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True Stories About Conception, Adoption, Surrogacy, Pregnancy, Labor, and Love
23 original stories by mothers and fathers from all walks of lifestraight, gay, single, surrogate, biological, adoptiveexploring the challenges and rewards of parenthood.

Here, among other adventures, parents fall hopelessly in love with newborns, secretly fear having made huge mistakes, race to finish birthing at home before the paramedics arrive, struggle with the bureaucracy of international adoption, despair of ever getting a one-year-old to nap, are nearly broken by colic, encounter other judgy parents in birthing class, learn how to parent children with special needs, and more. Together, these thoughtful, searing, often hilarious essays map the grand (and sometimes terrifying) journey that begins with each new life. 

Compiled and co-edited by CNF's Lee Gutkind and Alice Bradley (co-author of the book Let's Panic About Babies!), with an introduction by Lisa Belkin (creator of New York Times' Motherlode blog and senior national correspondent for Yahoo) this book is a perfect bundle of joy for any parentnew or soon-to-be.
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Amy Amoroso // Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew // Lisa Belkin // Alice Bradley // Jill Christman // Steven Church // Barbara Duffey // Anika Fajardo // Terrance Flynn // Lee Gutkind // Wanda Harding // Liz Windhorst Harmer // Elizabeth Anne Hegwood // Aileen Hunt // Eden M. Kennedy // Leah Laben // Danielle Leshaw // Nancy McCabe // Becki Melchione // Amy Penne // Anastasia Rubis // Mary A. Scherf // Suzanne Farrell Smith // Lisa Southgate // KC Trommer // Erin White
"The Beginning of the World"
Anika Fajardo
"It's a girl," I heard from somewhere. But I didn't know what those words meant. "It's a girl," Dave said. I opened my eyes and was blinded by lights. Lights like the big bang of the universe, the explosion of atoms and particles that created the world as we eventually came to know it.

"Just Colic"
Leah Laben
The child of your dreams is just that. The child you actually get is likely to be as complicated, messy, and frustrating as any other human being on the planet.

"Blue Pools"
Anastasia Rubis
Don’t change, I pleaded. I have found you in blue pools; you’ll be some other person in brown or hazel. Don’t Leave me now, Kassandra. The name sounded big. I felt like an impostor saying it. Had we chosen the wrong one?

Praise for Oh, Baby!

Thoughtful, often funny ... This collection’s wide range of topics should resonate with an equally wide range of parents.” 
- Publisher’s Weekly

A literary lifeline for new parents.” 
- Ann Imig, editor of Listen to Your Mother: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now

“This is not a book about babies—it is a powerful, often moving reflection of the shards of who we were before these babies came into our lives.” 
- Barbara Katz Rothman, author of A Bun in the Oven: How the Food and Birth Movements Resist Industrialization

“Offers witty, charming, and brutally honest commentary on becoming and being a parent. These eclectic and diverse first-person accounts will be treasured by anyone who is or hopes to be a parent.” 
- Theresa Morris, author of Cut it Out: The C-Section Epidemic in America

Inspiring and joyful, humbling and heartbreaking, this collection of essays reminds us that becoming a parent is the biggest, blindest leap any of us will ever make.” 
- Cynthia L. Copeland, bestselling author of The Diaper Diaries: The Real Poop on a New Mom's First Year 
Creative Nonfiction, 5119 Coral Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, United States
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