of my changeable connection...I love the way unexpected shapes in the landscape seem to open me up. Anything can happen in nature. Landscapes evoke such a variety of emotions…But what do you call a frenetic urban/suburban pastoral Franco/American landscape?” See Members News below for details on a retrospective of Herm’s work at the Westport Library. See Herm's website.

A New Yorker, born and raised in the Woodlawn/Wakefield area of the North Bronx, Daniel Lanzilotta, has lived in Pittsburgh, California, Biarritz, and Bridgeport, where he now walks the beaches with his eyes on the sand, looking for the makings of his next work. Daniel majored in drama at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating with a BFA in Production Design for Theatre. During his time at CMU he also attended the New School’s Culinary Arts School. Since then he has combined a "back-to-basics" approach as a creative chef, using local and organic foods, with a career as a visual artist committed to environmental activism. His works, sourced from the beaches, combine, in Sherri Daley’s words, "colorful shreds of plastic wrap, netting and shopping bags with plastic ties and fasteners, construction debris, Tupperware, and coffee cup lids – any scrap of plastic trash he finds. He breaks up his materials into workable parts. Sometimes he warms them with a small torch and patiently manipulates them to create delicate, almost ethereal sculptures, necklaces and chokers that make bold fashion statements.” Daniel says he didn’t start out to make an environmental statement: "I started picking up interesting-looking trash on the beach with my son when he was about two, and making little sculptures for him. The longer I did it, the more plastic I saw, and the more upset I became about the waste and the attitude of people who threw this stuff away." Discovering that nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists today; that plastic kills a million sea creatures every year and that here are enormous swirling islands of garbage in our seas, Daniel's art morphed into a commitment, and then a philosophy: "It’s gestalt, that Berlin school of psychology, our minds trying to create meaning in a chaotic world. For me, it’s trash when I pick it up. But when I create something out of that trash, your perception of it changes. We should extend that to each other. How do we perceive each other? We are something different from the sum of our parts." Daniel is a member of the Bronx200 - a website showcasing a curated selection of artwork by two hundred artists identified with The Bronx. He still visits and shows in Biarritz, and has a studio at the Read's Artspace Building in Bridgeport. See Daniel's website, and Facebook page.

Born and raised in the South Bronx, Barbara Ringer lived in Switzerland and Germany before settling down in Ridgefield, Connecticut. After attending NYU film school, she worked extensively in television production here and in Europe. For the past fifteen years she has been homeschooling two children; the oldest one recently graduated from Vassar College. During those years, she also transitioned from the black-and-white darkroom to color digital photography, and recently started customizing frames in burnt wood and metal. Barbara "uses toys from the past, evoking scenarios that explore the darker side of childhood: the fears, confusion and nightmares that are also part of early experience." Barbara is a member of the Westport Artists Collective, and the Ridgefield Guild of Artists. She most recently was one of 8 artists selected (from a field of 168 entries) for the current Westport Arts Center's SOLOS 2016 exhibition. See Barbara's website.
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YOUR NEWS                             
HEIDI LEWIS COLEMAN, MARY HAROLD, BRUCE HORANYUKO IKE SCOTT KUYKENDALL, SUSAN LEGGITT,  JUDY NOEL and CYNTHIA WHALEN are in Marine and Coastal, a popular annual show at the Rowayton Arts Center, 145 Rowayton Avenue. The opening reception is this Sunday, July 3, 4-6pm. Details here.
ERIN DOLAN, KHALAF JERRY and JAHMANE are featured in Artists & Residents, an exhibition at 22 Haviland Street of local artists and nearby residents (see Dennis Bradbury below). Opening is Thursday July 21, 6-9pm at 22 Haviland Street, South Norwalk.
FRANCES ASHFORTH has her Water Study 41
(water base monotype, 30" x 30," at right) in The Retrieval of the Beautiful at The Painting Center in Chelsea, NY, through July 16th. Frances also has two small intaglio prints in the BIMPE IX International Print Biennial, in Vancouver, BC, and two 12" x 12" monotypes (Tideline 1 and Tideline 2) in the 5th Biennial Footprint International (see catalog) at Norwalk's Center for Contemporary Printmaking  before traveling to Julio Valdez Studio in NYC on Jan, 2017. 

