Subject: Best resources for "going deeper" with Python

25 recommended resources!
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Last month, I received the following question from a member of Data School Insiders:


I have a working knowledge of Python, and can find my way with the help of Stack Overflow, but I would like a deeper understanding of Python.

If you know of any great resources, please let me know!


As data scientists, we often focus our time on specialized Python libraries such as pandas and scikit-learn. But it's also important to become fluent with the Python language itself, otherwise you're likely to write inefficient, error-prone, and hard-to-read code!

If you already know the basics of Python and want to "go deeper", here are the resources I recommend:

Dan Bader has many great resources, including an email newsletter focused on Python "tricks". He also wrote a book called Python Tricks, which I haven't yet read (but is very highly rated).

Real Python provides a ton of in-depth tutorials for different levels of developers.

Michael Kennedy is best known for the Talk Python To Me and Python Bytes podcasts, but he also teaches excellent online courses through Talk Python Training.

Trey Hunner has tons of great blog posts (targeted mostly at intermediate developers), plus he has done over 100 Python webcasts. He also runs a service called Python Morsels ($16/month), which gives you a good way to regularly practice writing more "Pythonic" code.

Reuven Lerner publishes a weekly "Better developers" newsletter that usually focuses on Python.

Ned Batchelder gives awesome Python presentations. Classics include Python Names and Values, Loop Like A Native, and Pragmatic Unicode.

Brandon Rhodes is also a great presenter. The Mighty Dictionary (2010) and The Dictionary Even Mightier (2017) are amazing.

Raymond Hettinger has been a Python core developer for many years, and tends to give more advanced talks. Beyond PEP 8 is one of his most popular talks.


I asked my Insiders group for other suggestions, and here is what they recommended:

Nathan D. recommended watching the Python Epiphanies tutorial from PyCon 2018: "Some of the material is pretty deep, but I always seem to walk away from it feeling that I’ve leveled up."

Ron H. said: "Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho is one of my favorites — it took me to the next level in Python."

Paul B. recommended the edX course, Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python: "While a few times it went above my head, I think it made me look at Python the 'right way' thanks to their blend of Python and general object-oriented programming perspectives."

Jon W. said that "Corey Schafer's videos have helped me out quite a bit."

Michael G. likes Socratica's Python videos: "Both beginner and intermediate level, and actually kind of entertaining to watch."

Shankar J. suggested the book Effective Python and the Python Weekly newsletter, as well as talks by David Beazley.


Do you have any other resources to suggest? Reply to this email and let me know!


P.S. If you're looking for beginner Python resources, this recent Twitter thread includes tons of fan favorites!
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