Subject: Launching Story City's Community Mentor Program

Dear Friend,

We hope your 2019 has been stellar!

It's been heads down bums up here at Story City over the past 6 months! Plans are finally in the works to open Story City up to creatives across the world to create and sell their own locative stories and we hope we have good news for you on that front by this time next year.

But until then we have found ourselves having a very curious problem at Story City that I'm hoping some of you will be interested in helping us with. 

Fabulous not-for-profits and academics had been contacting us over the past year, wanting to use the Story City platform as a way to tell stories that bridged cultural divides, something we never expected but love! But we lack the time and people to help them with these very impactful projects. But we realised recently that there IS something that we can do to help these projects see the light of day.

But we need YOUR awesome brains to do it. Find out more details in this video on our latest blog post:

Hope you'll consider joining us!



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