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Our Best Defense - by R. Marie Thompson

He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved. Psalm 62:2 (NKJ)

All of Psalm 62 is about setting your focus on God! Trusting Him with everything! He is our best defense against those things in our lives that would take our eyes away from Him.

Like David we need to take time to tell our soul to be still and focus on God, not the things around us that would cause us concern. David had his share of concerns. His day to day life was full of distractions and concerns. In this psalm he is warning us to put our trust in God rather than focusing on money, trying to gain power, trusting in others, or even trusting in our own strength to overcome.

He is God and salvation belongs to Him. It is His power and strength that we need to trust in not our own. We trust Him when we, 'at all times pour out our hearts before Him' and then wait as He shows Himself faithful. In His infinite wisdom, power, and mercy, He will always make a way.

He will always be a refuge to those that pour out their hearts before Him! Time with Him is our best defense!

R. Marie Thompson is a Youth Pastor from New Hampshire who has a love for God and a passion for sharing His Word. Contact 


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