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Your daily truth from the Brave Girls Club
Dear Beloved Girl,

Human beings want love more than anything in the world.

We want love and we want acceptance. We want to be understood.

Frustration comes when we do no accept the fact that we simply cannot MAKE others love us, or accept us, or even understand us. This is why it is so important to first learn how to love ourselves.

Hurt and anxiety can come from trying to get our worth and our acceptance from other people or from anything that is outside of our own selves and our own deepest truths.

When we can get in tune with our deepest truths, the truths that only come from listening to the very force that created us and placed this knowing inside of us we can find peace whenever we need it.

When we do the work necessary to learn who we really are in spite of who the world may tell us we are, we can find the love and acceptance we so need, whether we have other people in our lives or not. We simply do not NEED to have constant reassurance from others because there is a sure voice of knowing inside of us, a voice that comes from the only place that truly KNOWS who we are and what we are capable of.

Be o.k. with YOU, beautiful friend. Be o.k. with the moments of aloneness that come, and that sometimes stay. Be o.k. with sometimes feeling that no one understands or that no one is giving you exactly what you need, because the only WHOLENESS of spirit that will come is from your own self and your own deepest truth.

This is where you will find peace.

You can give your SELF love and acceptance through listening to your deepest truths that come from your Creator. It will be real, true and authentic. And it will be enough.

It really will. It will be enough.

You are so very very loved.

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