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Today's Devotional
God’s Flashlight - Anne Adams

“Your words are a flashlight to light the path ahead of me and keep me from stumbling,” (Psalm 119:105 TLB).

One evening recently, my family attended an outdoor event where parking was in a grassy field and as we returned to our car, I found it difficult. After all, I’m an oldster with poor balance and since it was dark and the surface uneven, I risked falling. However, to help me know where to step my daughter used the light on her cell phone—as a sort of flashlight—to illuminate the path. Thus, we arrived safely at the car.

So often we have to navigate a dark path on our spiritual journey and the Psalmist’s image of a preceding light is indeed reassuring. Of course, many Scriptural versions use “lamp” instead of the informal “flashlight”, but the idea is the same. As we follow God’s plan for our lives, it’s the light of God’s Word that reveals our path and helps us to not stumble and fall by revealing any spiritual roadblocks to avoid. That same light not only exposes these obstacles but also tells us how to avoid them, and also how to cope.

One potential obstacle I frequently encounter on that dark path is anxious fretting over an unexpected problem. And when that occurs, I find myself staggering along, groping with the inevitable worries and trepidations, until I learn to see God’s Word as the solution. For with its light, I can see how to move forward – where to step and where not to – and also, I can absorb its reassuring promises. After all, since the Lord knows every inch of my dark path, I know his light will certainly disperse the darkness of my anxiety. It also provides me the confidence to step out in faith and press forward to serve Him.

Anne lives in Texas and has written for both Christian and secular publications. Contact her and read more HERE.


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