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Welcome back to another great edition of Court Services eNews! In our latest issue you will find outstanding information including a spotlight on one of our community partners, news in the Criminal Justice field and so much more. We hope by sharing information in this format that we can demonstrate the strong connections between Court Services, our partners and the greater community of Alachua County. Our goals are to communicate in an educational and entertaining way both local and national information, and the Court Services Marketing Team continues to do a bang up job in this regard! So enjoy this latest edition of Court Services eNews and have a wonderful week!
Featured Program - First Appearance
The First Appearance hearing is one of the most important court events in the judicial system, where the fundamental right of due process under the law begins for the citizens of this nation. Prior to the first appearance, a pretrial investigation is conducted. A written report on the investigation is provided to the court, the prosecutor, and counsel for the defendant prior to the first appearance. Read more about how we do it.
New York City to End Cash Bail for Low-Level Offenders
New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio plans to end bail for low-level offenders, allowing them to await trial under home supervision. We look at how the current bail system can be detrimental to defendants and how reforms can help. Follow the link for a video about this story.

Spotlight on Community Partner - Creative Counseling
Founded by Ret. L.T. John E Jones in 1996, Creative Counseling Services was created to address the trauma experienced by emergency service personnel. Since that time, CCS has expanded to six additional cities. Currently, CCS specializes in all areas of violence, with an emphasis on family violence and assisting victims of trauma/violence.

Sheriffs Back Effective Adult and Juvenile Sentencing and Corrections Policies The National Sheriff's Association (NSA) has adopted and/or two resolutions to support the use of data-driven policies in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Both resolutions are aimed at getting a better public safety return on taxpayer dollars.    

Decriminalizing Mental Illness in America America's jails are filled with people suffering from severe psychological problems. But largely thanks to one judge, Miami has found ways to keep the mentally ill out of incarceration and in treatment. The fact that Florida's largest mental health facility was - and still is - a county jail isn't unusual. Can what they do become a model for Alachua County?

Notary Bulletin: What Saying No To Is Not Allowed As a Notary Public, you are required to provide your services to any signer who makes a lawful request. However, you are also responsible for following all laws, rules and best practices when preforming a notarization, in order to protect the public from fraud. Therefore, it is critical to know what you can - and cannot - refuse a notarization. 

Court Services - Behind Closed Doors They say "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts," but we value every part of our Court Services Team!  Read on to see who's celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, learn about new employees, plan some training and even catch up on some news! 

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