NINA BENTLEY, one of eight artists selected for the Westport Arts Center's SOLOS 2016 exhibition by Douglas Hyland, will be speaking at the first Artists Talk connected with this show, on Friday, July 22, 10am. 
Photographer DENNIS BRADBURY was celebrated in Norwalk’s The Hour as “Mother of the Arts” for her work in creating a gravitational center for the arts in her home in South Norwalk. As “Mother of the Arts,” Dennis created “22 Haviland Street” - a home, a gallery, a community center. Come along for her next show, Artists & Residents, with a dozen local artists that opens July 21, 6-9pm. Read Kaitlyn Krasselt’s article here.
TRACE BURROUGHS has four works of pop art in the Color Invasion exhibit at Love Art Gallery in SONO. Opening and reception is Thurs. July 14, 6-8pm, 132 Washington Street, South Norwalk. At right, Midnight Blue. The other pieces are Luscious Lips, Mystery Woman and Ice Cream Doll. All work is digital and 35.5" x 23.5"
Photographer JOY BUSH has four works from her Wall Series, including Wall No. 60, (archival pigment print, 10"x15," detail at right) in the show Artist as Curator III at Kehler Liddell Gallery  (873 Whalley Ave, New Haven) from July 7 through August 21. The show features guest artists invited to show their work by Kehler Liddlel Gallery members. Joy was selected by Marjorie Gillette Wolfe. The opening reception is Saturday, July 9 from 4 pm to 7 pm. 
HEIDI LEWIS COLEMAN is exhibiting her acrylic & cut paper piece AVALLONE 2 in the Rowayton Arts Center's exhibition, Marine and Coastal 2016 (opening this Sunday, July 3rd. AVALLONE 2 is part of Heidi's Dreamscape Series - a group of imaginary landscapes inspired by the ancient lands of mythology and cultural lore, whether historical, fictional or fantastical. The city of AVALLÓNË was the haven of the elves who dwelt on the eastern shores of the isle of Tol Eressëa, a fictional realm created by J.R.R. Tolkien.      
JAN DIELENSCHNEIDER has several oils, including Glowing Fields, Calm Blue Waters, and Lush Flora (30” x 30”, pictured at right; click for larger image) featured in the European Art Fair Monaco opening on July 19. Later this Fall, Jan will have a solo exhibition at the Sill House Gallery in Lyme, CT, opening October 7.

ERIN DOLAN is showing several new works on paper, and a series of black and white paintings, in the Artists & Residents show at 22 Haviland Street. One of the works on paper is the collage On My Way (2016, oil and mixed media on paper, 8” x 8" at right; click for larger image).
JEANINE ESPOSITO has her Pink Aspirations (2016, curated objects, at right) in the CITY LIGHTS' SameSex 2016 exhibition, opening July 21. Jeanine writes that this is a piece about gender stereotypes: "they are not only still alive and well, but making a comeback in many ways." Not visible in the image are the shoes on the baby's feet – one a too-small, pink, sparkly baby shoe, and one a too-big, pink, Disney Princess shoe. The baby-pink-stiletto-workboots are real and have been worn.
New member HERM FREEMAN has a 20-year retrospective at the Westport Library's Great Hall, opening Fri. July 8, 6-7:30pm. Titled Landscapes/Cityscapes: 20 Years of Vistas, the show recognizes Herm's love of landscapes, village-scapes and cityscapes as he continues to explore the Connecticut River Valley and the neighborhoods around his Bridgeport studio at 305 Knowlton St. At right, Arc Valley Dream (2016, acrylic on canvas, 32" x 40")
YUKO IKE was awarded third place in the oil category with the piece Maine (detail at right; click for larger image) at the Rowayton Arts Center’s Marine and Coastal show. Yuko says that she very often paints the backs of her children. "As a mother, I am watching them walking away from me and into their own future."
Photographer and printmaker KHALAF JERRY has a space in Bridgeport's American Fabrics Building (see him in his studio at right), but he is also one of the Artists & Residents of Norwalk showing in Dennis Bradbury's show at 22 Haviland Street, opening July 21. Khalaf is showing four of his abstract monotypes - the newer ones more muted than his earlier brighter ones. (Photo: Dennis Bradbury)
MICHAEL DAVID KOZLOWSKI made the cover of CT's Hearst Media papers Sunday Arts Section (CT Post, Hour, Advocate, News-Times, and Greenwich Times) with his painting Broken Orbit (oil on canvas, and with a hefty profile inside. See the article online here: Trumbull artist turns piano into instrument of hope. See image of printed article and of front cover

