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News and Opportunities for Artists of Fairfield County
December 16, 2016
The Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is a nonprofit service organization that supports its members by providing unified marketing, capacity building, professional development, and advocacy services. This newsletter is sent to all who request it - but we ask that, if you are not a member, you explore membership benefits and consider joining this community of more than 500 individuals and organizations. Sign up here
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❖ SpaceFinder Connecticut Now Accepting Listings
❖ Listen to Artist Members Discuss Space Issues on WPKN, 89.5 Stream
❖ Phil Kuchma WPKN Interview on Space Issues and Bridgeport Development 
❖ Save The Date: Progressive Gallery Tour: Norwalk - Wed. Jan. 18
WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Catherine Conroy, Carolina Guimarey, Leslie Giuliani, and Mary Manning

List of Current Artist Members

❖ Members in Group Shows: Silvermine Guild of Artists New Members Show; Silvermine Arts Center's Flights of Fantasy exhibit.
❖ Other news from Frances B. Ashforth, Paul Berger, Karla Bernstein, Miggs Burroughs, Joy Bush, Eric Chiang, Alicia Cobb, Sandy Garnett, Leslie Giuliani, Danielle Goldstein, Carolina Guimarey, Daniel Lanzilotta, Jane Lubin, Peter Massini, Grace McEnaney, Amy Oestreicher, Chris Perry, Adelka Polak, Cynthia Quintanal, Roxanne Faber Savage and Lisa Seidenberg.
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Members' Openings
Calendar of Members' Openings over the next 2 weeks

❖ Artists' Spaces and Safety Issues - Calls for Examples

❖ Hera Gallery (RI): The Feminist Opposition - Jan. 4
❖ Easton Arts Council: Annual Open Member Show - Jan. 14
❖ Greenwich International Film Festival - Jan. 17
❖ Norwalk Maritime Parking Garage: Chromatics - Jan. 27
❖ Schelfhaudt Gallery: Selfie - Jan. 31
❖ Town of Monroe: CT Snow Sculpture Contest - Jan. 31

❖ Rowayton Arts Center: Become an Exhibiting Member - Jan. 19
❖ Rome Art Program - Jan. 20

❖ International Center for Photography: Writing Workshop - Feb. 26-27
❖ NYFA Resource: Marketing 101

❖ International Festival of Arts & Ideas (New Haven): Grant Writer
❖ Yale University Press (New Haven): Publicity Assistant
❖ Ives Concert Park (Danbury): Technical & Facilities Manager
❖ Sacred Heart University: Art and Design Adjunct Professor

Jobs Still Available

Deadlines and Dates to Remember
If you, friends, or colleagues have unused or underused space that could be rented out (or made available for free), there is now a free place to list it so it can be used by others in the community. As announced at our Creative Spaces for the Creative Economy conference (Nov. 12, 2016), the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County is the lead partner, working with the CT Office of the Arts, to launch SpaceFinder Connecticut - a free, space match-making service for artists and arts organizations run by FracturedAtlas. SpaceFinder Connecticut will be launched on CT Arts Day, March 2, 2017. Before launch, we need to seed the database with at least 100 listings. Members are already doing this - and we encourage you to join in and to spread the wordTO MAKE A LISTING...REGISTER for free hereThen complete the forms that apply to your particular space. Have questions or problems registering? Then contact David Green here. To see the video presentation by Amanda Keating of FracturedAtlas at our Space Summit conference, click here or the image above.
If you missed our latest monthly Spotlight on Arts & Culture radio show on WPKN, 89.5 last Monday Dec. 12, then you can catch it here. Listen to Jennifer Bangser in conversation with three of our members Holly Danger, Liz Squillace and Jahmane, who pick up the discussion about artists and spaces from our Creative Spaces for a Creative Economy conference Nov. 12. (Videos of all the sessions of that conference are available here, courtesy of City of Bridgeport and BeFoundation.)
Also following up on our Creative Spaces for a Creative Economy conference, Richard Epstein (above, left) interviewed CAFC board member Phil Kuchma this past Wednesday Dec. 14, on his radio program Sometimes Classical, which has aired on WPKN 89.5 since 1977.  Phil Kuchma, owner of The Kuchma Corporation, has developed Bijou Square, among many other projects in Bridgeport, co-sponsored the Creative Spaces conference, chaired the From Spaces to Places panel, and was a speaker on the Sharing Spaces, Sharing Services panel. Listen to the interview here.
SAVE THE DATE of Jan. 18, 2017 for the next stop on our Progressive Gallery Tour - from Greenwich to Shelton. PROGRESSIVE GALLERY TOUR: NORWALK will include three of our commercial member galleries: Artists' Market, LOVE ART Gallery and Galería Isadora. Watch out for sign-up in the New Year.

