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New Year brings big changes and exciting updates to SVCUE
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Big News for January from SVCUE

For many, January is a time of reflection, paired with new beginnings.

It's no different for SVCUE.

SVCUE will begin 2021 with leadership changes for the SVCUE Board, new events for SVCUE members and continued efforts to help educators balance experience & tradition with fresh ideas & new paradigms.



SVCUE Educator Spotlight:

Robert Wachtel Pronovost , SVCUE Board President

SVCUE traditionally uses the Educator Spotlight to highlight innovative SVCUE educators. However, this month, we're shining the spotlight on our outgoing SVCUE Board President, Robert Wachtel Pronovost who will be stepping away from the board in 2021 after almost a decade of service. His calm and steadfast leadership style, and epic wait times will be missed by all.

Robert's out-going message as SVCUE Board President to SVCUE members is included in this month's newsletter.

Join us on our social media channels in wishing Robert, and his growing family,

all the best in his future endeavors.

SVCUE Introduces Co-Presidents:

Abby Almerido & Cristina Bustamante

The SVCUE Board is pleased to announce Abby Almerido and Cristina Bustamante will begin serving as the new SVCUE Board Co-Presidents. The board is thankful for their commitment, and excited to see where their new leadership will take SVCUE in 2021.

SVCUE Elections:

Board Nomination Close 1/7/21

SVCUE is accepting member nominations to run for the SVCUE Board of Directors.  Do you have great ideas for SVCUE or know someone with great ideas for SVCUE? Nominate them for the SVCUE BOARD or nominate yourself!

 Nominations Due - January 7, 2021

Submit a nomination:


Fine Print:  SVCUE members must by nominated by 1/7/2021. Nominees submit a biography and statement of purpose for the ballot. Newly elected members serve a 3 year term starting July 1, 2021


Events with SVCUE

SVCUE Self Care Bingo

Win Prizes - Have Fun - Practice Self Care



January 27, 2021


The SVCUE cupboards are overflowing with prizes that we want to give away to SVCUE members and friends.

We thought that the best way to combine the good intentions of January, the need for educator self care during these unprecedented times, and our stash of fun and surprises was to play some BINGO and have a raffle!

  • Complete 1 row on the SELF CARE BINGO and earn a raffle ticket.

  • Complete all squares for a BLACKOUT and win 20 raffle tickets.

  • Post on Social Media for More Raffle Tickets: Share your BINGOS on SVCUE social media with the tag #SVCUEBingo

AND - Join SVCUE for celebration and awards and MORE PRIZES on January 27th

Start 2021 off right -

Join the SVCUE Self Care Challenge and start tracking your bingos!


Watch This Space

SVCUE PD in your PJs

January Speaker - TBA

PD in Your PJs will be back in January!

More information coming soon.

Watch the SVCUE website and

SVCUE social media accounts for info!


January 13, 2021


Anti-Bias Anti-Racist Book Club

The SVCUE ABAR Book Club will continue in 2021.

Watch for updates in future newsletters and on social media!


Monthly Features

SVCUE Monthly SEL Tune Up

Educators are usually surrounded by people all day long, but may feel isolated and alone when facing life's challenges. This month in the SEL Tune Up, SVCUE Board Member, Doreen Bonde highlights Strug4Change a collaborative space designed to support educators as they navigate personal struggles while working in a very public environment.

  Check out the January SEL Tune Up:

Looking for more SEL resources?

Explore Doreen's collections at #carepackageEDU

SVCUE's Educator Spotlight

Do you know an educator who should be featured in the the monthly SVCUE Educator Spotlight?

Send your tips and ideas to


Out-Going Message from

SVCUE President Robert Wachtel Pronovost 

Deep appreciation. That phrase summarizes my feelings toward the SVCUE community for the past two years I have served as Board President and nearly a decade that I have been on the SVCUE Board. During the time I’ve been on the board, we’ve seen significant changes, including growing membership numbers, a diversification of our board, increasing fiscal strength, and most recently, a shift toward more online offerings for SVCUE educators.

As I step down, I am excited to (re)introduce the SVCUE Board who will continue to lead our affiliate into 2021 and beyond. Let me start by sharing a huge congratulations to our Co-Presidents, Abby Almerido and Cristina Bustamante! Abby has served as Treasurer, helping to continue the fiscal strength of SVCUE that has allowed us to offer two rounds of mini-grants this year, as she will continue to serve in this role for the foreseeable future. Cristina has coordinated many of the SVCUE social events that we’ve held over the past year and a half, including our virtual game nights.

Our board is, in my opinion, the strongest it has been in years. This is not to discount the numerous past board members, who I’ve truly enjoyed working alongside in support of all of the educators across the counties of San Mateo and Santa Clara. Instead, it illuminates the thought and effort that the board has put into best supporting the community since the COVID-19 pandemic led to a forced switch to distance learning, which has continued for many, if not most, of our local schools, along with a discontinuation of in-person professional development opportunities.

With the support of presenters within and beyond SVCUE, we’ve held eight “PD in your PJs” sessions, where we’ve raised funds to donate over $400 to local organizations supporting educational equity and racial justice. Our Anti-Bias Anti-Racist (ABAR) Book Club recently read and processed Tiffany Jewell’s This Book is Anti-Racist this fall as a place “to provide learners resources and space to reflect on themselves, their educational practices, and the institutions that they are a part of.” The PD in your PJs series and the ABAR book club were created by our current SVCUE board members and are planned to continue into 2021, focusing on actions that each of us can take as educators to provide a quality and compassionate education for all learners. 

This is not to say we don’t have room to grow, as we most definitely do. We have been fiscally responsible enough to have space to offer mini-grants, yet we have not been able to give away all the funds we’ve allocated at some points. We’ve grown more racially diverse as a board, yet have featured a majority of white educators as presenters in recent memory. The board continues to work on these issues and more, and surely those who join the board next year - I’d be remiss not to mention that nominations are open right now - will help us to live our beliefs in shaping an inclusive education system that works for all of our students and their families.

Since the time I’ve joined the board, our membership has grown significantly (thanks to the move toward free CUE membership for all), our board has grown more racially diverse, and we have become fiscally stronger as an organization.

Thank you sincerely,

Robert Wachtel Pronovost


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