Subject: No More Messy Charging Cables - Charge Your Mobile Phone Wire-lessly!

Wireless Mobile Charger
Qi Wireless Charger 
No more messy mobile phone charging cables forever! 

This sleek wireless charger is a useful and handy item that your corporate clients will come back asking more of! 

A very good gift for your clients especially with your company branding / logo on it! 

Available in White (140 pcs) and Black (129 pcs) in limited quantities!

Contact us if you'd like a price quote! 
See what we offer:
Wireless Charger against cool orangy background
Wireless Charger with your LOGO

Wireless Charger with eco-friendly packaging
Phone about to be charged 
Wireless Charger without logos, JVK Holdings Pte Ltd,10 Anson Road #10-11, Singapore, Singapore 079903, Singapore
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