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If you are looking for good reading material for your children, especially for children you read bed time stories to, "The Stone Writer" by Toni Babcock is a nice collection of quaint stories ideally suited to tucking in elementary school aged children. Each story is one a child can relate to and there is always a moral to the story, most of which obviously embrace Christian beliefs, though sometimes it is subtle. "The Gospel According to a Pirate" is excellently done, and was my favorite. For older children, "Shadow Man" has a great lesson on dealing with difficult choices.

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The Naked Truth – by Toni Babcock

"But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh , to fulfill the lusts thereof," (Romans 13:14 KJV).

Jesus told a parable about a king who prepared a great wedding banquet for his son. One man in particular arrived at the banquet quite confident he had dressed just right for the occasion. But the king spotted him right away and asked "Friend, why aren't you wearing your wedding garment?" The man was struck speechless.

Jesus of course was speaking in spiritual terms. The truth of the matter was, the man was naked in the eyes of the King because he was not wearing the garment the Lord required for his entrance to the marriage feast. Surely the man believed he was already dressed adequately for the occasion. Perhaps he was confident in his position in the church and in the world; his status, his charity, his adherence to rules, ritual, etc. The naked truth was, for the first time he was exposed for missing the one essential thing. He wasn't clothed in the righteousness of Christ, and in his surprise, was turned away. At the threshold of eternity he learned the naked truth about himself, but it was too late.

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