Catherine Conroy first began practicing traditional darkroom photography in 2005, printing and processing film in a full black-and-white and color darkroom equipped to handle B&W, C-41, and E-6 processes. She was subsequently trained extensively in studio lighting, color theory, photographic styling, and digital technologies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. She earned her stripes through an internship with George Holz, the former assistant to Helmut Newton, and working with Devin Elijah, the talented photographer for Marc Ecko Enterprises. Catherine spent two years as the Studio Manager and Lead Wedding Photographer for Hawk Photography in Wilton, CT, learning every aspect of the wedding business. She currently freelances for Connecticut Hearst Media Group, WPKN radio, the B:Hive, the Acoustic, Fairfield Theater Company, Live For Live Music, and Modern Problems Radio. See her photographic series, Sidewalks of Bridgeport on Twitter. She is currently focusing on documenting the very many fascinating historic properties in Bridgeport, most recently the Majestic Theatre and the Remington Arms shot tower. See Catherine's website; Facebook and Instagram pages. Listen to her radio show The Kitchen Sink on WPKN 89.5.

Carolina Guimarey studied sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and filmmaking at Escuela de Cine de Avellaneda and Universidad Tecnologica National in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moving to the U.S., she continued her art education at the University of Connecticut and Silvermine School of Arts. Since 1998 she has exhibited her work in several states, in art galleries, museums and cultural centers. She has participated in several juried shows and many of her works are in private collections in several countries such as USA, Italy and Spain. She has a studio at The Nest Arts Factory and was recently inducted into the Silvermine Artists Guild at Silvermine Arts Center. In her work, Carolina explores the concept of duality, or the unity of opposites, as it defines the existence of a situation depending on the co-existence of its opposite. As in quantum physics, where an object could be a wave or a particle depending on the act of observation, its identity includes both, although it switches its "appearance" depending on how it is measured and observed. Within this context, she explores the concepts of the permanent and the temporal, the everlasting and the ephemeral, the real and the virtual and the perceived social interaction and the existential isolation of our times, as it applies to our daily life as well as in a more abstract, conceptual way. See Carolina's website. 

Leslie Giuliani is an artist, teacher, writer and curator. She is the recipient of a 2008 Artist Fellowship Grant from the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism for Craft, and is the author of several published articles on rug hooking and cyanotype photography. Her work was included in the Farnsworth Museum’s show, Beyond Rugs, is in the collection of the Housatonic Museum of Art and she has a large painting in the Federal Courthouse in Stamford, bought by the Connecticut Commission for the Arts. She writes: "I mix encaustic, textiles, and digital processes in my work. I love the tactility this mix gives the pieces. Using an improvisational process, I randomly make many embroidered, printed and painted images. After gathering these elements together, I see which ones work well in combination to form a loose narrative in the spirit of myths and fairy tales, a little funny, a little scary. I am always surprised by the story that results." The imagery in Leslie’s work combines the light-hearted and the darkly primal: her oddly juxtaposed images create a loose narrative, yet they resist any single interpretation. Cartoony characters, botanicals, and geometrics float asymmetrically or fall into sequence. Her influences include Louise Bourgeois, for her inventive textile work; African-American quilters, for their asymmetrical, free-form patchwork; Sigmar Polke, for his unexpected combinations of materials, Philip Guston's cartoon imagery; and Byzantine icon paintings, for their strong composition and flat space. As a teacher, Leslie specializes in techniques using Encaustic, a beeswax based paint. These include painting, printmaking and textile work. She is also the owner of where she sells Encaustiflex, a paper-like textile, that can be used in a variety of ways for painting, printmaking and textile work. She is currently teaching and demonstrating encaustic and oil-based pigment-stick painting techniques for R&F Handmade Paints in studio and on locations. See Leslie's website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Mary Manning is an abstract artist - a printmaker, collagist, and painter - whose work is recognized for its exuberant color, strong graphic quality, and a sophisticated sense of design. However, for Mary, color trumps all other aesthetic considerations. Her work reflects a lifelong curiosity, commitment to experimentation and exposure to a wide range of creative endeavors. She writes that music is a major influence on her work: “The beat, pace, rhythm and lyrics of the music I listen to affect my output." Her working practice unfolds in a specific tempo depending on medium and environment. In her studio, her painting and collage process is slow and considered. The opposite occurs in the print studio, where she focuses on the built-in limitation of time and the collaborative nature of working with a master printer - giving herself over to the spontaneity and immediacy of the printmaking process. The combination of these two practices allows her to fully work out her artistic ideas. Mary writes that as she approaches a project, she gives herself challenges to resolve in each piece: for example to only use three colors, or four shapes. Doing so, she says, provides boundaries that prove liberating. She finds that working in a series allows her to immerse herself in the nuances and breadth of a particular subject. She is inspired by literature, world events, music, and nature. Some of her series have included The Jungle Book, Hurricane Katrina, The Gulf Oil Spill, birds, flowers, animals, music. As a girl, Mary spent her summers at her parents’ summer stock theatre, painting sets and playing in the costume department. In college, her scholastic pursuits encompassed graphic design, painting, English literature, interior design and fashion design, with additional studies in printmaking, jewelry-making, textile-weaving, and doll- and puppet-making. She had successful careers as a graphic designer and art director before focusing exclusively on fine art. Now, she says, she soaks up inspiration from music, literature, nature and current events, and continues to participate in professional critique sessions with her artist peers. Mary maintains a studio in Norwalk and prints in Brooklyn and Norwalk. See her website here.
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YOUR NEWS                             

