Subject: Called to Occupy

April 11, 2019 ◊ Issue 6
Called to Occupy
ASI National's leadership team Philip Baptiste (from right), secretary-treasurer; Andi Hunsaker, general vice president; and Steve Dickman, president, speak to CUASI spring convention attendees about ASI sponsored mission work. 
For attendees of Columbia Union ASI's spring convention held at the North American Division headquarters April 4 to 6, occupation now has a new meaning. When asked what their occupation is, they will no longer respond with a job title, ministry name or scope of their business. Occupation now refers to the territory God has strategically placed someone in to share the love of Jesus and the promise of his soon return, said Mark Brown, CUASI's president. 

Speakers brought expanded meaning to the theme  "Occupy 'til I Come." Dwain Esmond (left, top), associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate, preached about having a "'til" religion — a faith that doesn't waver or shift with circumstances but remains steadfast. Dr. Gaspar Colon (left, upper middle), pastor of nurture and discipleship at the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church,  reminded attendees that God's omnipotence is available for any mission He sends us on, if we partner with Christ. We have no need to fear. Dr. Subodh Pandit (left, lower middle), author and apologist offered instruction on how to effectively share the gospel. 
The spring convention closed April 6 with an anointing service led by Dr. Paul Anderson (top), director/endorser of Seventh-day Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries for the North American Division. There attendees could dedicate their businesses, professions and ministries to God.  
2019–2021 Board Members 

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VP for Projects, Missions and Evangelism: Daniel Reed
VP for Spiritual Development: Sharon Pruitt
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Columbia Union Conference Sponsor: Celeste Ryan Blyden
— By Michele Joseph, managing editor, CUASI newsletter, and photos by Eduardo Gonzalez

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Mission Accomplished!! Since the announcement of the CUASI Spring Convention in the November issue of this newsletter, we knew that the theme God gave us would present the opportunity for all in attendance to have an encounter with Him, and praise God, He showed up. In spite of sickness among our board and family members, He enabled us to do what was needed.

On Thursday evening, representatives from the National ASI executive board led the CUASI members in conducting biennial elections.  Underpinned by the acknowledgement of the stalwart service of the current executive board members, many continue to serve this chapter in a supportive role. The elections yielded a leadership path forward that we believe will continue the growth and progress this chapter is capable of achieving. 

On Friday morning, as we embarked on the convention adventure, all in attendance were called upon to engage in the dissection of what “Occupy 'til I come” meant for us as God’s last-day people. And in the end, the following conclusions evolved: 1) There is a need to move people from a present-day earthly mindset to an eternal kingdom mindset through our influence; 2) We have been given more than we deserve and must use it to ‘occupy/do business’ through resourceful action; 3) Our king is soon to return and we must prepare to give an accounting of what we have been given; and 4) We want to hear ‘well done’, not called ‘wicked  and lazy’, and receive our eternal reward.  

As I close, I would like to thank all who supported the convention with your efforts and/or attendance, and encourage you to join us as we stay engaged in the business of God’s kingdom.  Please plan to come to our next networking event on May 16 (see our calendar below).
Looking forward to seeing or speaking with you soon.  Blessings on you all.
Your fellow servant,
Mark A. Brown, CUASI president
Then I heard the Lord asking, "Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?" I said, "Here I am. Send me."
— Isaiah 6:8, NLT
This month we are praying for:
Reginald Alexander
received a heart transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is now walking, talking and building up his strength. Please keep Reggie, his wife and their three children in prayer.

Farm Stew
Founder/President Joy Kauffman's ministry has an opportunity to drill for water in three African nations. She is asking for prayer as they seek drilling rights and equipment for this endeavor.

The CUASI Community
as we grow in Christ and share His love in 2019.

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July 31–Aug. 3 — ASI National Convention, "Business Unusual," Louisville, KY. To register, visit their website.
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