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Texas Business Highlight
Dope Crochet - Artist turned businesswoman

Ericka Barnes always liked to create unique, colorful, one-of-a-kind accessories for herself. Then one day, she decided to turn her passion for crocheting into a profession and launched her own business. She began with a small shop on Etsy where she sold handcrafted earrings, bikinis, bow ties and newborn items - but quickly outgrew it. 

Starting this business was a somewhat unlikely turn for this Austinite who double majored in Linguistics and Japanese and has lived in Boston, NYC and Tokyo. But, Ericka inspired to grow here family, and business in Austin and to share her talent with the world!

Today, Ericka owns an e-commerce platform Dope Crochet, a wholesale and consignment business which is looking to expand future. They plan to grow their production team, increase wholesale distribution all of the while developing young, modern, innovative crochet patterns, yarns and DIY products for the artist, or the artist-at-heart. Be sure to watch this business as she expands. You can follow learn more about Dope Crochet at their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Diversity Fund News

If you've been keeping us with us, you'll see that we are getting closer to launching our portal and our team is busily preparing everything for you. 

Businesses who are seeking financing - whether $75K or $750k - have been waiting for a company like Diversity Fund who not only provides them the flexibility to finance their business using any combination of Rewards, Lending or Equity, but also cares about their success as persons as well as entrepreneurs. 

Savvy investors have also sought better ways to connect directly with startups and others businesses that they could help finance and watch grow. Soon, we'll be bringing those business and investors together.

This is a winning combination, so signup on our website, social channels and watch the the media as Diversity Fund nears launch as an innovative crowdfunding portal - for the rest of us!
Austin Business News & Events

• Sep 29 Lunch With Exatec and AEM Austin $35

Money Matters

Crowdfunding research advances

Although financing online via a "crowd" is a relatively new phenomena and one that is changing rapidly, researchers have already begun to take notice and are starting to provide evidence of its impact. 

A recent UC Berkeley report asked the question of whether peer-to-peer (P2P) lending to consumers can disintermediate traditional finance and reduce the costs (and time) to get financed. Author Adair Morse (2015) concluded "yes" that crowfunding holds potential to disrupt consumer finance and particularly that P2P lending allows investors to benefit from asset classes that they have previously been unable to access. 

But, what about business financing?

Kickstarter, a leader in Rewards/Donation crowdfunding has initiated a new Crowdfunding Study by the Wharton School of Business, in which researcher Ethan Mollick will investigate what the economic and social impacts are of new creative ventures getting funded via that portal. This will be the largest academic effort in the U.S. to understand some of the changes that crowdfunding is bringing about. Prior study has already determined that 1. Crowdfunding democratizes access to funding, 2. Crowds seek out "signals of quality", and 3. Fraud is rare, in large part due to the community aspects of how deals are vetted and examined by the "crowd". 

Whether discussing crowdfunding in the UK, China, or right here in the Lone Star State, there is plenty for researchers to dwell on and examine.  Hopefully, they will corroborate and quantify what many are already noticing - that financing via a crowd holds great promise for the future. 

As for us at Diversity Fund....we're all in!
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