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Greetings... and welcome back to Court Services eNews - the Alachua County Department of Court Services' electronic newsletter. Staff continue to do great work and make a positive difference in the lives of our citizens, and we strive to find ways to become even more effective and efficient. Our goals are to educate, inform and share Court Services' programs, staff and best practices. We hope you enjoyed our debut edition and hope you also enjoy the submissions in our current issue!
Florida, a Model of Pretrial Services
Poking fun at Florida is oh-so-easy. There's even a twitter for "Florida Man," in reference to some of the oddball arrests that happen in our state. But imagine our surprise when HBO host John Oliver hailed Florida as a model for the county on our Pretrial Services system!

Alachua County Mental Health Court
The Alachua County Mental Health Court opened in November 2000 and was the second Mental Health Court established in Florida. Its Mission Statement reads: Alachua County’s Mental Health Court addresses the unique needs of the mentally ill and/or the developmentally disabled defendants in the criminal justice systems and expedites legal case processing. It provide defendants access to the least restrictive treatment, training and support services necessary to reduce recidivism and ensure public safety.
Spotlight on Community Partner - Peaceful Paths 
Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network, Inc. has been the certified domestic violence center in Alachua, Bradford and Union counties since 1974. Since that time, they have expanded to include numerous outreach programs, as well as maintaining its core of providing residential services for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Peaceful Paths currently has over 25 employees that work together to further the mission of ending domestic violence in our communities.

Proclamation of Pretrial, Probation and Parole  -The week of July 12th is Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week, a time to commemorate the important work done by  Community Correctional professionals in keeping communities safe. The Alachua County Commissioners will be reading the proclamation at 9:00am on Tuesday, July 14th. 

County Jails at a Crossroads - Counties own 87% of jails in the United States through which they provide supervision, detention and other correctional services to over 700,000 people to maintain public safety and reduce recidivism. Many counties are at a crossroads.

Jail Population Reduction Project Success - In 2009, Alachua County began a project of analyzing the drivers of the jail population. It also implemented strategies to reduce population and address issues in a high crime area of the county. The results are impressive.

Court Services - Behind Closed Doors They say "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts," but we value every part of our Court Services Team!  Read on to see who's celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, learn about new employees, plan some training and even catch up on some news! 

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