Congratulations to FRANCES ASHFORTH, new member CAROLINA GUIMAREY and CHRIS PERRY. All have been inducted into the Silvermine Guild of Artists and will have work in the New Members Show opening at Silvermine Arts Center Sunday, January 8, 2-4pm.
Also at Silvermine, NINA BENTLEY and JANE LUBIN are two of the three artists that have created Flights of Fantasy and Game Changes that explores aspects of magical thinking in a cohesive exhibition. The show, also opening Sun. Jan. 8, 2-4pm, incorporates two-dimensional work and 3-D sculptural elements. Wall and floor space are integrated into a complex game board. Imagined creatures and game pieces cavort in their own worlds, while the works of art reveal concealed truths.
A new inductee to the Silvermine Guild of Artists, FRANCES B. ASHFORTH will be showing her Water Study 40a (2015, 30"x30," unique waterbase monotype) at right (click for larger image). Her works are described on the Silvermine site as "serene meditations on the horizon line and the possibilities of immense open space."
PAUL BERGER won second prize for his Afterglow in the Easton Arts Council's Annual Juried Photo show which runs through Friday, January 13, 2017 at the Easton Public Library Community Room. At right, detail of Out Back, digitally acquired, print size is 11 x 14" (click for complete image).
KARLA BERNSTEIN’s photograph Enduring Beauty…Fern has been chosen for inclusion in PhotoPlace Gallery’s juried exhibition Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary. The exhibit’s juror, Kate Breakey, is internationally known for her large-scale, richly hand-colored photographs. Karla's image is one of 40 photographs chosen for display in the Online Gallery. All the images in this series of Karla’s photos are of fading flowers and foliage. Karla writes: "Flowers, foliage, and seeds, as they fade, parallel our own human aging process".
MIGGS BURROUGHS won Honorable Mention (one of just three awards given) at the opening reception, Dec. 3, of the Carriage Barn’s 37th Annual Photography Show, for his piece Les Enfants Terrible. The piece is comprised of a grid of 25 lenticular images of mug shots from the NYPD in the early 1900s, which transform into images of the thugs imagined as young children. The juror of the show was Laurie Kratovil, former Rolling Stone Magazine photo editor.
JOY BUSH has a solo show at Atticus Book Store, (1082 Chapel Street, New Haven) next door to the British Art Center, through January 3, 2017. The show is called Ghosts of Christmas Past and features photos of holiday items from three private collections, as well as her work of Snow Mandalas using photographs of branches on snow. At right is Snow #1, which measures 8"x8".
ERIC CHIANG is the subject of a recent article in the CT Post-Chronicle, Taiwanese-Born Artist Channels Beethovenin which Eric speaks about Beethoven as an inspiration since he was a teen living in Taiwan, his efforts "to combine surrealism and humanity to deliver his message to the viewer," and his still-strong ties to his homeland, where his paintings are on permanent display at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. The article, by Rita Ross, ends with her judgement that Eric "is an artist for our once combining old world graciousness with the artist’s skill in presenting modern-day reality in a way that informs and commands the viewer’s attention." Read the article here.
ALICIA COBB has moved into a new studio space at 305 Knowlton and is now a member of the ARTISTS OF 305 KNOWLTON. Congratulations, Alicia!  She says that this solo space will give her the opportunity to grow in her business as an artist: "I will offer classes and one-on-one services to clients who are purchasing any of my products and services. It also gives me gallery and event space to host art shows and artistic events." She notes that there are several spaces still available. If you are interested, contact Sandy Terebisi at 203-368-9558.
SANDY GARNETT had a piece in the CT Post at the end of November by Christina Hennessy: Norwalk painter and sculptor’s multigenre approach is part of the art of being an artist. The article centers on Sandy's recent (his third) book The Year of an Artist, his 230-page book full of musings, practical advice and observations he dedicates to fellow artists in all mediums.
New member LESLIE GIULIANI has a solo show opening at The Lionheart Gallery, Sat, Jan. 7, 5-8pm. Coded Narratives: 
Improvisational Embroidered Encaustic Paintings. Using Encaustiflex, a paper-like microfiber that absorbs encaustic, to paint and monoprint her geometric pieces, Leslie embellishes them with embroidered imagery that begin as drawings, are digitized as stitch files and sent to her computerized sewing machine that stitches the images onto the Encaustiflex. At right detail of Traveler (2016, 42.5” x 29.5”, encaustic painting, digital embroidery and printmaking on microfiber, click for complete image). Read more...
DANIELLE GOLDSTEIN won Honorable Mention (one of just three awards given) at the opening reception, Dec. 3, of the Carriage Barn’s 37th Annual Photography Show, for her Disney (detail at right, click for complete image). This image also won the First Place in the Rowayton Arts Center’s Photography and Sculpture exhibit in September of this year.
CAROLINA GUIMAREY, one of our three members newly inducted into the Silvermine Guild of Artists, will be showing her The Perpetual Words (2014, pencil, adhesives and acrylics on canvas, 26"x26," at right, click for larger image) among other works. Carolina has written that she "explores the concept of duality or unity of opposites as it defines the existence of a situation, depending on the co-existence of the opposite. I explore the concepts of the permanent and the temporal, the everlasting and the ephemeral, the real and the virtual, and the perceived social interaction and existential isolation of our times."
DANIEL LANZILOTTA is one of three artists selected by Picture That, LLC and Thompson Hospitality to have work featured in Thompson Hospitality's publication UNITY, on the theme of Sustainability/Green Month, for June 2017. Daniel's pieces selected were Heart of a Poet, T-Jazz, and his signature piece, Hat for Late Summer (2016, 15"x6"x8;" plastic, rubber, metal and fabric on plastic, soft - yarn, cotton, fabric - and found objects of discarded plastics, Starbucks plastic green stirrers, copper wire, yarn, broom bristles, Ikea plastic sheets, plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic oyster netting and more). Detail at right, click for larger image.
JANE LUBIN is one of three artists in Silvermine Art Center's Flights of Fantasy show, opening Sun. Jan. 8, 2-4pm. At right a detail of Jane's Window on a New World (2014, acrylic/collage on panel, 12" x 9", click for complete image). In Jane's collages of found images and acrylic painting, fantasy creatures inhabit the gray area between cartoons and real life. Prizing spontaneity, for its psychological import, and with influences from Max Ernst to Hannah Hoch, she says "I create images that gingerly nip around the edges of the problem of how, and whether we fit as individuals into a highly organized, complex society." 
PETER MASSINI, "the James Bond of high-flying art photographers," has a solo show opening at The Lionheart Gallery, Sat, Jan. 7, 5-8pm. Altitude presents acrylic-faced prints and includes cityscapes and images of infrastructure, along with a focus on geometric and pattern work, all taken by Peter, "hanging from the open door of a helicopter on an almost daily basis." These images "seem to turn the visual into a new sensory language, rich in narrative, mystery, abstraction, and a sense of order." At right detail of The Chrysler (2016, digital photography, 20"x30"), Read more...
GRACE McENANEY recently had a watercolor of hers, Breakthrough (2016, 25x21," detail at right, click for complete image) included in the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 120th Annual Juried International Exhibition at The National Arts Club, New York, (closing today, Dec. 16). Catherine Lorillard was a collector and philanthropist and the only woman among the 106 founders of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
AMY OESTREICHER  will be premiering new material in a storytelling performance at Big Irvs in Brooklyn, Dec. 29. She had an article published on the healing effects of comedy in the Huffington Post, and a video is now available of a college senior from the University of Buffalo performing excerpts of her show Gutless and Grateful.
CHRIS PERRY, one of our three members newly inducted into the Silvermine Guild of Artists, will be showing his 138 Ripples: main (2013, paper, fabric, gel acetate, 18" x 45" x 24," detail at right, click for larger image) as well as two other works, in the New Members Show. Chris' works are described on the Silvermine site as "deft and astonishing book-art sculptures that channel the whimsical and the architectural, while sometimes having an almost animal presence."
ADELKA POLAK is taking her SOVA THEATER to La MaMa (66 East 4th Street, New York - bet. Bowery & 2nd Ave) to take part in the annual interactive kids performance, Winter Wonderland this Sat. Dec. 17, 11am. SOVA will perform an excerpt from Branches - a nonverbal conversation between three artists from various disciplines, displaying imagery of the seasons, life cycles and the movement of our solar system. 

