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Today's Devotional
Nature’s Whisper - by Karen Pourbabaee

“For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…” Romans 1:20 KJV

The day after Thanksgiving was mild enough for sitting a spell out on the patio. Bare trees and wheat colored grass announced winter was here to stay. A brisk wind tossed dead leaves about the yard, landing near some emerald green holly bushes, resplendent with bright red berries. The colors of Christmas. Life-filled. Nature was whispering its message.

Evergreen holly bushes are symbolic of perpetual life. People trim their berried branches to bring indoors for holiday displays, becoming signs of life amidst the stark winter outdoors. And they’re the colors of Christmas! What a coincidence…or is it?

Jesus proclaimed in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” We all know the abundant and eternal life the Lord offers came at great cost. In the garden of Gethsemane, blood trickled past His brow unto the earth. At the cross, it became a stream of love, unto death. The perfect lamb, slain to give us new life. There is no life without His blood. I was moved by nature’s whisper today, remembering His sacrifice. 

How ironic that these crimson berries arrive in the winter season as the celebration of Jesus’ birth draws near. A gentle reminder of why He came. If you do not know His story or have never taken it to heart, follow that divine pull to the manger this Christmas. Attend a church service, living Nativity, or Christmas pageant. Meet Jesus, the baby who arrived from heaven that you might have life!

Karen is a Christian writer from Oklahoma who spent much of her life in the nursing field. Contact

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