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Today's Devotional
Ponder, Live & Learn - by C D Swanson

O how love I thy law! It is my meditation all the day. (Psalm 119:97 KJV)

Some of us struggle in our spiritual walk. We might wonder what is false, what is truth? Or ponder what's good or what's best? These questions that come to mind can be confusing. We may pray that we're praying the right way.

However, during our walk with God as we mature in our relationship with Him, something happens...things become clearer. Suddenly we're able to ascertain quite readily with defining clarity, what God's will is. And what His plans are.

The Holy Spirit will guide us in all transactions pertaining to life, along the highway of growth and wisdom. The more we thirst, the more He will water. The more we hunger, the more He'll feed us. The more we assimilate into His mind-set, the more receptive we'll be to our surroundings in helping our brothers and sisters. Which, we will therefore, be following your doctrine, while promoting the good word.

Meditate. Ponder...absorb. It's a heady feeling being satiated through His love, and through His acceptance of us as His children. The rewards are boundless as we grasp what it is we are to do according to his will and purpose in our lives.

Father, please continue to guide us as we go forward in Your loving name, and help us to instinctually know what is right or wrong, truth or error, and Your will not man’s, as we do so my Lord, giving You all the glory, now and forever, Amen.

C D Swanson writes for the Glory of God. She’s written fourteen books and in the process of publishing two more. Contact

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