CYNTHIA QUINTANAL invite us all to A SOLSTICE TO REMEMBER with a series of concerts featuring percussion, keys, crystal and Tibetan bowls, voice, shakuhachi and flute, beginning Dec.18 in South Woodbury, continuing Dec.20 at LiPHe Balance Center in Weston and culminating on the Solstice, December 21 with a fire ceremony and candle lit labyrinth walk at 6:30 pm at the Open Sky Yoga Barn, 95 Cross Hwy Redding. Details on FCBuzz
ROXANNE FABER SAVAGE ends her roxyshow/ ELEPHANT at The Lionheart Gallery (27 Westchester Ave., Pound Ridge, NY), Thurs. Dec. 29, 5-8pm. Roxanne will give an informal talk about her "elephant/tusk" art work and invites you to attend and to bring an elephant story to the event. Also, read "The Lionheart 5" interview with Roxanne on Artsy (and you'll see an amazing portrait of her taken by member Donna Callighan). There are ten copies available of her limited edition (25) Elephas book with a bonus digital print. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to foster an orphaned baby elephant.
LISA SEIDENBERG's video Short Poems was screened at the 5th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, Greece on December 10. The Festival showcased 55 works by video artists from 21 countries. The piece was a collaboration with poet Jim Whitten (of Hartford) with an original score composed and performed by Karl Warner. The Festival is produced by the Institute for Experimental Arts in Athens.
Compiled List of Artist Member Openings & Events
Wed. Dec. 21: Cynthia Quintanal, A Solstice to Remember, Open Sky Yoga Barn, Redding
Thur. Dec. 29: Roxanne Faber Savage, roxyshow/ELEPHANT, Lionheart Gallery, 27 Westchester Ave. Pound Ridge, NY. Closing Reception and Artist's Talk, 5-8pm
Sat. Jan. 7: Peter Massini, Altitude. Lionheart Gallery, 27 Westchester Ave. Pound Ridge, NY. Opening Reception, 5-8pm
Sat. Jan. 7: Leslie Giuliani, Coded NarrativesLionheart Gallery, 27 Westchester Ave. Pound Ridge, NY. Opening Reception, 5-8pm 
Sun. Jan. 8: New Members Show , Silvermine Arts Center, 2-4pm (Frances B. Ashforth, Carolina Guimarey, Chris Perry)
Sun. Jan. 8: Flights of Fancy and Game Changes, Silvermine Arts Center, 2-4pm (Nina Bentley and Jane Lubin)
Links in blue indicate events listed on
Check for listings of all events by our members!
OTHER NEWS                             
Photographs of the victims of the Oakland fire at a Brooklyn fund-raiser. Victor J. Blue for The New York Times