SCOTT KUYKENDALL has Tidal Pool (watercolor on hot press paper, 30" x 18," detail at right; click for complete image) in the Rowayton Arts Center's Marine and Coastal Show, opening Sunday July 3, 4-6pm. The setting is the Marshall Point lighthouse in Maine, home to Jamie Wyeth as well as other notable artists, and where Scott has taken workshops with noted watercolor painter David Dewey for the past several years. The area has become an important locale in the development of Scott's landscape work.
New member DANIEL LANZILOTTA is one of 8 artists selected for the Westport Arts Center's SOLOS 2016 show. Hat for Late Summer (2014, plastics) is in memory of a brilliant 12-year-old artist, inventor and environmentalist, a close friend of Daniel's, who died tragically in 2011. The piece celebrates discarded plastics, Starbucks stirrers, copper wire, yarn, Ikea plastic sheets, oyster nets and more. Daniel will talk about this and the other works in the show at an Artists Talk, June 22, 10am.
SOOO-Z MASTROPIETRO's Chimaerrow (fabric tubes on painted wood, 26.5" x 18.5" x 2", detail at right, click for larger image) won a spot at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition's exhibition, Color, juried by MoMA assistant curator, Lilian Tone. Opening reception is Sat. July 23rd 1-6pm (at 499 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn). "Two contrasting color worlds collide into an energetic fusion of upright tubes standing at attention. The under painting lays the ground work for the opposing forces and on top, thousands of 1-inch tubes are affixed upright. A chimaera, a hybrid comprised of 2 unique species + the use of a 3 thread overlock (Merrow) machine = Chimaerrow."
Poet SHANNA MELTON is leading two seasons of The Writers Group this month at City Lights Gallery - at its new location at 855 Main Street, Bridgeport. The two sessions are July 9 and 16. They are free and run from 2pm to 4pm. Using prompts and other creative tools to motivate the creative process, the workshop creates a space to share and get a reaction from other writers who can advise on how to revise and enhance your work. Contact Shanna here with questions.
New member BARBARA RINGER has four very powerful pieces in the Westport Arts Center's SOLOS 2016 show. Be Quiet (2014, photographs, wood, metal; click for larger image) is one of a series with that name. Of her work Barbara writes: "Sometimes creepy, sometimes comical, I look to express narratives that connect the dots between nightmares and a child's experiences." Barbara will be talking about her work at an Artists Talk, June 29, 10am.
ROXANNE FABER SAVAGE has Beach Curtain/Art Basel (2015, mixed media installation - silkscreen on shower curtains and fabric, photo banner, paper balls; detail at right; click for larger image) in the Art of the NorthEast, opening at Silvermine Arts Center, Saturday July 9. This piece is from Roxanne's FLOAT series and features swim tube imagery with South Beach-Miami Beach landscape photo with ephemera.
JAHMANE WEST will have two of his framed collage prints  in Artists & Residents from his GRAFFIKOLLAGE collection (Blakmajik, detail at right) that represent a process Jahmane calls "mentalchemy," where he uses collages to construct concepts for larger paintings. The collages maintain such a strong visual presence on their own, that Jahmane decided to do a new series of prints from this process. Also see Ahead of the Curve, a profile of Jahmane in this week's The Hour by Kaitlyn Kresselt.
Compiled List of Member Openings & Events
Sun. July 3: Marine and Coastal, Rowayton Arts Center, 4-6pm (Heidi Lewis Coleman, mary Harold, Bruce Horan, Yukon Ike, Scott Kuykendall, Susan Leggett, Judy Noel and Cynthia Whalen)
Fri. July 8: Herm Freeman, Landscapes/Cityscapes: 20 Years of Vistas, Westport Library, Great Hall, 6-7:30pm
Sat. July 9: Artist as Curator IIIKehler Liddell Gallery, 873 Whalley Ave, New Haven, 4-7pm (Joy Bush)
Sat. July 9: 66th Annual Art of the NorthEast, Silvermine Arts Center, 6-8pm (Roxanne Faber Savage)
Thu. July 14: Color Invasion, Love Art Gallery, 132 Washington St, Norwalk, 6-8pm (Trace Burroughs)
Tue. July 19: European Art Fair Monaco, (Jan Dilenschneider).
Thu. July 21: Artists & Residents, 22 Haviland Street, 6-9pm (Erin Dolan, Khalaf Jerry and Jahmane West)
Thu. July 21: SameSex2016, City Lights, 455 Main St, Bridgeport (Jeanine Esposito)
Fri. July 22: SOLOS 2016 - Artists Talk, Westport Arts Center, 10am (Nina Bentley, Daniel Lanzilotta)
Sat. July 23: Color, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, 499 Van Brunt St, 1-6pm (Sooo-z Mastropietro)
Fri. July 29: SOLOS 2016 - Artists Talk, Westport Arts Center, 10am (Barbara Ringer)
Check for listings of all events by our members!
OTHER NEWS                             

