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Bittle Books & Taxes

After gaining experience in a chosen field, entrepreneurs often set out to start their own business. For CPA Carlie Bittel it was no different.

Carlie left the corporate world in 2013 after gaining experience at a national accounting firm and founded Bittel Books & Taxes. A problem solver at heart, Carlie wanted to bring her passion to help fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals grow and succeed. Along the way, she has built a growing and loyal clientele.

Bookkeeping and Accounting are essential parts of any business, but some business owners find that they can’t get enough proactive advice from their CPA when building the business. That's where Bittel Books & Taxes is different. Bittel’s mission is simple, to “use responsive accounting, real-time collaboration, and a personalized approach to help you make the smartest decisions about your finances.” They work in three main areas: tax preparation/planning, bookkeeping, and business strategy & benefits.

No matter how simple or complicated your affairs, Bittel takes the time to understand your unique financial situation and hand-select tools that work best for you. Give ‘em a call.
Diversity Fund News

There are few things more exciting that creating and starting something new, and in Austin even more so. At Diversity Fund, we eagerly look forward to building a great company that helps local businesses get faster financing. 

In doing so, we will be directly adding to the engine of business growth…particularly in areas that have been underserved such as women, minority, and LGBT-led businesses. 

Our team is bringing their personal and professional experience to create a novel approach to direct lending and equity crowdfunding. In the process, we plan become a model for small business finance everywhere. This is going to be a fun ride, and we hope you’ll come along with us!

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Money Matters

Why finance via a crowd?

There are many different types of business financing. An increasingly popular form, crowdfunding, can be separated into four different types: Rewards, Donation-based, Lending and Equity, with each category having different benefits for both business owners and investors.

Rewards-based financing means when the company raises its financing goal, the investors receive a piece of the product. Think of a production company who needs to raise financing to complete a play. Investors might receive, for example, a ticket to see the finished play. Typically used for creative projects seeking lower amounts of funding, or in conjunction with other types of funding.

Donation-based financing works best for non-profits and social causes, and funded projects typically do not provide any returns.

Equity and Lending-based financing are best used for companies seeking larger amounts of capital. With Equity financing, business owners offer stock in their company in exchange for investor monies. Through Lending, entrepreneurs raise funds from investors in the form of a loan with a set interest rate and set time period.

Diversity Fund is unique because we offer a mix of Lending, Equity, and Rewards-based financing through our platform. As a business owner, you can pick one, two, or even three ways to structure your deal. This gives a business owner more possibilities to get a better rate, but still secure their funding needs. Investors, whether accredited or non-accredited, can choose among several ways to invest their money in a variety of different companies- all on one platform!

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