Subject: God's Property

January 10, 2019 ◊ Issue 3
God's Property

When Zubin David graduated with a master’s in business administration in 2005, he wasn’t certain how he would use it. No answer came to his prayers during his final semester at Schiller International University in Switzerland. Then, on the plane home to the DMV, he began reading an article about commercial real estate in the in-flight magazine.
“I knew right then this is what I wanted to get into,” David said in an email. “… I came home and [after] my first job interview, [I] knew I had found the right gig with a commercial real estate firm specializing in [the] office sector. God, step by step, unveiled his plan for me and I just trusted Him over that summer.”
Now, more than 13 years later, he has negotiated more than 400 commercial real estate transactions, according to his company profile on the KLNB website. As a Seventh-day Adventist in secular industry, David says he has found opportunities to share his faith. He says the key is to “be 100 percent transparent in every aspect of the job and be true to yourself.” He also believes “in setting boundaries from Day 1.”
This has meant explaining to his colleagues that he doesn’t attend conferences or travel on Sabbath. David’s commitment to his faith has also opened doors, allowing him to focus “more of my time in providing real estate advisory services to some of our Adventist institutions,” he said. 
He offers this advice to business owners in the midst of property decisions: 
  • Consider your monthly budget and location needs.  “Our area is so diverse. Lease rates in Bethesda, Md., are totally different than in Laurel, Md.”
  • List your priorities for the property. Will you need exterior signage? Do you need flexibility in your contract with an option to terminate the lease? 
  • Weigh your options between leasing and buying.  A recent client had been leasing for more than 30 years. David help her realize she could afford to purchase a building. After eight months of market evaluation, she bought a property in Alexandria, Va.
David is an office specialist for the commercial real estate firm KLNB, serving Maryland, DC and Virginia. He can be reached at or at 443-574-1446. 
— By Michele Joseph, managing editor, CUASI newsletter, and photo provided by Zubin David

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Happy New Year! I pray that you have all had a wonderful holiday season and have begun 2019 with hope and high expectations.

It is my pleasure to announce our theme for the year – “Occupy ‘til I Come: With Christ We Will Do It.”  Based on Luke 19:13, our prayer is that every member of the CUASI family will recognize that God has strategically placed us in our respective professions, ministries, businesses and locations. With that recognition, we will then daily “occupy” the space in which we have been placed, filling it with the light of Christ by the way we live and work and love.

It is by our doing this that we will further the kingdom and hasten the coming of the Lord. Our activities for the year, with networking and training events and our spring convention, will by God’s grace empower and equip us to live our best life to His name’s honor and glory.

Blessings on you all and let’s stay excited and engaged.
Your fellow servant,
Mark A. Brown, CUASI president
He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."
— Rev. 21:5, NIV
This month we are praying for:
Reginald Alexander
received a heart transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is now experiencing complications. Please keep Reggie, his wife and three children in prayer.

The CUASI Community
as we grow in Christ and share His love in 2019.

To share a prayer request, email us at
Call 570-354-0272 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. to pray with Sharon Pruitt, CUASI vice president for spiritual development and other CUASI members.
January 24 — Free biblical entrepreneurship webinar: "7 Hindrances of Growth." More details to come.

January 31 — CUASI Adventist Business Professionals Networking Event, 5 to 8 p.m., Silver Spring Civic Building at Veteran's Plaza, 8525 Fenton St., Silver Spring, MD, 20910
April 4–6 — CUASI Spring Convention, North American Division headquarters. More details to come.

April 7 — Youth Prayer Summit in Pine Forge, PA. More details to come.

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Most people who have debit or credit cards only use them for one purpose. But what good is a credit or debit card if it can’t do tricks! Here are some tricks your cards should be able to perform:

1. If you misplaced your credit or debit card, can you have it locked temporarily while you look for it?

Yes, some credit/debit cards allow you to place them in a locked status while you search for it. That way you are able to protect yourself even though the card is misplaced and you have not yet ordered a new card. While locked, the card should still allow your monthly bills tied to it to be processed. A locked card may prevent you from purchasing new items or conducting ATM transactions but it will still allow you to dispute transactions. So, don’t panic and order a new card the next time you can’t find your credit/debit card or you think it’s lost. Get it temporarily locked!

2. You are going on vacation and do not want to take all those cards with you. Does your credit card allow you to “turn off” the service while you are on vacation? 

Yes, your credit/debit card should allow you to turn it off while you are on vacation without any interruptions. This additional form of security may come with an extra cost, but it may be well worth the fee instead of walking around with unwanted credit cards while on vacation.  

—Ruthven Phillip, CUASI vice president for finance
© Give2Getrich, LLC 2018 (Republished with permission.)

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