Createquity, a "research-backed investigation into key issues in the arts and what we can do about them," examines the socioeconomic background of artists in its latest blog posting, Who Can Afford to be a Starving Artist? and what it most takes to succeed. Asking who, of those who want to be artists, should be the ones to pursue such a path, the writers posit "they should be the artists whose work offers the greatest benefit to others: engaging an unusually large audience; winning disproportionate respect from experts; adding something unique to the cultural diet of humanity; improving lives in other concrete and meaningful ways." However, while these qualities "should have nothing to do with an artist’s family tax bracket... we see troubling signs that socioeconomic status does correlate with access to a professional arts career." The key to success may have more to do with risk tolerance than talent. Read on...

The Art Newspaper reported June 9 on an experiment with controlled graffiti on Governor's Island. "This summer, New Yorkers will be invited to write and draw on the walls of defunct homes on Governor's Island through the fourth edition of the Writing On It All project. The project, say organisers Alexandra Chasin and Zina Goodall, aims to make participants “feel empowered and authorised to write according to their own light." Arab-American actress and writer Leila Buck opened the program June 4, encouraging participants to write about what it means to be or to become an American. Facilitators such as Edwin Torres, Aisha Cousins and the writer Israel Centeno, will follow. “Whether the facilitators focus on social and political issues, whether they put out watercolours or index cards, or whether there is music, silence, or humming or shouting – they get the participants writing”, the organisers say. Each session runs at a different venue for two hours, after which the house is opened so that participants and passers-by can reflect on the work. “Writing is not the exclusive domain of experts—it’s for everyone,” the organisers say. “We believe that the more people that participate in making some culture, the healthier and happier our social collective will be.” More
CALLS FOR ENTRIES                             
JULY 8-9

The Stamford Art Association announces a juried show with cash prizes: Far Away Places. The theme is any subject depicting real or imagined places. Submission is by actual artwork only. Entry for SAA members $15 for first piece, $10 each additional piece/nonmembers $25 first piece, $20 each additional piece. Wall work must be framed and wired for hanging. Artists that are accepted will be listed on the SAA website: Questions? Call: 203-325-1139.

The Greenwich Art Society has announced a call for its Annual Members Juried Exhibition, Powers of Observation to be held August 11 - 30, 2016, at The Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Library (101 West Putnam Avenue). Greenwich Art Society (GAS) Members only may submit work, but artists may join or renew membership at entry. Submitted work to be dropped off at The Flinn Gallery Sat/Sun August 6 & 7, 2-4pm. Art previously shown in GAS juried exhibits is not eligible for reshow. Work completed prior to 2014 will not be accepted. Awards totaling $2000 will be presented at the opening reception. The juror is Margaret Kross from the Whitney Museum of American Art. Ms. Knoss currently assists Dana Miller, the Richard DeMartini Family Curator and Director of the Collection. Click here for full prospectus.

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking (CCP), Norwalk, announces its MONOTHON 2016, its 18th annual marathon of monotype printmaking, Sunday, October 16 to Sunday, October 23. You can Support CCP with your participation while you work with friends and colleagues during the printmaking sessions. MONOTHON2016 provides artists the opportunity to work with printers in art-intensive, five-hour sessions to create original monotypes. All materials are provided and artists may create up to ten prints during each session. One print from each artist is selected for exhibition and sale at the MONOTHON2016 Auction & Party (Nov. 19, Carriage Barn Arts Center), the capstone celebration of the monotype marathon each year, while the artist retains the remaining prints. Prints chosen for exhibition and sale become the property of CCP. All proceeds from MONOTHON2016 (printing sessions and auction) support CCP's programs and activities. Each 5-hour printing session is $250. Download the MONOTHON2016 Sign Up Form here. Register before August 30, 2016 and save 10%. Interested in volunteering? Call Jackie at 203-899-7999.