Weeks after the CAFC Space Summit, in which we discussed ways of making spaces affordable and sustainable for the arts community, the country was shocked by the December 2 fire during a dance party in an Oakland warehouse used by artists that killed 36 people, the worst fire in the country in over a decade. Fortune reported Artists Say Sky-High Rents Are to Blame for Oakland Warehouse Fire  as it makes finding affordable space hard to find - and available spaces are often not up to code and un-monitored. The Oakland warehouse "lacked clear exits and sprinklers. The building was divided into several artist studios and cluttered with furniture, mannequins and other objects—a setup that lacked a clear escape route." ABC News then reported nationwide reactions to the tragedy, including the eviction in Baltimore of more than a dozen artists from a collective known as the Bell Foundry which authorities deemed "deplorable" and unfit for habitation. In Los Angeles fire chief said city officials were discussing an "aggressive response" to illegally occupied commercial spaces. The Dec. 13 New York Times reported Dec. 13 in After Oakland Fire, Brooklyn Artists Vow to Keep Partying - that “as obituary after obituary has streamed across Facebook feeds in the days since the California tragedy, there is a growing sense of deep agitation. Cities value the creative class, but do little to support it, artists say. And in expensive cities like New York, running legitimate galleries and dance clubs, or bringing existing ones up to code with sprinklers and adequate exits, requires deeper pockets than most artists have….What is needed, many in Brooklyn’s under-the radar art scene say, is support from the city, rather than restrictions. Last week, Oakland’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, announced a $1.7 million fund to bolster and secure the many artist communes that dot industrial Oakland." 

This is more of an urban problem than we might find in Fairfield County, but Americans for the Arts' Local Arts Network has put out a call for any information we might have to help the national discussion. Please mail to us directly at CAFC  any responses to these questions:
1. What are artists’ experiences with industrial spaces: Good, bad or indifferent?
2. Have local government officials/community leaders issued any statements about artists in industrial spaces?
3. Have there been any local articles about artists in industrial spaces?
4. What are the questions or challenges about artists in industrial spaces that we can report to Americans for the Arts?
CALLS FOR ENTRIES                             

The historic Hera Gallery in Wakefield, RI,  is seeking artwork to be part of an inter-sectional exploration of contemporary feminism’s role in opposition to the current cultural and political climate. The Feminist Opposition, jurored by Boston ICA curatorial associate Jessica Hong, will run from Sat. March 4th to Sat. April 1. They are interested in exhibiting all manifestations of feminist art from makers, of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. All media including performance and installation will be
Entry Fee: 
Each artist may submit 3 entries for $30. Judging will be done from digital files and fees are non-refundable. Work should be submitted either electronically to with “Feminist Opposition” in the subject line or mailed out on a CD or USB thumb drive. Details here. Download Guidelines here Founded in Wakefield in 1974, Hera Gallery/Hera Educational Foundation was a pioneer in the development of alternative exhibition spaces across the country in the 70s. Hera Gallery was one of the earliest women’s cooperative galleries in the US and is unusual in having been established in a non-urban setting. Although many of these galleries no longer exist, Hera is proud to have not only continued but also expanded its programs, exhibitions, and events.

Calling all filmmakers. The Third Annual Greenwich International Film Festival, (GIFF) takes place June 1-4, 2017, showcasing 30+ domestic and international film premieres and screenings, a star-studded Opening Night Party, educational panels and workshops, a VIP lounge, and the Changemaker Honoree Gala that honors actors and entertainment professionals who have used
 film to impact positive change. GIFF offers cash prizes in six categories: Narrative Feature ($5,000), Narrative Short ($2,000), Documentary Feature ($5,000) and Documentary Short ($2,000), Best Social Impact Film ($10,000) and Best Connecticut Short Film ($1,000) - CT filmmakers can enter this last contest at a reduced submission fee of $20, by using the code: CTSHORTFILM. Submit all films via Film Freeway. GIFF is a carefully curated Festival that connects an audience of prospective financiers, distributors and film lovers with rising stars in the film industry. Its mission is to provide filmmakers with the opportunity to showcase their work, with the goal of finding financing for future projects. It was founded to bridge the worlds of film, finance and philanthropy and attracts an audience of approximately 10,000 celebrities, filmmakers, journalists, financial executives, movie lovers, and Fairfield & Westchester County residents.

The City of Norwalk Parking Authority’s Art in Parking Places is inviting submissions for a new exhibit at the Maritime Gallery,  in Norwalk's Maritime Parking Garage. Entitled Chromatic, the exhibit (running March 7=June 2) will feature art that represents music. "Vigorous tones paired with visions of grandeur" describes the impetus behind the show. The crossing of senses is mysterious and very personal. Show us how music appears to you either through your own personal inspiration, or through this link provided by jazz musician Jim Clark. Clever uses of medium and interpretations on subject are welcome. For online guidelines and submissions, click here. Please e-mail with any questions. The deadline for submissions is January 27, 2017Guest jurors are CAFC member artists Jeanine Esposito and Frederic Chiu who run Beechwood Arts.

