Subject: Storytelling with Big Data and Mapping

Big Data is Not Analytics | 5 Big Data Management Challenges | Future of Urban Commuting
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Volume 7 - Issue 3                                                      Q3 - 2017
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Feature Articles
 - Big Data is Not Analytics

 - 5 Big Data Management Challenges 

 - Future of Urban Commuting with Mapping Integration Services

- How Companies Use Data to Tell a Story
Big Data is Not Analytics
Sometimes, business executives assume big data and analytics are same things. Well, these two are the branches of the same trunk. Although both of them aim to extract intelligence from the data and make them usable for business advantages, there are three fundamental differences.

1. Volume

The rate at which the data is doubling is enormous. According to a survey, approximately 2.5 exabytes of data per day was being created in 2012. An array of surveys has revealed that these figures doubled in roughly three years. That is the very reason why companies such as Walmart and Amazon deal with many petabytes of data in just a single data set.

These statistics about multinational corporations are not only accounting for their online transactions. For instance, it is estimated that Walmart gets to handle about 2.5 quadrillion bytes of data every hour from a single data set, let’s say, transactions. If this quantity of data were to be converted into a physical commodity, it would require about 200 hundred thousands of filing cabinets!

2. Velocity

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are developing applications which are more efficient regarding data creation than handling the volume. The necessity is immense, particularly in cases where real-time information is required and needs to be processed at faster rates. These applications are primarily required by Main Street managers and Wall Street analysts for making timely decisions.

A handy application was developed by MIT to demonstrate this real-time data gathering. The MIT group gathered location data from each mobile device to determine the number of people present in Macy’s parking lot on Black Friday.  Hence, they were able to get a rough estimate of Macy’s sales even before the opening of the store that that day.

3. Variety

Big data lives in the modern era. Since an array of its data collection resources is new, it is easier for the public to assume that they are way more reliable and accurate. Here are a few of the forms in which their data are processed:
  • GPS signals
  • Sensor readings
  • Social media postings (updates, images, etc.)
  • Messages
Since a major part of big data depends on social media, it is easier to understand that a significant chunk of the information is not older than 2004 (Facebook) and 2006 (Twitter).

A few years back, there was not sufficient modern equipment to cope up with the ever-growing data storage requirements of Big data. However, not only the businesses are digitizing at an incredible rate, but the development of efficient and intelligent data storage systems have also brought a revolution in favor of Big data.
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5 Big Data Management Challenges
Big data is everywhere. The companies need to gather and use it effectively to reap its benefits to the fullest. There are five elements which hold paramount importance in this regard, which include the following:

Leadership: It is the fundamental element that plays a vital role in the better utilization of big data and ultimately the success of the companies.

Future Of Urban Commuting With Mapping Integration Services
Given the rate at which population is growing in the world, many people have started making sensible decisions about their means of transportation and how they plan to go from one place to another. While most do not pay much attention to the commuting methods they use, there are a fraction of the population which is thankful to Uber and car sharing services that save them the trouble of driving.

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How Companies Use Data to Tell a Story
“Everyone in our business knows they need to visualize data, but it’s easy to do poorly.  We invest in it.  We’re excited if we can use it right while they use it wrong.”  – Daryl Morey, GM, Houston Rockets

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