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MARCH 29, 2016
NEWS courtesy CT Community NonProfit Alliance Update
Earlier today, the legislature passed a bipartisan deficit mitigation package (SB-474) to address the $220 million shortfall for SFY16. The vote was 33-3 in the Senate and 127-16 in the House. We are pleased to share that the agreement reversed or drastically lessened some of the proposed cuts to human services and arts and culture programs previously included in the Governor's proposed rescissions announced on March 16. This would not have been possible without your continued advocacy and extraordinary dedication to standing up for essential programs and services.

Most of the deficit mitigation plan savings was achieved with line item reductions totaling $85 million, funding sweeps totaling $62 million and transfers totaling $25 million. It also cuts the Judicial and Legislative Branches $9.6 million and $1 million, respectively.

Click here for line item details (scroll down for Department of Economic and Community Development cuts). Additional information will also be provided next week with the release of the Appropriations Committee SFY17 budget proposal.

The legislation also repeals the previously annualized $93 million in additional rescission authority for the Governor for SFY17 that was part of the previous 2015 deficit mitigation package last December. However, legislative leaders acknowledged that the plan, which relies on budget revisions that are one-time savings, does little to lower the projected shortfall for SFY17.

We all need to maintain our unrelenting visibility to policymakers through in-district meetings, lobby days, phone calls, emails, even hallway conversations. Earlier today, Senator Duff announced that every Wednesday through May 4th will be a session day, so if you are available, please make your presence known at the Capitol.

Important Talking Points:
Connecticut's Arts & Culture sector is a $653 million industry.

As presented throughout the Public Hearing re: the DECD Arts & Culture Budget:
The Arts & Culture industry:

* Supports over 18,000 full-time equivalent jobs, which generate...
* $462.5 million in household income.
* Industry organizations spend $455.5 million annually, leveraging...
* $197.5 million in additional spending on restaurants, parking and hotel rooms.

Bipartisan Budget Sails Through Both Chambers
CT News Junkie (March 29, 2016)

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