The Easton Arts Council has issued an open call to artists, sculptors, photographers, and artisans, seeking original painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and artisan entries for its Annual Open Member Art Show, January 18 - February 25, 2017, at the Easton Public Library, 691 Morehouse Rd., Easton. The application fee is $20 for 2 entries which includes membership dues. Entry deadline is January 14. The opening reception will be a Winter Celebration of the Arts Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 7pm to 10pm at the Easton Public Library. Download entry forms here . Please email any inquiries to:, (203) 261-0175 or (203 374-0705. Easton Arts Council, PO Box 142 Easton, CT 06612.

The University of Bridgeport's
Schelfhaudt Gallery at the 
Arnold Bernhard Center,
84 Iranistan Avenue, Bridgeport, presents, Selfie, a special opportunity for artists to present their artwork. During her lifetime, Frida Kahlo created some 200 paintings, 55 of which are self-portraits. When asked why she painted so many self-portraits, Frida replied: “Because I am so often alone…because I am the subject I know best.” Pablo Picasso asked the question, “Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?" This proposal asks the same the question and asks the participant to submit his or her self-portrait to email, with a brief bio, to:
E-mail one to two pieces per artist, self-portrait, overall size: small to medium (maximum 18×24), no photographs, along with a brief bio (75 words or less) by January 31, 2017. No entry fee for submission. Curated by Dominick Lombardi and Peter Konsterlie. Please note that submissions will be limited to two pieces per artist, and overall size will be taken into consideration for the show. Participation will be first-come-first-served and the number of artists will be limited. The show will take place in the beautiful Schelfhaudt Gallery in University of Bridgeport’s Arnold Bernhard Center. There is free parking available in the parking lot and on the street.


The State of CT Snow Sculpting Competition and Winter Fun Festival will be taking place in the Town of Monroe in 2017, from February 8 to 12 in Wolfe park. There will be snow sculptors, an art exhibit, snowman building contest, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, virtual sports, food and beverages, and Winter games. The snow sculpture competition is the State of CT designated sanctioning event for the 2018 U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition. Teams from around the State of CT will compete in Monroe for the right to represent Connecticut in the 2018 U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition, hosted by Winterfun, Inc. in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. High school teams from Connecticut will be eligible to compete in the high school division the same week. Each state division sculpting team must consist of three members age 18 or older who are not in high school, but are current Connecticut residents; amateurs and professionals are both eligible. You can find the rules and applications for the adult and high school divisions here (scroll down the page). Entry forms must include sketches of proposed sculptures. The application deadline is January 31, 2017. If you are unable to download the application, contact Barbara Fahr, Monroe Economic Development, Chairman via email:
And Don't Forget...
Dec. 18: Stamford Art Association's Faces & Figures Submission Deadline Extended
Dec. 18: Gallery 263, Cambridge: Iteration, Submission Deadline
Dec. 19: Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Library, Power of Color Submission Deadline
Dec. 31: Treat Gallery, NY: Rest & Relaxation Submission Deadline


For more than 50 years, the Rowayton Arts Center (RAC) has been a community cultural hub providing an accessible environment for the exchange of arts-related ideas. RAC’s open and airy building on the scenic banks of the Five Mile River is the setting for monthly exhibits and receptions, classes and workshops for artists at all levels, lectures, musical events and other activities that attract participants and visitors from Connecticut and New York. RAC now has more than 500 members, including nationally-recognized professionals, talented amateurs, beginners and non-artists from Fairfield County and beyond. Artists may become full exhibiting members OF RAC in one of two ways:
1. Multiple Juried Exhibition Acceptances: An artist who has been juried into any three open Juried Exhibitions held at the Rowayton Arts Center during a two-year period is invited to become an Exhibiting Artist Member. Exhibitions are held in February, June and October. Visit the RAC website for the prospectus of an upcoming exhibition.
2. By Artist Selection Committee in January, May and September.
Artists submit three works for painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, mixed media, watercolor, and textiles and one work for sculpture, along with photos of other sculptures. If sculptures are small, the artist can submit up to three. Also submit a brief biography and/or artist's statement.
Timing: Drop off art for the review committee on Thur., Jan. 19 (12:30 – 4:30 pm). Pick up art Saturday (12:30 – 4:30 pm).Thursday, 12:30 – 4:30pm. Pick up Saturday, 12:30 – 4:30pm. See Prospectus and Application Form here.