OBERON, the American Repertory Theater’s (A.R.T.) second stage and club theater venue on the fringe of Harvard Square, is seeking artistic submissions for the I.D. Festival, a series of events that explore and celebrate gender identity, opening at OBERON in January 2017 and presented in conversation with A.R.T.’s 2016/17 season production of Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women. OBERON is currently seeking submissions of theater, dance, music, and other performance art that is festival-friendly and ready to present in the unique club theater environment as part of the I.D. Festival. They are seeking work created in part or in whole by artists who identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender fluid and gender non-conforming though submissions are open to all explorations of gender identity. Visual art and film submissions will also be considered. Apply here. Deadline: September 15.
And Don't Forget...
July c5: Spectrum Gallery: Water, Water Everywhere Submission Deadline
July 15: Office of the Arts: RFQs for ECSU and Litchfield Courthouse Public Art projects.
July 18: Loft Artists Association: Lost + Found Submissions Deadline
July 25: Norwalk Maritime Garage Gallery, Kismet Submission Deadline

JULY 25 

BIG INK is pleased to partner with The Center for Contemporary Printmaking (CCP), Norwalk, for two one-day large woodcut printing sessions Saturday and Sunday October 8th - 9th, 2016. The teams will be utilizing CCP's 39” x 72” etching press to pull prints. Artists are invited to submit a proposal to create a woodcut, at least 24” x 36” in dimension, online at on or before July 25th, 2016. If accepted (notification August 1st), artists have two months prior to the event to carve their image into a piece of plywood. Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet, directors of BIG INK, remain in contact with the artists to provide guidance and technical support when needed. Thirteen artists will be chosen, six will print one day and seven the next. Artists may also work collaboratively to create a single woodcut, list both names on the application. Previous printmaking experience is helpful but not required. 
• Proposed images must be at least 24” x 36” but no more than 40” wide and 66” long.
• Artist is responsible for securing 1⁄2” thick plywood for carving and own carving tools. 
• Linoleum, planks, doors cannot be used.
• Woodblocks are printed black on white.
• Accepted artists must be present on their assigned printing day: please have Oct. 8 & 9, 10am–5pm available. No fee to submit your proposal! Accepted artists pay a $195 materials fee that covers everything needed during the printing session. Prospectus here.


Beechwood Arts & Innovation, Westport, an organization whose mission is to expand the way the arts are created and experienced, announces a special project and an opportunity for artists, makers, sound engineers, designers & video artists! A team of engineers & artists will be collaborating through the month of August on a SoundSCAPE Garden project at Beechwood. The team will be creating an immersive environment where ambient sounds (road sounds, birds, leaves, running water, etc.) will be captured, transformed and presented back to the listener in a natural landscape environment – a completely new listening experience! The team will be led by Ben Graney Green, an aerospace engineering and design student at University of Maryland, who will be “In Residence” at Beechwood Arts for the month. The project will be unveiled at the Beechwood Arts & Innovation fundraiser (High 5 with Joshua Bell) on August 25. If you are interested, please contact before July 25.

The Norwalk International Cultural Exchange (NICE) Festival is coming to South Norwalk on July 9, and it needs volunteers. Celebrating Norwalk's diversity through music, art and food. NICE is a 501(c)3 organization and you can donate 4-8 hours of volutneer work. Visit our website at

The Klein is looking for volunteer ushers to supplement its growing call list. Home to concerts, galas, dance competitions/recitals, graduations and much more, the Klein is an important part of the Bridgeport community. If you are interested please feel free to email your information and experience to or call (800) 424-0160 x2

Fairfield University’s Bellarmine Museum seeks a full-time Museum Assistant who will be critical to meet the growing needs of the Fairfield University Art Museum. The Museum Assistant will provide day-to-day administrative assistance to the staff of, and organizational support for the curatorial, registrarial, and education activities and programs of the museum. The Museum Assistant will also manage the museum membership program. Requirements include: a minimum B.A. or B.Sc.; 3 years prior museum experience preferred; strong writing and editing skills a plus; computer skills should include Word, Excel and PowerPoint proficiency (Banner and PhotoShop a plus). Willingness to learn new platforms required as job requires interaction with Wrike, Cuseum, Digital Commons and more. This is an 11-month position/Tuesday through Saturday; occasional evenings. Applicants: please submit a resume, cover letter, and employment application.

