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Banking on Christ – Sheldon Bass

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Philippians 4:13 KJV)

Attempting to learn new skills and acquire the knowledge needed to keep up with the latest trends and newest technologies can often seem overwhelming. But following Jesus necessitates growing in wisdom. Sometimes that includes new knowledge as well. 

To perform a work God called me to accomplish, I’d need to learn some things that were problematic to my mind. Techno-jargon has a tendency to scramble my brain, and the instruction I received was heavily laden with it. I was certain I’d never be capable of comprehending how to proceed. Surrendering to defeat was a strong temptation.

Facing a daunting task can often arouse the villain of doubt and cause our efforts to become less than zealous. But the Lord assures us that through Christ we can do anything He calls us to do—“All things”. When we rely on the Lord and step out in obedient faith, His power flows through us to guarantee success. So, I prayed fervently and applied a little more zeal to my efforts.

As a result, God opened my mind to understand what I was studying. Remaining dependent upon God in all that we do is requisite for achievement in every facet of our lives. We branch out from Him. He’s the bank—”The Vine” from which we draw whatever we may need to successfully accomplish every task.

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