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Fleeting or Eternal 

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away." ( Matthew 24:35 NIV)

Not many things are eternal and unchanging, which makes it difficult to rely upon the things of the world. Money, power, position, health, popularity, a career, market values: these are all too unstable and fleeting. Holding tightly to the things of this world is like trying to grasp a handful of oil; it runs right through our fingers. Our bodies too, are temporary vessels that wear out and die. But our spirit lives on, and shall return to our creator to receive either eternal reward, or eternal punishment.

However, there is great news! Eternal life in God's presence is a free gift! "But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."(Romans 6:23 KJV) God is eternal; our spirits are eternal, and our good works in Christ garner rewards lasting forever. God's Word remains steadfast throughout eternity.

Father in heaven, we thank you for being a God we can depend on; never changing; always faithful to your word. May we always trust you, especially when we can't see your plan through uncomfortable circumstances. We praise you for your wisdom, and most of all for the gift of eternal life through faith in your Son Jesus, our Savior. Teach us to love with a love like yours, amen.

Today’s writer, Indianapolis Indiana: Bible Teacher, Minister, Writer for God's glory—only wants to be a blessing.

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This is a Automatic Daily Bible Devotional written by FaithWriters members. If you prefer to not receive this Devotional, you can opt out below.