Westport Country Playhouse (WCP) seeks immediate candidates to begin mid-July for the year-round position of Technical Director. WCP produces a season of 5 fully produced plays as well as special events, theater rentals, and fundraising events. The TD reports directly to the Associate Producer/Director of Production and is responsible for scenery implementation including working with all scenic designers to approve designs, drafting all construction documents, crew budgeting, supervising daily scenic construction with a staff of two carpenters and an intern, keeping all MSDS information up to date, implementing all safety protocols in the scene shop and theatre, and overseeing all scenic elements including load-in and strike. Experience with rigging, welding, lighting and sound preferred. Previous experience drafting with AutoCAD and Vectorworks is required, and candidates must be prepared to provide examples of their work. Candidates must be able to lift 75lbs, work at heights, have a valid driver’s license, and be able to work a 40 hour or more week including nights and weekends. BFA in Technical Direction or Technical Theatre and at least 3 years’ experience as a TD or ATD in regional theatre required. Salary commensurate with experience. Full benefits package. Email cover letter, resume and three references to: David Dreyfoos, Associate Producer/Director of Production at

Artspace New Haven is seeking an experienced executive assistant to support its Executive Director and staff. Duties will include a wide array of administrative and event-related activities. Four to five years of experience as an executive assistant in corporate or other professional service environment is a must. The ideal candidate will have solid administrative skills, a 'can-do' spirit, ability to multi-task, a sense of customer service, and be comfortable in a dynamic work environment. An interest in the visual arts, community engagement, and event planning is a plus. This is a 4/5 or full time role (Approximately 32-40 hours/week) with a salary commensurate with experience (Approximately $45-55K full time). Full details here.

Real Art Ways (Hartford) seeks a part-time Visual Arts Coordinator: someone who is excellent with details, who can keep several balls in the air at once (and who enjoys doing it), and who enjoys dealing with artists. The Visual Arts Coordinator will work with guest curators, juries, Real Art Ways’ staff, and will be responsible for the smooth running of the Visual Arts Program. Responsibilities include: Overall logistical organization of the visual arts program, including organizing art transport, handling and care; verbal and written communication with artists and galleries; compilation and organization of images and other exhibition related material. Real Art Ways is an enthusiastic, hardworking, hands-on, open, non-profit environment. The Visual Arts Coordinator should enjoy working with other people, be flexible, thorough, energetic, self-motivated, intelligent, and inquisitive. Working artists are encouraged to apply. Full details here.
Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available
Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum: Press and Social Media Coordinator
Creative Arts, New Haven: 2017 Gallery Fellowship
Fairfield County Chorale: Executive Director
Fairfield County's Community Foundation: Marketing Director
Fusion Academy: High School Art Teachers
Melissa & Doug: Graphic Designer
Sacred Heart University: Graphic Designer
Saugatuck Digital Arts Workshop (SDAW) Fairfield: Instructors
Westport Country Playhouse: Database Administrator
Wesleyan University: Program Coordinator
Wesleyan University’s Center for the Arts: Director.

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July c1: Connecticut Dance Alliance: Dance History Project Submission Deadline
July c5: Spectrum Gallery: Water, Water Everywhere Submission Deadline
July c8: Mass MOCA, Assets for Artists: Artists & Writers Residencies Applications Due
July 8-9: Stamford Art Association, Faraway Places, Receiving
July 14: NEA Media Arts Grants Submission Deadline
July 15: Office of the Arts: RFQs for ECSU and Litchfield Courthouse Public Art projects.
July 17: Zion National Park, Utah: Artist in Residence Program: Application Deadline
July 18: Loft Artists Association: Lost + Found Submissions Deadline
July 18-21: Fairfield University: CT Arts Institute
July 25: Beechwood Arts: SoundSCAPE Garden Project Call for Artists Deadline
July 25: Norwalk Maritime Garage Gallery, Kismet Submission Deadline
July 25: CCP + BIG INK Large Woodcut Print Sessions: Proposal Deadline
July 29: CT Office of the Arts Regional Initiative Grants Application Deadline
July 31: Independent Documentary Films: Documentary Fund Application Deadline
July 31: Willapa Bay, WA: Artists, Writers, Musicians Residencies: Applications Due

Aug. 6-7: Greenwich Art Society, Powers of Observation, Receiving.
Aug. 30: CCP: MONOTHON 2016 (Oct. 16-23): Early Bird Application (save 10%)

Sept. 15: American Repertory Theater (Cambridge): I.D. Festival Submission Deadline
Sept. 16-18: Aldrich Museum: Full STEAM Ahead Symposium
Sept. 30: Franklin Street Works: Call for Exhibition Proposals Deadline

Dec. 15: William H. Johnson Foundation: African-American Artist Prize Deadline

Dec. 15: Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grant Application Deadline
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