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Join ASI Columbia Union during the ASI National Convention.


Photo Credit: Columbia Union Visitor

The Columbia Union elected new ASI chapter leaders at its spring meeting in May. They are:

President: Daniel A. Reed

General Vice President: Mark Brown

Vice President of Evangelism: Norbert Restrepo Jr.
Vice President of Communication: Pierre Monice
Vice President of Logistics: Fran Gourdet
Vice President of Membership: Lawrence Rykard, Jr.
Columbia Union ASI Sponsor: Celeste Ryan Blyden 

Experience the Mission

Our mission is to obey the Holy Spirit’s call to encourage, empower and equip Adventist members of Columbia Union to work together to finish God’s work in these times in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

ASI Columbia Union Board: Mark A. Brown, president; Sharon Pruitt, vice president for spiritual development; Daniel Reed, vice president for projects, missions and evangelism

Sponsor: Celeste Ryan Blyden, executive secretary, Columbia Union Conference

Newsletter Managing Editor: Michele Joseph

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