Subject: The Original Fantasy - Last chance for Pre-launch price!

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Just a quick reminder that today is the last day you can get the pre-launch price of $3.99 for my latest release 'The Original Fantasy: A Practical Guide To Writing Genre'. It will be going up to $6.99 tomorrow so don't delay!

If you're looking to create the best book you can, check out the blurb for the book, then grab you copy at the links below!

The Original Fantasy

"Emily creates a warm, funny, personable read in this guide book version of our mentorship. I love it. Even if I do come off as a stern and slightly frightening Mage…” 

~ Isobelle Carmody, award-winning author of over 30 books.

So you’ve finished your genre novel and it is Frankenstein’s monster.

Don’t Panic!

Whether you write fantasy, science-fiction, crime, thriller, YA or chick-lit, this humorous and helpful guide will hone your skills and lead you through the quagmire of writing original fiction.

Emily Craven details the lessons she learnt during her twelve-month mentorship with award-winning author Isobelle Carmody. Emily has included dozens of examples of her original passages, along with Isobelle’s insightful comments.

An award-winning publisher and author in her own right, Emily simplifies and demystifies the complexities of writing and editing your novel.

Grab your pre-order copy here and save almost 50%!

I hope you enjoy!



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