Launched in 2009, the Rome Art Program is designed to inspire students to expand their artistic vision through painting and drawing on the streets of Rome; expanding on the plein-air tradition of earlier generations of artists. The program is incorporated as a U.S. non-profit educational organization and it’s Artistic Director is Carole Robb, a winner of the Rome Prize in Painting (1980), a Fulbright Scholar and a member of the National Academy NY. Ms. Robb has worked and exhibited in Rome, London, and New York. The Program has an internationally recognized faculty of artists, visiting artists and art historians. The Program’s ideology is based on the compelling impact that firsthand observation and perception have on drawing and painting. Students will work on location taking their inspiration from the evocative ruins, churches, Renaissance palaces, museums, streets and gardens that constitute the Italian landscape. Critiques and lectures will lend insight and prompt a deeper knowledge of each student’s artistic journey. Guiding students through important sites, distinguished art historians will illuminate the significance of historic places and periods. The Rome Art Program welcomes students pursuing their BA and MFA degrees in Studio Art, as well as painters and sculptors looking to renew their studio practice. Working plein-air, where the street and garden become the studio, profoundly impacts the focus and output of our students. Four- and eight-week sessions are available with trips to Florence, Venice, and Pompeii. Scholarships granted to students applying through a visiting professor. Courses may be applied as college credit. For information, contact Jill Sarver, Visiting Professor, at or by calling 419.705.0028.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                             

The International Center of Photography in New York offers a two-day intensive writing workshop, taught by Wendy Richmond and Susan Hodara, for photographers to radically improve their writing skills through the "interview" technique. In The Interview Tool for Grant Proposals, Exhibition Catalogues, Artist Statements and Public Presentations, students will interview each other (using the instructors’ guided exercises) to develop language that accurately and compellingly describes their photographic work. Students should bring three of their photographs and a notebook. "You are a visual artist, but you must use words to support your work—whether for a grant proposal, an exhibition catalogue, an artist statement, or a public presentation. Wendy Richmond is a multimedia visual artist, writer, and educator. She has had an ongoing column in Communication Arts magazine since 1984; her most recent book is titled, Art Without Compromise. Susan Hodara is a writer/journalist/teacher who has written more than 350 articles about artists and the arts for The New York Times and other publications. Learn more and sign up here – Save 15% (Total=$344) by enrolling before December 30 with code EB17W15. ICP School and Library is at 1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY.

"Marketing is an essential tool for artists to share their work, grow their audiences, and build supporters. Yet, determining who the audience is and when and how to reach them can be challenging and time consuming tasks. Mara Vlatković, Digital Communications Officer at the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) discusses practical strategies for individual artists to develop marketing plans, manage social media and websites and connect with supporters in this interview.
NYFA: As an individual artist or collective, what should my marketing plan include?
MV: First and foremost, a timeline. The marketing schedules will look different if you are working towards marketing a single event or creating a general marketing plan for your practice. If you have a single event, performance or exhibition on the horizon, work back from that date. Think about when to announce it and then send out marketing materials such as (digital) flyers, visual assets, and create relevant online content. Consider when to conduct outreach to potential promotional partners. A marketing plan is primarily there to keep you accountable, so you don’t end up sending a save-the-date about your book launch two days before the event.
NYFA: How do I determine what platform will best help me share my project with my audience? Social media? Website? Blogs? 
MV: Do you know where your target audience is spending most of their time? That’s where you have to share! Maintaining a mailing list is still essential. Email is the primary way of reaching your audience, making sure they know about what you’re up to, and giving them an easy way of checking back to find all the important information such as dates, address, RSVP details etc.
See more of this interview with Mara Vlatković, here.

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, seeks a professional, freelance grant writer, who will play a vital role in the organization's fundraising efforts. This is an independent contract position. The successful candidate will commit approximately 60-70 hour/month. Following an initial orientation, work will be done remotely, with the exception of attending occasional meetings. S/he will work closely with the Director of Development, and consult with other members of the development and programming staff as necessary. The ideal candidate is an organized, detail-oriented creative-thinker, with excellent writing, editing and oral communication skills. S/he must be able to successfully manage multiple deadlines, and ongoing projects. Commitment to the performing arts and a passion for the International Festival of Arts & Ideas' mission is a necessity. A confidentiality clause will be part of the Letter of Agreement for this engagement. Requirements include: Conduct the full range of activities necessary to prepare, submit, and manage grant proposals to governmental agencies, foundations and corporate sources. Maintain an ongoing schedule of applications and dead-lines. Research government, foundation and corporate funding opportunities to evaluate prospects for grants submission. Work closely with Development and Programming staff in developing and transforming ideas into grant proposals. Skills and Qualifications include: proven success with written grant proposals; attention to detail, organization; ability to meet deadlines; ability to interpret the Festival's programs to meet requirements of a wide variety of grant-makers. Submit a proposal, along with current resume and client (or employer) references to

Yale University Press seeks a Publicity Assistant. Reporting to the Publicity Director, the Publicity Assistant provides high-level administrative support to the Publicity Director, three Senior Publicists, and two Publicists. Publicity Assistant serves as first point of contact for media looking to connect with authors and books published by Yale University Press (YUP); coordinates and executes timely dissemination of information and materials about YUP books to media, often on deadline; and coordinates workflow and project development for Publicity Department as a whole and for individual publicity campaigns as needed. Required Education and Experience: Six years of related work experience, four of them in the same job family at the next lower level, and high school level education; or four years of related work experience and an Associate's degree; or little or no work experience and a Bachelor's degree in a related field; or an equivalent combination of experience and education. Qualifications: Computer proficiency with working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. Ability to quickly master and work within industry databases such as Cision and Publicity Assistant. Excellent writing skills and proofreading skills. Excellent attention to detail. Writing sample may be requested at the time of interview. Strong familiarity with social media. Ability and desire to learn new technology. Knowledge of literary and book review media; knowledge of academic disciplines. Demonstrated interest in publishing, media or journalism. Strong work ethic, with demonstrated professionalism and integrity. Demonstrated interpersonal skills, with the ability to work independently as well as in a team. Strong organizational skills. Preferred Education, Experience and Skills: YUP internship, graduate of a postgraduate professional-level publishing course, or six months' experience as a Publishing or Editorial Assistant.  Apply online (STARS req ID for this position is 40425BR).

