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Tithing in Tough Times – by Lillian Rhoades

Bring all the tithes…and try Me in this…, if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing…Malachi, 3:6 (NKJ) 

We all know what it’s like to have our finances on life support. Whenever we face that financial crisis, we’re tempted to keep God’s portion of our income to pay the bills. I’ve faced that temptation many times. There were moments when I thought; Why not forego paying tithes this month and double up next time? 

But each time God reminded me that I would ultimately have more for less when I stopped focusing on my purse strings and considered His divine resources. 

We will not always have sufficient cash on hand, but when we refuse to put off giving what belongs to God, He will keep His promise to supply all our needs. 

Many years ago, Ralph Montanus, the well-known blind evangelist and founder of The Gospel Association for the Blind, told the story of how God asked him to place all of the money he had in the offering plate during a Sunday evening service. God simultaneously spoke to his wife, Bea, and she agreed. As they walked home that night, Bea spotted what looked like a dollar bill lying under a street light. It was a twenty dollar bill, the exact amount they had obediently given earlier.

Montanus gave from the bottom of the barrel, and he discovered that God is no man’s debtor. We may have limited resources, but there’s no less in His storehouse. When we are faithful in giving to Him during economic hard times, He will give back with interest. 

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