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June 9, 2016
NEWS courtesy CT Humanities

Last week, all state funding for Connecticut Humanities was eliminated just after the FY 2016-17 budget was signed into law. 

This means more than 500 of Connecticut's historical societies, museums and other cultural institutions - as well as libraries in each of Connecticut's 169 cities and towns - will not have access to grant funds for programs they bring to the public as of July 1st. 

These programs speak to a range of topics, chief among them our heritage, civic health, the value of literacy, and informed conversation. We need to know where we came from. We should be able to understand and evaluate our history. We should be able to talk with our neighbors about things that are important to us in a civil way.

A few examples from this year's grants illustrate this:


If these things matter to you, please help get the word out about the value of these programs. Here's what you can do:
  1. Write an email to the governor and your state representative and senator to let them know why the elimination of funding for Connecticut Humanities is not in the state's best interest. A sample letter for you to use can be found on the Connecticut Humanities website.
  2. In your email, let Connecticut's state leadership know how you, your organization, or your community have benefited from a Connecticut Humanities grant or program. Be as specific as you can.
  3. Follow Connecticut Humanities on Facebook and Twitter and like and/or share the posts.
  4. Donate! Donations to Connecticut Humanities are always welcome and every penny helps. Your support is greatly appreciated at this difficult time.

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