The Ives Concert Park, Danbury, seeks a full-time, seasonal Technical and Facilities Manager to coordinate onsite operations and technical needs for this 40-acre entertainment destination and outdoor world class performing arts center. The ideal candidate will have experience in supervising and overseeing staff, working cooperatively with a diverse range of stakeholders, and handling responsibilities of increasing difficulty with ease. Must be able to work independently with little or no supervision, well organized, flexible and enjoy the managerial challenges of supporting a dedicated board of directors, executive staff and volunteer corps, and serving the community. The Technical & Facilities Manager reports directly to the Executive Director and Board Chairman. Responsibilities will include to: Manage and direct site/tech staff including scheduling staff, recruiting new employees, and verifying timesheets prior to each payroll period; set up venue prior to program/event; set up house manifest chairs, stage area, sound baffles, house lighting hang, and front of house tower; coordinate and complete concession tents set up and prepare backstage area for hospitality; hang sponsor banners and set up garden fountain; and more. Requirements include: a familiarity with audio, video, lighting and rigging is strongly preferred; knowledge of equipment and methods used in theatrical/concert lighting and sound preferred; highly organized, flexible and able to balance multiple competing demands; proven supervisory management experience; and more. Salary commensurate with experience. Seasonal: May - October. Please attach CV, references and brief narrative describing why you are interested in working with the Ives organization to: Phyllis Cortese and Alexis Koukos:


Sacred Heart University, the second-largest independent Catholic university in New England, offering more than 70 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate programs on its main campus in Fairfield, Conn., and satellites in Connecticut, Luxembourg and Ireland is seeking a qualified Graphic Design adjunct to teach a Spring 2017 semester Digital Production Basics course for Communication Majors.  Digital Production Basics is designed to offer skill development and specialized knowledge in digital media software: Photoshop for digital imaging; Illustrator; a vector-based software to create digital graphics and, InDesign: professional page layout software for print and digital publishing. This course is designed to start out with the very basics and conclude with a working knowledge in vector, pixel and layout software for digital publishing. Key Objectives: Understand how creative processes are integrated in the production of digital graphics; gain an understanding of raster image creation, special effects and image editing; understand the software interface, typesetting, styles, master pages, creating objects, importing graphics, layers, and transparency; understand color space with-in the applications and digital media reproduction; create and format multi-page publications, preflight and packaging. Requirements: An MFA specializing in Graphic Design desired, with college or University level teaching experience. Only online applications will be considered. To apply, submit cover letter, CV and references.  Apply here. Qualified candidates of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.
Jobs Previously Listed and Still Available
Aldrich Museum: Teaching Artists
Bruce Museum: Brucemobile Instructors 
The Clyde Fitch Report: Video Correspondent
Fred Giampietro Gallery: Part-time Gallery Assistant
Greenwich International Film Festival: Programmer
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects: Marketing coordinator
Westport Country Playhouse: Database Analyst
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Dec. 18: Stamford Art Association's Faces & Figures Submission Deadline Extended
Dec. 18: Gallery 263, Cambridge: Iteration, Submission Deadline
Dec. 19: Kershner Gallery, Fairfield Library, Power of Color Submission Deadline
Dec. 30: Early Bird (15% discount) Deadline for The Interview Tool Writing Workshop
Dec. 31: Treat Gallery, NY: Rest & Relaxation Submission Deadline

Jan. c4: Hera Gallery: The Feminist Opposition Submission Deadline
Jan. c6: Santa Fe Art Institute: Equal Justice Creative Residency Deadline
Jan. c9: Guilford Art Center: Craft Expo 2017 (July 14-16): Application Deadline
Jan. 14: Easton Arts Council: Annual Open Member Show Submission Deadline
Jan. 14-15: Poets & Writers Live: San Francisco: Inspiration Workshops
Jan. 15: Terra Foundation: Summer Residency in Giverny Application Deadline
Jan. 17: Greenwich International Film Festival Late Submission Deadline
Jan. 18: PROGRESSIVE GALLERY TOUR: NORWALK - Artists' Market, 6pm
Jan. 19: Rowayton Arts Center: Drop-off for Exhibiting Member Application
Jan. 20: Rome Art Program: Application Deadline
Jan. 25: Center for Fine Art Photography: Landscapes 2017, Submission Deadline
Jan. 27: Norwalk Maritime Parking Garage: Chromatics Submission Deadline
Jan. 31: Schelfhaudt Gallery, Univ. of Bridgeport: Selfie Submission Deadline
Jan. 31: Town of Monroe: CT Snow Sculpting Competition Application Deadline

Feb. 12: Santa Fe Art Institute: Equal Justice Creative Residency Deadline

March c1: Ucross Foundation: All-Arts Residencies Program Application Deadline
March c2: CT Arts Day, Hartford.
March 22: Bridgeport Schools, Arts Count Day

Dec. c1: USArtists International: Deadline for Tours July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018.
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