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Moses Made It After All - by H. L. Ford

“You shall not go unto the land which I give the children of Israel.” Deut. 32: 52 KJV

I always felt a little sorry for Moses. He put up with the griping, complaining, whining Israelites for some forty years in the desert, and yet he was only allowed to look from Mount Nebo into the Promised Land, Deut. 32: 51-52. His desire to enter Israel was denied because he had failed to “sanctify God in the midst of the children of Israel.” 

The very thought left me fearful. Did I too risk being denied a lifelong hope, like Moses, because of disobedience? I knew there were many times I had failed to honor God. Where was the God of compassion and mercy?

One day, after the loss of my father, who died at age 75, I felt a keen sorrow for the desires and ambitions he never got to fulfill in his lifetime. So many hoped-for things he would never see happen. The pain of grief for his lost dreams stabbed like scissors, cutting a hole in my heart. Seeking an answer, I turned to Luke 9:28-30 and read how Jesus took Peter, John, and James up to a high mountain and there appeared Moses and Elijah. Suddenly and most joyfully, I saw it. Moses was there in Israel with the Lord. He made it after all!

It seemed then that the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, whispered to me, “Whatever longing left unfulfilled in this life, will be fulfilled in the next.” Peace washed over me. The God of love and mercy had sent His word and healed my grieving heart. He also calmed my fear. Truly, Jesus' blood has washed away my failures to sanctify the Lord.

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